Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Hinckley Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

Bushrod W. Hinckley was a lawyer, and for a number of years the only one in town. He was born in Thetford, Vt. He married Sarah F. Wilcox, by whom he had children as follows:

  1. Ellen Maria Hinckley, born Dec. 23, 1831; married Daniel W. Kimball.
  2. Francis Bernhard Hinckley, born Sept. 5, 1834.
  3. Caroline Hinckley, born Sept. 29, 1840; married first, Charles S. Blake; second, Silas C. Stone.
  4. Hattie H. Hinckley, born April 29, 1842; died Jan. 7, 1864.

Mr. Hinckley died Dec. 17, 1869; Mrs. Hinckley July 5, 1889. Squire Hinckley, as he was called, was many years a member of the school committee of the town, a member of the legislature in 1832, 1834, 1837 and 1841, and at one time collector of customs at the Castine custom house.

He delivered an address upon the centennial of the town’s settlement in 1862, which was printed in the papers, and was in other ways an influential citizen.

After the death of Capt. Moses Parker Clough, and prior to 1840, the Clough house and place were purchased by Bushrod W. Hinckley, Esq., and was his home and that of his family until his and his wife’s death and is at this writing owned by daughters of theirs.

Joseph Hinckley Family Genealogy

The next owner and occupant of the Thomas Coggins house was Dea. Joseph Hinckley and family, until his death in 1884, aged eighty-seven years. He was the fourth child of Nehemiah and Edith (Wood) Hinckley, born July 8, 1798; married first Ruby Kimball, Aug. 22, 1822. She died Nov. 8, 1836; and he married, second, Elvina Stevens, Nov. 13, 1837. The children of Mr. Hinckley were: By first wife:

  1. Ruby Ann Hinckley, born Nov. 21, 1822; married Capt. John Kimball Norton.
  2. Joseph Thomas Hinckley, born Sept. 21, 1824; married, Anna D. Colburn.
  3. Edward Hinckley, born Aug. 13, 1826; married Margaret Jarvis.
  4. John Lemuel Hinckley, born July 8, 1828; removed to California.
  5. Almira Rebecca Hinckley, born Sept. 13, 1830; married Dudley Scammons, of Franklin. Now a widow.
  6. Julia Dodge Hinckley, born March 4, 1833; died Aug. 25, 1853.
  7. Wheelock Wesner Hinckley, born March 20, 1835; married Mary L. Treworgy; he died Jan. 19, 1869.

By second wife:

  1. Lizzie Maria Hinckley, born Oct. 29, 1840, died unmarried a few years ago.

Dea. Hinckley was one of the foremost business men of the town, and also in matters pertaining to the church, of which he was a member. At his death the following entry was made upon the records of the Congregational church of the town:


“No history of this church would be complete without fitting allusion to the memory of Dea. Joseph Hinckley, who died Nov. 7, 1884, aged eighty- seven years. Mr. Hinckley was a member of this church for nearly fifty years. Of him and his brother Nehemiah, it may well be said that they were for many years the very pillars of the church and society; they loved the church and loved it well.

“Dea. Hinckley was a very liberal man, and to his liberality, activity, energy and zeal the church and society are largely indebted. In the fullness of his years, full of faith and ripe for the reaper, he answered the call: come over; come over, the river of Death to the delights of a brighter and better world.”

Mrs. Hinckley and her daughter Lizzie followed him in due time, after which the place was sold to Mr. Hoyt, its present owner and occupant. Mr. Hoyt is a widower, whose deceased wife was the daughter of the late Capt. Isaac Merrill, of this town. Mr. Hoyt was born in Vermont, but all his active business life has been spent in Boston and vicinity.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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