Biography of Louis C. Pollock

No business enterprise has contributed in larger measure to the up building and development of Bartlesville than has that of the Home Savings and Loan Association, of which Louis C. Pollock is secretary, and his broad experience, keen business sagacity and carefully formulated plans have been valuable assets in the success which has attended the activities of the organization.

He was born in Ashton, Lee county, Illinois, June 29, 1877, and acquired his education in Beloit College of Wisconsin, from which he was graduated with the class of 1900, at which time the B. A. s conferred upon him. He then entered the employ of degree the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company and afterward went to England in the interests of the firm of Barber & Coleman, manufacturers of textile machinery, their plant being located at Rockford, Illinois. He remained in England for five months, returning to the United States in February, 1904, and soon afterward came to Bartlesville. He became proprietor of the Rightway Hotel, which was largely patronized by the leading oil men of that day, and a very interesting account of his hostelry appeared in Collier’s Weekly, the article being written by Arthur Ruhl, a former guest.

Mr. Pollock also was interested in oil production work and he likewise took a prominent part in public affairs of this locality, serving as city clerk in 1909 and 1910, while from 1911 until 1914 he filled the office of clerk of the district court. In 1918 he became secretary of the Home Savings and Loan Association and has instituted many well devised plans for the growth of the enterprise, keeping it not only in line, but rather in the lead of progressive organizations of this character. It was organized in October, 1908, and during the intervening period has grown to be one of the largest and unquestionably one of the strongest associations of this nature in the state, its reputation for conservatism being one of its chief assets. The other officers of the association are H. H. McClintock, president; J. L. Overlees, vice president; and F. J. Spies, Jr., treasurer. It was formed to promote thrift and home ownership and is an association of savers and borrowers, established for their mutual benefit. It gathers the savings of the thrifty, which, scattered and in small amounts, could not be invested to advantage, and loans the funds so obtained to people who want to buy or build homes for themselves.

In 1910 Mr. Pollock was united in marriage to Miss Florence E. Baldwin, a native of New York. They have an adopted son, Thomas. Mr. Pollock has ever based his activity in business affairs upon strict integrity and close application and his success represents the wise utilization of his time and talents, combined with a ready recognition of opportunity.

He is a typical western man, enterprising, alert and energetic, and his personal qualities are those which make for popularity.



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