Sagas of the Hawkeyes

These articles about history in Iowa have been culled from old newspapers, local histories and biographies and were published in 1945 as a manuscript.

Title:Sagas of the Hawkeyes: being stories and incidents of early Iowa
Author:Thomas P. Christensen
Publication date:1945
Publisher:Iowa City, Iowa : Mercer Print. Co.
Digitizing Sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Repository:Internet Archive
Sagas of the Hawkeyes
Sagas of the Hawkeyes

Notes About the Book

  • 84 pages ; 20 cm
  • No index
  • Copyright not renewed as per Stanford database.
  • Water damage on every page and both covers.

Table of Contents

  • The stories have been culled from old newspapers, local histories and biographies.
  • To our state flower, by Mrs. M.E. Clarke (1897)
  • The greatness of Iowa, by James Wilson (1880)
  • The Iowa farmer in 1840, by Poor Richard and his brother (1840)
  • A true pioneer (1882)
  • An Indian scare, by J.E. Burnside (1882)
  • Fort Robinson, by Mrs. N. Sanford (1867)
  • Land hunger, by Hawkins Taylor (1870)
  • Hot land office business at 35° below zero, by the Rev. E. Adams (1869)
  • The man from Bangor, Maine (1882)
  • The Perkins-Flemming War, by O.H. Turrill (1857)
  • The Dahlonega War, by Judge H.B. Hendershott (1874)
  • The River Land war (1880)
  • Pioneers, O Pioneers, by Willard Barrows (1863)
  • Tough but fruitful and beautiful, by Joseph W. Cummins (1884)
  • The hard winter, by a Dallas County pioneer (1879)
  • The Three River County in early days, related by Mrs. Mary Alexander (1905)
  • Wild hogs in early southwestern Iowa (1881)
  • A successful farmer, by J. Phillips (1870)
  • Ye olden days, by Mrs. Louisa Childs Choate (1912)
  • Sharing pleasures and hardships, by Sarah J. Statler (1912)
  • Those tough, rough, happy old days, by Mrs. G.W. Harlan (1884)
  • The founding of Tabor College, by W.M. Brooks (1881)
  • Beautiful shores, by Rev. John O. Foster (1910)
  • By might and main (1892)
  • The coming of the Hollanders, by Mrs. Semira A. Phillips (1900)
  • Writing to the folks in Germany in 1851, by Wilhelm Fischer
  • The currency riot, by J.M. Burrows (1888)
  • Gip, Ed, and John, by G.W. Wilkinson (1914)
  • Coming down a notch, by John F. Glover (1920)
  • Strong and steady, by J.S. Horton (1914)
  • The Clausen colony, by S.B. Chase (1884)
  • Pioneer church going (1878)
  • Pioneer religion in southeastern Iowa, by Hawkins Taylor (1870)
  • Fire water bad for the Indians, by Will Ed Tucker (1883)
  • Played with the Indian boys (1910)
  • Fever and Ague, by W.W. Merritt, Sr. (1906)
  • Pioneer surgery (1910)
  • Indian medicine (1914)
  • Civil War prisoners, by Mr. Winkless (1922)
  • The engine America (1869)
  • A brilliant affair (1869)
  • The wheels of fortune (1887)
  • Water power and mills (1883)
  • The mill at Rock Falls (1883)
  • Then and now, by Hon. M.P. Rosecrans (1883)



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