Canaan Township Town Officers 1819-1868

The first election for township trustees was held at the house of Edward Pilcher, April 5, 1819. John C. Carico and Stephen Pilcher were judges, and Joshua Hoskinson and John McGill clerks of the election.

Township Trustees 1819-1868.

1819     Parker Carpenter,     Stephen Pilcher,     George Bean.
1820     Martin Mansfield,     Stephen Pilcher,     George Bean.
1821     Martin Mansfield,     Martin Boyles,       George Bean.
1822     Parker Carpenter,     Martin Boyles,       Elijah Pilcher.
1823     Martin Mansfield,     Andrew J. Hoskinson, Samuel Warren.
1824     Martin Mansfield,     Philip M. Starr,     Samuel Warren.
1825     Joshua Hoskinson,     Stephen Pilcher,     John Boyles.
1826     John C. Carico,       George Boyles,       William Hallert.
1827     Stephen Pitcher,      Parker Carpenter,    John Boyles.
1828     No election-old trustees acted.
1829     Stephen Pilcher,      Parker Carpenter,    Joshua Hoskinson.
1830     Martin Mansfield,     Martin Boyles,       Elijah Pilcher.
1831     Martin Mansfield,     Martin Boyles,       Stephen Pilcher.
1832-33  William Burch,        George Bean,         Stephen Pilcher.
1834     William Burch,        Martin Mansfield,    Robert Bean.
1835     Elijah Pilcher,       Joshua Hoskinson,    Robert Bean.
1836     Martin Mansfield,     Frederic Wood,       Robert Bean.
1837     Amos Miller,          John G. Bean,        Parker Carpenter.
1838     Martin Mansfield,     Jacob Tedrow,        Parker Carpenter.
1839-40  Elijah Pilcher,       John Boyles,         John G. Bean.
1841     E. C. Wright,         Richard Poston,      David Jordan.
1842     D. M. Pruden,         Richard Poston,      David Jordan.
1843     D. M. Pruden,         Isaac Long,          David Jordan.
1844-45  D. M. Pruden,         G. N. Reade,         David Jordan.
1846     Clayton Starr,        G. N. Reade,         Harrison Halbert.
1847     Clayton Starr,        G. N. Reade,         D. M. Pruden.
1848     William Henry,        N. 0. Warren,        John Druggan.
1849     David Jordan,         N. 0. Warren,        John Druggan.
1850     Richard Poston,       Peter Sam,           Peter Stalder.
1851     A. Buckley,           George Mansfield,    Peter Stalder.
1852-53  Peter Davis,          David Jordan,        Nathan S. Pilcher.
1854     Peter Davis,          Peter Stalder,       Peter Finsterwald.
1855     Peter Davis,          Peter Stalder,       Peter Finch.
1856     David Jordan,         Peter Stalder,       Peter Finch.
1857     David Jordan,         Peter Stalder,       Peter Finsterwald.
1858     Nicholas Stalder,     James Sams,          Peter Davis.
1859     Nicholas Stalder,     Joseph Border,       Thomas Grosvenor.
186o-61  Nicholas Stalder,     Henry Finsterwald,   E. D. Sheridan.
1862     L. D. Bean,           Henry Finsterwald,   S. L. Mohler.
1863     Curtis Bean,          Henry Finsterwald,   William Burch.
1864     S. McLeade,           Henry Finsterwald,   William Burch.
1865     C. B. Cunningham,     J. W. Baird,         Joshua Wyatt.
1866     Curtis Bean,          N. Warren,           J. W. Baird.
1867     Curtis Bean,          N. Warren,           Peter Finsterwald.
1868     Curtis Bean,          F. C. Wyatt,         Peter Finsterwald.

Successive Justices of the Peace 1818-1865.

1818-Stephen Pilcher.
1819- Martin Mansfield.
1820-William Stewart.
1822-Martin Mansfield.
1823-Stephen Pilcher.
1825-William Thompson.
1827-Stephen Pilcher.
1828-William Thompson.
1830-Joshua Hoskinson.
1831-Martin Mansfield.
1833-John McGill.
1834-George Bean.
1835-John McGill.
1837-George Bean.
1838-Joshua Hoskinson.
1840-George Bean.
1841-George N. Reade.
1843-Robert Bean.
1844-George N. Reade.
1847-D. M. Pruden.
1848-A. Buckley.
1850-Nathan S. Pilcher and Aaron Hull.
1851-Richard Poston.
1853-Nathan S. Pilcher and Aaron Hull.
1854-Elijah Tucker and Thomas Grosvenor.
1856-Joseph Border, Charles C. Pruden, and Peter Davis.
1859-1865-David Love and J. Warren Baird.

Collection: Athens County Ohio Genealogy.

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