Allen Family of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

The Allen family, to which Mrs. Louise Prescott Allen Chandler belongs 1, is one of the oldest in East Bridgewater or, indeed, in Massachusetts. We give her line from the emigrant ancestor, Samuel Allen, from whom she is descended in the ninth generation.

(I) Samuel Allen (the first of this line in New England) and his wife Ann resided in Braintree, Mass. She died in 1641, and he married (second) Sarah, daughter of Lieut. Josiah Standish. Children:

  1. Samuel Allen
  2. Joseph Allen
  3. James Allen
  4. Sarah Allen
  5. Mary Allen, married Nathaniel Greenwood in 1655
  6. Abigail Allen, married John Cary in 1670

(II) Samuel Allen (2), born in 1632, settled in 1660 in what is now East Bridgewater, and was the second clerk of the town. He married Sarah Partridge, of Duxbury, who was born in 1639, daughter of George Partridge. Mr. Allen died in 1703. His children were born as follows:

  1. Samuel Allen, born in 1660
  2. Essiel Allen, born in 1663
  3. Mehitabel Allen, born in 1665
  4. Sarah Allen, born in 1667, who was first married to Jonathan Cary and later to Benjamin Snow
  5. Bethiah Allen, born in 1669, married John Pryor
  6. Nathaniel Allen, born in 1672
  7. Ebenezer Allen, born in 1674
  8. Josiah Allen, born in 1677
  9. Elisha Allen, born in 1679
  10. Nehemiah Allen, born in 1681

(III) Ebenezer Allen, born in 1674, lived in East Bridgewater, where he died in 1730. In 1698 he married Rebeckah Scate, and they had children as follows:

  1. Sarah Allen, born in 1699, who married Jonathan Crooker
  2. Rebekah Allen, born in 1701, who died unmarried
  3. Jacob Allen, born in 1702
  4. Jemina Allen, born in 1704, who married David Pratt
  5. Abigail Allen, born in 1706, who married Samuel Smith
  6. John Allen, born in 1708
  7. Ebenezer Allen, born in 1709
  8. Ephraim Allen, born in 1711
  9. Isaac Allen, born in 1719
  10. Joshua Allen
  11. James Allen
  12. Deborah Allen

(IV) Jacob Allen, born in 1702, in East Bridgewater, met an accidental death, a cart running over him. In 1730 he married Abigail Kingman, daughter of Henry Kingman, and they had a family of seven children:

  1. Abigail Allen, born in 1730; married Jonathan Randall
  2. Jonathan Allen, born in 1732
  3. Jemima Allen, born in 1735; married _____ Randall
  4. Jacob Allen, born in 1739
  5. Ephraim Allen, born in 1743
  6. Josiah Allen, born in 1746
  7. Ephraim Allen, born in 1747

The mother of this family died in 1770.

(V) Jonathan Allen, son of Jacob, was born in East Bridgewater in 1732, and in 1755 married Sarah Bass, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Bass, who was a relative of John Quincy Adams. They had two children:

  1. Bathsheba Allen, born in 1759, who married Capt. Isaac Whitman
  2. Barzillai Allen, born in 1767

The mother died in 1777, at the age of forty-one years, the father in 1780, aged forty-seven. He was a soldier in the Revolution, and a good citizen in every way.

(VI) Deacon Barzillai Allen, son of Jonathan, born in 1767, married in 1796 (first) Joanna Bonney, daughter of William Bonney. She died in 1799, at the age of twenty-five years, leaving one child:

  1. Clara Allen, born in 1797, who became the wife of Frederick Whitman and resided in Boston

In 1802 Mr. Allen married (second) Lucy Baldwin, daughter of Rev. Samuel Baldwin, and to this union were born five children, as follows:

  1. Sarah Bass Allen, born in 1804; married Freedom Whitman as his second wife
  2. Samuel Baldwin Allen, born in 1807
  3. Lucy Allen, born in 1810
  4. Abigail Allen, born in 1812
  5. William Allen, born in 1815; graduated from Brown University in 1837

(VII) Samuel Baldwin Allen, born in 1807 in East Bridgewater, grew to manhood there and became a store-keeper in that part of the town now known as Elmwood. He was quite prominent in the militia, and held the commission of captain. All his life was spent in the town, and he died there. He married Elizabeth McGoon Simmons, daughter of Levi Simmons. Had at least:

  1. Granville Cushing Allen

(VIII) Granville Cushing Allen, born Oct. 28, 1850, in East Bridgewater, in the section known as Elmwood, received his education in the district schools and at Bridgewater Academy. Upon commencing work he was employed at the shoe business, which he learned thoroughly, and after several years engaged in the sale of shoes at Boston, where he conducted a successful shoe store for many years. He is now retired, making his home in Boston, though he spends the summers at East Bridgewater.

In 1870 Mr. Allen married Abbie Louise Ballou, daughter of Henry Giles and Lucy (Lane) Ballou. Their daughter:

  1. Louise Prescott Allen, married Cleaveland A. Chandler 1

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts: containing historical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families. 3 Volumes. Beers & Chicago. 1912.

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  1. See: Chandler Family of Boston and East Bridgewater MA[][]

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