Title page to the Aroostook War

Muster Roll of Captain Henry Bailey’s Company

Muster Roll of Captain Henry Bailey’s Company of Infantry in the Detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service by the State, for the protection of its Northeastern Frontier from the fifth day of March, 1839, the time of its rendezvous at Calais Maine, to the sixth day of April, 1839, when discharged or mustered.


Henry Bailey.


John A. Brown.


William Worster.


Pickering Patten.
Zenas Wheeler.
Curtis Merritt.
John Church.


Moses Worster, Jr.
Joshua W. Norton.
Nathan G. Peasley.
Amos Whitten.


Archibald Smith.
James P. Lawrence.


Allen, Joseph S.
Bagley, James.
Beal, William D.
Caler, John B.
Caligan, Humphrey.
Chandler, Barnabas S.
Church, George W.
Connery, John.
Cotton, William.
Crowley, Nathaniel.
Cummings, Amos.
Cummings, Samuel B.
Cummings, William B.
Dorr, John F.
Dorr, Joseph P.
Dorr, Leonard W.
Dorr, Moses W.
Dorr, Richard B.
Farr, James.
Farnsworth, George.
Foster, William.
Grant, Ephram.
Grant, James D.
Holmes, William.
Jacques, William.
Knowlton, Joel.
Leighton, James.
Low, Lehi.
McCarthy, Charles.
McCaslin, Amaziah N.
McCaslin, Stephen J.
McKinsey, Joseph D.
McLure, James.
Newingham, Nicholas.
O’Brien, Matthew.
Peabody, Joshua.
Pickett, James.
Plummer, Fellars.
Reynolds, James.
Richardson, Enoch.
Sinclair, William.
Skinner, Justin.
Small, Elbridge G. W.
Smith, Moses.
Smith, Russell.
Steward, Temple C.
Tabberts, Jeremiah.
Tabberts, John 2d.
Tabberts, Otis.
Tabberts, Samuel H.
Tinney, Otis.
Tucker, John.
Turner, Patrick.
Whitney, Asa B.
Willey, Amos P.
Woodward, Thomas.
Worster, Isaac Jr.
Worster, John Jr.
Worster, Mark.
Wright, Thomas.

Aroostook War,


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