First and Second Churches in Marblehead Massachusetts

The first church in Marblehead was built in 1649. “From the earliest records of this town, it appears that as early as 1648, when ‘the Planta­tion,’ as it was called, contained forty-four families, there was preaching among them by Mr. Walton.” “Mr. Walton continued to officiate as a public teacher, though without ordination, about twenty years, till he was removed by death, in August or September, 1668, but a few weeks before the commencement of Mr. Cleever’s labors.’’

May 24, 1684. The brethren at Marblehead, finding a great incon­veniency in going to Salem, with the unanimous concurrence of the con­gregation, applied themselves to Mr. Samuel Cleever, who had been the minister among them for fifteen years and a half past, that he would take the office of a pastor, and themselves might be congregated into a particular society, for the enjoyment of all the ordinances in this place orderly, as in other towns and places in the country.’’

‘The church was gathered Aug. 13, 1684, having fifty-four members. [Charity Pitman was one of the number.]

SAMUEL CLEEVER, who had preached in Marblehead sixteen years, was ordained Aug. 13, 1684. Mr. Cleever was born at New haven, Conn., Sept. 22, 16:19, graduated at Harvard College in 1659, and died in the ministry at Marblehead, May 29, 1724, in the 85th year of his age, and of his ministry the fiftieth. ‘‘It is said that for forty-eight years he was never hindered from performing the duties of his office a single Sabbath.”

JOHN BARNARD was ordained colleague of Mr. Cleever, July 18, 1716. Mr. Barnard was born at Boston, Nov. 6, 1681, graduated a Harvard 1700, preached his first sermon Aug 10, 1701, and died in the ministry at Marblehead, Jan. 24, 1770, in the 89th year of his age, and of his ministry the fifty-fourth.

WILLIAM WHITWELL was ordained Mr. Barnard’s colleague, Aug 25, 1762. Mr. Whitwell was born at Boston, graduated at Princeton, N. J.1758, and died in the ministry at Marblehead, Nov. 8, 1781, in the 45th year of his age, and his ministry the twentieth.

EBENEZER HUBBARD was ordained Jan. 1, 1783. Mr. Hubbard was born at Concord in this State; graduated at Harvard in 1777, and died in the ministry at Marblehead, Oct. 15. 1800, in the 83rd year of his age, and of his ministry the eighteenth.

SAMUEL DANA was ordained Oct. 7,1801; resigned April 18, 1837.

SAMUEL COZZENS, ordained colleague of Mr. Dana, Aug. 8. 1832 ; re­signed April 18, 1837.

MARK A.H. NILES  was installed Aug. 30,1837; resigned Nov. 1844.

EDWARD A. LAWRENCE was installed April 23, 1815 ; resigned July, 1854.

BENJAMIN R. ALIEN was installed Nov. 8, 1854.
The new stone church was built in 1824.

The second church was formed in 1714, and the following are Its successive ministers.


Name of Pastors



Rev. Edward Holyoke1737
1738Simon Bradstreet1772
1771Isaac Story1802
1803Hezekiah May1808
1811John Bartlettdied Feb. 1849
1849Benjamin Huntoon1855
1860Samuel R. Calthorpe1864
1866James Henry Wiggin1867
1868William B. Buxton1871

Church, History,

Derby, Perley. The descendants of Thomas White of Marblehead, and Mark Haskell of Beverly, Mass. With a brief notice of the Coombs Family. Salem, Massachusetts. 1872.

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