1906 Photo of Angola High School, Angolia, Indiana

Angola High School Yearbooks 1906-1917, 1925-1975

Angola High School yearbooks were named the Spectator up to about the year 1917, by 1925 they had taken the name The Key, and continued with that name through 1975. First published in 1905, by its senior class, the student yearbook format varies year by year. The 1906 class yearbook contains a list of past principals, teachers, and alumni (with current 1906 town.)

The links below enable you to read, download, and search each book. The search was created by OCR and not edited; as such, mistakes in names occur. To insure you don’t miss your ancestor, we suggest searching for them directly, based upon their class and year of high school. The students are listed in alphabetical order.



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