History of Salemsborg Evangelical Lutheran Church

The publication “Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Salemsborg, 1869-1959” offers a comprehensive historical account of the Salemsborg Evangelical Lutheran Church located in Saline County, Kansas. Authored by the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Salemsborg itself and published in 1959, this document serves as a vital record of the church’s establishment, growth, and challenges over a ninety-year span.

The narrative begins with the church’s inception in 1869, marked by its first business meeting at the residence of C. J. Brodine. This meeting led to the election of a committee tasked with overseeing the construction of the first church building—a modest structure with a dugout and rock foundation, reflecting the congregation’s humble beginnings. Despite these modest origins, the congregation’s spirit and numbers grew, culminating in the erection of a new church edifice in 1893, which was subsequently dedicated in 1898, free of any financial encumbrances.

Significantly, the pamphlet not only chronicles the physical development of the church’s infrastructure but also delves into the social and cultural fabric of the congregation. This includes the formation of an organ society aimed at funding a pipe organ, showcasing the community’s commitment to enriching their worship experience.

The church’s journey was not without its trials. The pamphlet recounts a devastating tornado in 1892 and a period of division within the congregation in 1894, events that tested but ultimately did not overcome the community’s resilience and unity. These challenges are presented as pivotal moments in the church’s history, highlighting the congregation’s capacity to navigate adversity and emerge stronger.

An interesting aspect of this pamphlet is its origin story: a committee was specifically tasked with translating the detailed history of the Salemsborg Church from Swedish into English. This effort was aimed at preserving the church’s legacy for future generations, ensuring that the account of its foundational years, its trials, triumphs, and the community’s steadfast faith could be accessible to a wider audience.

This copy of the original book has been reproduced by offset. Photographs consequently are not of original quality. Pages are not numbered. There are no chapter headings, or index.


Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Salemsborg, Salemsborg, 1869-1959, Saline County, Kansas : Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Salemsborg, 1959.


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