History of Adair County Iowa and its People – vol 1

Back in 1915, Lucian Moody Kilburn, was engaged to write a history of Adair County Iowa by the Pioneer Publishing Company of Chicago Illinois, he then being at that time a resident of the county for 50 years. The actual general history of the county, however, was prepared by Gordon K. Miller. The manuscript was divided into two volumes. This volume, volume 1, provides the general history of Adair County that Mr. Miller prepared. You can read or download the free eBook from this website.

Volume 2, featured on another post of this website, deals with the “and its People” part of the title by providing biographical sketches of 348 of its early residents.

There is no index to volume 1. But it is entirely searchable, though the capital M’s and W’s were often OCR’d improperly.

Table of Contents for vol 1

  1. First Inhabitants of Adair County 1
  2. Organization and Government of Adair County 7
  3. The County Seat War 25
  4. Military History of Adair County 31
  5. Progress of Education 48
  6. The Bench and the Bar of Adair County 60
  7. The Medical Profession 71
  8. History of the Churches 75
  9. Greenfield Town and Township 92
  10. Summerset Township and Fontanelle 107
  11. Orient Town and Township 121
  12. Summit Township and City of Adair 127
  13. Bridgewater Town and Township 138
  14. Jefferson Township 141
  15. Richland Township 147
  16. Jackson Township 153
  17. Lincoln Township 158
  18. Harrison Township 161
  19. Grove Township 165
  20. Eureka Township 167
  21. Prussia Township 169
  22. Washington Township 171
  23. Grand River Township 175
  24. Union Township 177
  25. Walnut Township 179
  26. Lee Township 182
  27. Miscellaneous 184
  28. Geological Report on Adair County 217



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