Location: White Mountain Reservation

Coyotero Apache Tribe

Coyoteros Indians, Coyoteros Tribe (Span.: wolf-men; so called in consequence, it is said, of their subsisting partly on coyotes or prairie wolves; but it seems more probable that the name was applied on account of their roving habit

Arivaipa Apache Tribe

Arivaipa Apache Indians, Arivaipa Indians (Nevome Pima: aarirapa, ‘girls,’ possibly applied to these people on account of some unmanly act). An Apache tribe that formerly made its home in the canyon of Arivaipa Creek, a tributary of the Rio San Pedro, south Arizona, although like the Chiricahua and other Apache of Arizona they raided far southward and were reputed to have laid waste every town in northern Mexico as far as the Gila prior to the Gadsden purchase in 1853, and with having exterminated the Sobaipuri, a Piman tribe, in the latter part of the 18th century. In 1863 a company