1867 East Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

N – Y Surnames

Nash Daniel L. shoemaker
Neville Andrew, watchman Village
Newhall Geo. S. stitcher Village
Newhall George W. clerk Village
Newhall Horace W. engineer Village
Newhall Samuel P. saddler Harmony
Newhall Samuel U. carpenter Village
Noonan John, laborer, Village
Noyes Josiah E. farmer. West Crook
Noyes Levi W. Joppa
Nute Jotham, nailer Village
Nutter Edmond W. merchant Village
Nutter Isaac N. merchant Village

O’Brien Andrew, shoemaker Village
O’Brien Thomas, laborer Village
Orr Hector O. A. Main St
Orr Samuel A. physician Main St
Osborne George, stitcher Joppa
Osborne Galen, shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Osborne Henry A. painter Village
Osborne Joseph R. shoe cutter Joppa
Osborne William H. lawyer Village
Osborne William L. shoemaker, Beaver
Otis Cushing, machinist Black Brook

Packard Rufus E. shoemaker, Back Brook
Packard Sidney, undertaker, Joppa
Paine Timothy O. clergyman, Joppa
Parker Levi B. shoe cutter, Joppa
Parris Martin, farmer, Robbins Pond
Peck Horace M. overseer shoe factory, Northville
Perigo James M. Shaw’s Mill
Perkins James S. shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Perkins Nathaniel, shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Perry Otis B. furnace man, Shaw’s Mill
Peterson Asaph, tack maker, Satucket
Peterson James B. tack maker, Satucket
Phillips Mark, millwright Black Brook
Phillips Wadsworth, millwright Black Brook
Pool Lawrence V. stitcher Village
Pool Nathan M. shoe cutter, Shaw’s Mill
Pool Peregrine W. carpenter, Satucket
Pool Samuel, carpenter. Birch Swamp
Pool Samuel R. shoe cutter Birch Swamp
Porter Allen M. farmer Black Brook
Porter Cephas A. farmer Black Brook
Porter John B. farmer Black Brook
Porter Nathaniel, farmer Black Brook
Potter J. Henry, jeweler Main St
Pratt Addison, farmer Black Brook
Pratt David, farmer Birch Swamp
Pratt David H. shoemaker, Northville
Pratt George H. shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Pratt Isaac, farmer Birch Swamp
Pratt John T. shoemaker Village
Pratt Josiah J. Village
Pratt Oliver, shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Pratt Philander, shoe cutter, Joppa
Pratt William F. machinist, Joppa

Quigley O’Brien, laborer Village
Quigley Patrick, laborer Village

Ramsdall Aaron, shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Ramsdall Joseph, farmer, Northville
Ramsdall Nath’l, farmer, Birch Swamp
Ramsdall William, shoemaker. Harmony
Reed Calvin, shoemaker West Crook
Recd Daniel, shoemaker, West Crook
Reed Daniel N. farmer, Beaver
Reed Isaac, farmer. West Crook
Reed Isaac jr., shoemaker, West Crook
Reed James T. shoemaker, West Crook
Reed John, farmer, Beaver-
Reed John N. box maker, Beaver
Reed John P. mason, Northville
Reed Joseph, farmer, West Crook
Reed Joseph jr., shoemaker, West Crook
Reed Marcus S. shoe manuf. West Crook
Reed Quincy, shoe manuf. West Crook
Reed Timothy K. machinist, Shaw’s Mill
Reed William, shoemaker, Harmony
Remmick Lucius, shoemaker. Village
Reymond Charles W. shoemaker Black Brook
Reymond Lewis P. shoemaker, Black Brook
Reymond Samuel D. shoemaker, Northville
Reynolds David P. farmer
Reynolds David P. 2d, shoemaker
Riadon James, forge man
Richards Luther W. merchant, Joppa
Richards Zeba, farmer, Shaw’s Mill
Richmond Simeon, farmer, Beaver
Richmond Simeon W. stone cutter, Beaver
Ripley William B. shoemaker
Robinson Amasa L. shoemaker, Beaver
Robinson Benjamin K. farmer. Harmony
Robinson Perez, stone mason. Bearer
Rogers Charles, Main St
Rogers Jacob A. tack maker. Main St
Rogers Thomas, liquor agent, Village
Rogers Wales, merchant. Main St
Rollins James, shoe cutter, Joppa
Rosenfield G. merchant; Village
Roueh David, laborer, Village
Round Martin, shoemaker Village
Round William F. shoemaker, Village
Rust Wallace, farmer Village

