Township Officers of Martin, Illinois

The following is the roll of officers who have been elected to the various township offices since its organization:

DateVotes CastSupervisorClerkAssessorCollector
185927J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeE.W. AndersonS.W. Bray
186035J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeE.W. AndersonH.C. Langstaff
186133H.C. LangstaffM. BrookeE.W. AndersonP. Horney
186230H.C. LangstaffM. BrookeR.D. AndersonW.G. Anderson
186338J.S.W. JohnsonM. BrookeW.G. AndersonJ.W. Ritter
186433R.R. WilliamsJ.E. WoodW.L. AndersonH.C. Langstaff
186531W.G. AndersonJ. PoolJ.S.W. JohnsonB.W. Smith
186663W.G. AndersonB.J. WileyB.W. SmithA. Hudson
186780S.W. WileyB.J. WileyJ. MundellW.L. Foster
1868100S.W. WileyJ.S. WileyJ.W. RitterW.L. Foster
186994J. KennedyW.P. BrookeGeorge LittleJ.E. Walden
1870108W.P. BrookeW.R. SmithIsaac BunnW.L. Foster
1871115James GillanM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellJ.H. Richie
187276James GillanM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellJ.H. Richie
187390Jacob RichieM.S. MorrisIsaac BunnM. Brooke
187493James KennedyM.S. MorrisJ.O. MundellWilliam Penell
187585J. KennedyM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerJ.M. Wilson
187697James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan
187784James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan
187877James GillanM.S. MorrisG.W. KellerWilliam Gillan

Those who have served as Justices of the Peace are B. V. Smith, J. R. Williams, R. Horney, W. H. Anderson, N. Hawk, James Gillan, C. W. Spawr, D. Bierbower and S. T. Ridgeley. The following have been Commissioners of Highways: R. R. Williams, S. W. Wiley, H. C. Langstaff, C. Batterton, H. G. Anderson, A. S. Hudson, J. Lyons, L. Warner, J. Carter, J. Bunn, J. R. Williams, J. Twogood, William Wilson, S. Dean, Joseph Nye, William Hurt, T. Wilson, W. H. Anderson, L. J. Willhoite.

Milton S. Morris, Treasurer of the School Trustees, reports, in 1877, the following Number of school districts, 7 ; number of schoolhouses, 6; number of children under twenty-one years, 419; number between six and twenty-one years, 276; number of children enrolled, 256; amount of school fund, $3,478; amount paid teachers, $1,786.66; total expense of every kind, $3,354. Like many other townships, Martin “fooled” away the school section, which, with proper care, would have made a fund large enough to support all the schools in the town.


Le Baron, William., Jr. & Co. The History of McLean County, Illinois: portraits of early settlers and prominent men. Chicago. W. Le Baron, Jr., 1879.

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