Eliel Stafford Todd of Boston MA

Eliel Stafford Todd7, (Samuel6, Eliel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born July 11, 1820, in Enosburg, Vt., died Feb. 5, 1886, in Boston, Mass., and was there buried, also two of his children. He married in 1852, in Boston, Rebecca Noyes Paul, who was born June 10, 1829, in Newburyport, Mass., died Nov. 3, 1907, in Boston and was buried by her husbands side.

He went to Boston before he was of legal age, having bought his time from his father. He was engaged, for some years, as a salesman in gentlemens furnishings, but owing to ill health incurred by being forced, as a boy to do farm work beyond his strength, he was obliged to take up some outdoor occupation, therefore, he bought and sold goods of all kinds, loaned and invested money and acquired, for his times, a modest competency. Owing to over strict religious training in his early youth, he was not a professed Christian, but in all his life, he wronged no one intentionally, either directly or indirectly, and died at peace with all the world. Those who knew him intimately say his word was as good as his bond.

*1415. Charles Sanford, b. July 19, 1853.
1416. Frederick Everett, b. Feb. 20, 1857, m. in 1890, Mary E. Falvey. They reside at 327 Blue Hill Ave., Boston, Mass. No children.
1417. George H., d. June 23, 1862.
1418. Hiram L., d. Sept. 13, 1866.
1419. Althea Marih, b. Nov. 12, 1867, in Boston, Mass., unmarried. She resides in China now (1918) where she has been a missionary since 1895.



Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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