Sampson A. P, expressman, Joppa
Sampson Ezra F. shoemaker. Black Brook
Sampson William S. shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Sanford Baalis, clergyman Village
Savory George H. shoemaker, Northville
Scribner John H. shoemaker, Joppa
Severance James F. machinist Village
Severance Walter, machinist Village
Sharp Alonzo shoemaker Black Brook
Sharp Oliver M. shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Shaw Jerome B. shoemaker, Northville
Shaw John J. merchant, Shaw’s Mill
Shaw Joseph, laborer Village
Shaw Martin, shoe cutter, Joppa
Shaw Minot C. shoe manuf. Joppa
Shaw Samuel, shoe manuf. Joppa
Shaw Samuel jr., shoo manuf. Joppa
Shaw Samuel D. grain dealer, Shaw’s Mill
Shaw William N. shoe cutter, Joppa
Sheldon Kimball E. manuf. nails, &c. Village
Siddall Benjamin carpenter, Village
Siddall Charles, blacksmith. Village
Siddall James, blacksmith. Village
Smith Charles J. nailer Village
Smith Christopher B. shoe manuf. West Crook
Smith David H. tack maker, Village
Smith Lebbeus, farmer, West Crook
Smith Nahum B. shoemaker, West Crook
Smith Nahum N. shoemaker West Crook
Smith Richard M. farmer, Village
Smith Samuel C. forge man Black Brook
Snell Edwin L. shoemaker Village
Snow Nathaniel S. shoemaker Village
Southworth Nathaniel, teamer Village
Soule James W. shoe manuf. Joppa
Soule John, shoemaker, Shaw’s Mill
Soule Nathan P. gunsmith
Soule William H. shoemaker, Joppa
Sprague George, shoemaker, Joppa
Standish David, shoe cutter Harmony
Staples Jasper N. shoemaker, Beaver
Starbuck Henry J. farmer West Crook
Steingard Daniel N. shoemaker, Northville
Steingard Joseph A. shoemaker, Northville
Stetson Thomas G. stone mason. West Crook
Stran Hugh, painter, Joppa
Strong Fredrick S. Agent Cotton Gin Co. Joppa
Sturtevant Jabez H. shoemaker Village
Sturtevant Joshua, blacksmith. Black Brook
Sturtevant Zenas W. shoemaker, Village
Sumner Martian tack maker Village
Swallow Clark, machinist, Satucket
Sweeting James ST. farmer. Birch Swamp
Sweetser Rufus, farmer Black Brook

Thayer John, farmer, Beaver
Thayer John B. farmer, Beaver
Thomas Abiel, blacksmith, Harmony
Thompson Charles, painter, Joppa
Thompson Peleg, farmer, Joppa
Thompson Seth, brick maker. Village
Thompson Seth jr., brick maker Village
Thrasher Charles, farmer Black Brook
Thrasher Cyrus, farmer Black Brook
Thrasher Daniel W. shoemaker, Black Brook
Thurlow Jeremiah D. shoemaker, Northville
Tillson Samuel W. farmer. Black Brook
Tinkham Sylvanus, shoemaker, Shaw’s Mill
Tirrell Williams, shoemaker, Beaver
Tisdall Ebenezer, farmer, Beaver
Tribou Daniel, stone cutter. Harmony
Trow Bartholomew, wheelwright, Village
Tyson William H. farmer, Northville

Underwood Joseph, mason Black Brook

Vinton Joseph, shoe manuf. Village
Vinton Josiah O. shoe manuf. Village
Vinton William, shoe manuf. Matfield
Vusmus John H. carpenter Black Brook

Wade Calvin, shoemaker, Satucket
Wade John, farmer, Robbins Pond
Wade Nicholas, farmer, Robbins Pond
Wade Oliver H. carpenter, Satucket
Wade Robert, shoemaker, Satucket
Walker Eugene, shoemaker, Joppa
Ward Benjamin, butcher, William St
Washburn Allen, farmer Black Brook
Washburn Benj, H. millwright, Black Brook
Washburn Isaac, millwright Main St
Washburn Lysander, shoemaker, Joppa
Washburn Noah A. millwright Village
Washburn Oracc, shoemaker, Village
Washburn Seldon, farmer, Satucket
Washburn Seldon M. shoemaker, Joppa
Washburn Theodore, Main St
Waterman John, stable keeper, r Pearl St
Waterman John K. depot master, Pearl St
Waterman Melzer, shoemaker Black Brook
Wentworth Clark, painter Village
West George A. shoe cutter, Joppa
West Obadiah, shoe manuf. Joppa
Wheeler Albert D. shoemaker, West Crook
Wheeler George A. teacher West Crook
Whitcomb Ward, farmer, West Crook
White Benjamin, shoemaker Black Brook
White Benjamin M. shoemaker Village
White Cushing, shoemaker, Village
White Cushing jr., shoemaker, Satucket
White Harrison H. machinist, Joppa
White Nehemiah, currier, Joppa
White Samuel C. shoemaker Village
White Samuel F. farmer, Beaver
Whiting John A. mason
Whiting John B. merchant Black Brook
Whiting John M. mason
Whiting Martin, farmer
Whitman Asa T. farmer, Northville
Whitman As” W. shoemaker, Village
Whitman Calvin S. Black Brook
Whitman Charles C. shoe manuf. Joppa
Whitman Daniel, farmer, West Crook
Whitman Eleazer, farmer Harmony
Whitman Josiah, farmer, Joppa
Whitman Mercena A. mason Village
Whitman Willard, farmer Village
Whitman William E. farmer, Beaver
Whitmarsh Asaph, farmer, Northville
Whitmarsh Ebenczer, farmer Black Brook
Whitmarsh Ezra, farmer Black Brook
Whitmarsh Ezra S. farmer, Black Brook
Whitmarsh James R. farmer Birch Swamp
Whitmarsh Levi, shoemaker, Beaver
Whitmarsh Simeon G. farmer, Black Brook
Whitmarsh Thomas, farmer Black Brook
Wilbur Gideon, carpenter, Joppa
Williams John A. clergyman. Village
Williams F. C. clergyman, Village
Willis Daniel E. farmer, Beaver
Willis Galen, farmer, Beaver
Willis Galen, 2d, shoemaker, Beaver
Winsor Elbridge, peddler, Robbin’s Pond
Wood Charles G. nailer, Village
Wood Greeuough, peddler, Joppa
Wood Simeon, nailer, Matfield
Woodward Cyrus C. restorator, Depot St
Worcester Horace, shoemaker Village
Worcester Luke, shoemaker, Village
Wright George A. nailer Village
Wright John AV. shoemaker
Wright Levi, nailer, Matfield
Wright Levi C. nailer, Matfield

Young Robert, Village
Young Welcome, lawyer, village


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