Biography of Judson D. Metzgar

One of Moline’s younger attorneys, who has achieved success in his profession, and who has acquired a lucrative office and probate practice, is Judson D. Metzgar.

He was born at Port Byron, Illinois, December 5, 1870, and here his parents, Marcellus R. and Mary E. (Brown) Metzgar, resided until he was ten years of age, when they removed to Davenport, Iowa, where they remained three years, going from thence to Moline, which has since been his home.

His early education was obtained in the common schools of Port Byron, the Moline High School of which he is a graduate, as well as of the Port Byron Academy which he attended later. His professional education was obtained in the Denver Law School. Upon finishing at this latter institution he was admitted to the Bar of Rock Island County in 1894 and to the United States District Court in 1899.

On January 28, 1895, Mr. Metzgar was married in San Bernardino, California, to Miss Alice S. Peterson. Two children were born to them, Mary Alice, aged seven, and Wallace Judson, aged four. He was bereaved by the death of his wife at Phoenix, Arizona, January 2, 1904, where she had gone in an effort to recuperate her failing health.

Mr. Metzgar’s church affiliation is with the First Baptist Church of Moline. He is also a member of the Young Men’s Christian Association of that City. He is a member of the Redmen, the Moline Club, the Highland Gun Club and the Moline Retail Merchants’ Association.

Mr. Metzgar has never been a political aspirant, the only office he ever held being an appointive one by the Mayor of Moline as Director of Riverside Cemetery of that City, an office he held for seven years.

While this sketch of Mr. Metzgar is brief, his life itself is a full and busy one, and he is held in high esteem by those who know him.



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