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1850 Madison County Alabama Mortality Schedule optimized

Alabama Mortality Census Records

The 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1885 censuses included inquiries about persons who had died in the twelve months immediately preceding the enumeration. The 1850, 1960, 1870, and 1880 mortality census for Alabama all survived. Mortality schedules list deaths from 1 June through 31 May of 1849–50, 1859–60, 1869–70, 1879–80, and 1884–85. They provide nationwide, state-by-state death registers that predate the recording of vital statistics in most states. While deaths are under-reported, the mortality schedules remain an invaluable source of information.

North America Indian Names of Places in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana

The Indians all over this continent had names, traditions, religions, ceremonies, feasts, prayers, songs, dances all, more or less, with symbolism and allegory, adapted to circumstances, just as all other races of mankind. But the world has become so familiar with the continued and ridiculous publications in regard to everything touching upon that race of people that a universal doubt has long since been created and established as to the possibility of refinement of thought and nobleness of action ever having existed among the North American Indian race, ancient or modern; and so little of truth has also been learned

Choctaw Indians

Choctaw Tribe: Meaning unknown, though Halbert (1901) has suggested that they received their name from Pearl River, “Hachha”. Also called: Ani’-Tsa’ta, Cherokee name. Flat Heads, from their custom of flattening the heads of infants. Henne’sb, Arapaho name. Nabuggindebaig, probably the Chippewa name for this tribe, signifying “flat heads.” Pans falaya, “Long Hairs,” given by Adair. Sanakfwa, Cheyenne name, meaning “feathers sticking up above the ears.” Té-qta, Quapaw name. Tca-qtr£ an-ya-df, or Tea-qti ham-ya, Biloxi name. Tca-t a, Kansa name. Tetes Plates, French equivalent of “Flat Heads.” Tsah-tfl, Creek name. Choctaw Connections. This was the largest tribe belonging to the southern

Choctaw County, Alabama Census Records

  1850 Choctaw County, Alabama Census Free 1850 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial  1850 Choctaw County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Choctaw County, Alabama USGenWeb Archives Project 1850 Census Choctaw County, Al Index Choctaw County, Alabama: 1850 Census Index 1850 Federal Census Choctaw County, Alabama (Page 1 Of 10) 1850 Federal Census Choctaw County, Alabama (Page 2 Of 10) 1850 Federal Census Choctaw County, Alabama (Page 3 Of 10) 1850 Federal Census Choctaw County, Alabama (Page 4 Of 10) 1850 Federal Census Choctaw County, Alabama (Page

Choctaw County, Alabama Cemetery Records

Most of these cemetery listings are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Hosted at Ancestry.com Cemetery Records of Choctaw County, Alabama$ Baptist Cemetery, Mount Sterling Birdsong Baptist Cemetery Brightwater Cemetery Camp Spring Cemetery Christophers Chapel Cemetery Clear Creek Cemetery Concord Cemetery, Yantley Ebenezor Cemetery, Choctaw Episcopal Cemetery, Pushmataha Kinibish Cemetery, (near Halsell) Lisman Cemetery Methodist Cemetery, Old Bethlehem Mount Sterling Cemetery Old Bethel Cemetery Old Providence Cemetery, (near Butler) Old Tompkinsville Cemetery Rehobeth Baptist Cemetery, Pushmataha Hosted at Choctaw County, USGenWeb Archives Project Boswell