Angola High School Yearbooks 1906-1917, 1925-1975

Angola High School yearbooks were named the Spectator up to about the year 1917, by 1925 they had taken the name The Key, and continued with that name through 1975. First published in 1905, by its senior class, the student yearbook format varies year by year. The 1906 class yearbook contains a list of past principals, teachers, and alumni (with current 1906 town.)

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1 thought on “Angola High School Yearbooks 1906-1917, 1925-1975”

  1. I am glad you did this. It’s too bad that there are some years that are missing. Also several of your listings are connected with Roots Web. Roots Web has been down for the past few months . I hope that it gets fixed as it is a very important site for our research.

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