1918 Warren County Farmers’ Directory – C Surnames

Abbreviations Used in this Directory

a–Acres; Ch — Children; O–Owner; T–Tenant or Renter; R –Rural Route; Sec-Section; Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses (); figures at end of information–year became resident of county. Star (*) indicates children not at home. Name of farm follows names of children in quotations marks. In case of a tenant, the farm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm.


ABBEY, William L. (Lena Riggs) Martha and Cora Abbey, Mother and Sister; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec8-5 T80a H.M. Abbey Est. (1886) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

ABBEY, William L. – Name
(Lena Riggs) – Wife’s maiden name.
Martha and Cora Abbey – Mother and Sister
Kirkwood R1 – Postoffice Kirkwood, R.F.D. 1.
Tompking Sec8-5 – Township Tompking, Sections 8-5.
T80a – Tenant on 80 acres.
H.M. Abbey Est. – Owner of 80 acres.
(1886) – Lived in county since 1886.
Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood – Farmers’ Line Telephone Kirkwood.

C Surnames

CABLE BROS., Arthur L. Benn D., Monmouth R6 Floyd Sec18-30 O160a (1860) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CABLE, Charles H. (Phebe Jane Baldwin) Ch *Florence M., *Newton B.; Monmouth R6 Floyd Sec29 O60a (1860) Mutual Tel. Berwick

CABLE, Frank E. (Irene Sheldon) Ch Ruth, *H Sheldon; Berwick R1 Berwick Sec8-17 O400a (1862) Private Tel. Berwick

CABLE, Hiram Sheldon (Eunice Ralston)Ch Martha; Berwick R1 Berwick Sec8 T76a Mrs. Irene Cable (1893) Berwick Tel. Berwick

CABLE, Newton B. (Della Stilfield) Ch Jane; Berwick Floyd Sec32 T158a Donald L. Atkin (1888)

CALDEN, Fred W. (Gertrude Beard) Ch Dorothy; Alexis R2 Kelly Sec8-5 O320a Sec4 T80a Fannie E. Calden (1870) Tel. Farmers’ Line Alexis

CALLAHAN, Thomas (Kate Fitzpatrik) Monmouth R6 Lenox Sec11 T120a Denis Murphy (1868) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CALLISTER, Philip L. (Helen McMillen) Ch John; Roseville R4 Roseville Sec35 Farm Hand J.B. Pratt (1895) Mutual Tel. Roseville

CALLISTER, W.B., John T., Homer G. (Isabella Callister, Mother) Roseville R3 Roseville Sec18 T154a Callister Est. (1888) Mutual Tel. Roseville

CALLOW, Charles A. (Margaret Kelly) Sciota R2 Pt. Pleasant Ssec35 T160a Mrs. Kate Callow (1908)

CAMPBELL, Allen J. (Sussie Spence) Ch Mildred, Myra, Howard; Monmouth R3 Hale Sec20 O80a (1905) Kirkwood Tel. Monmouth

CAMPBELL, Dwight L. (Nelia Duke) Ch Dorothy, Mae; Monmouth R3 Hale O182a Sec6 T45a O.L. Hanna (1888) Mutual Tel. Little York

CAMPBELL, William A. (Georgia Osborne) Ch Fara; Little York R1 Sumner Sec19 O106a T156a John Osborne (1917) Gabby Tel. Little York

CANFIELD, Clarence (Lillie Gray) Avon R2 Greenbush Sec32 T160a Mrs. Ella Robb (1895) Tel. Farmers’ Line Prairie City

CANFIELD, George B. (Margaret J. Birkshier) Ch James, *Grace, *Ola, *Clarence; Avon R2 Swan Sec36 O80a (1883) Tel. Farmers’ LIne Swan Creek

CANNELL, Chas. (Margaret Laubman) Ch Donald; Monmouth R7 Monmouth Sec31 O160a (1888) Monmouth Tel.

CANNELL, William E. (Pearl Lauber) Ch Deane; Ponemah Tompking Sec35 O74a (1873) Tels. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood and Monmouth

CANNON, John (Laura Zeigler) Ch Cleo; Avon R5 Greenbush Sec6 O240a (1898) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

CAPPS, Elbert H. (Anna Davis) Ch Maurine, Elbert, Leota, Wilber, Eleanor; Berwick R1 roseville Sec14-15 T250a I.M. Capps (1881) Mutual Tels. Roseville and Berwick

CAPPS, Orton A. (Mary Ogden) Ch Erneest, Harold, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Thomas; “Capps Corner Farm” Monmouth R6 Lenox Sec 24-21-1 T280a T.L. Capps and Mrs. Era Woolsey (1878) Monmouth Tel. Monmouth

CARL, William (Julia Hively) Ch Ben, Ralph, Mary, Bell, *George, *Ross, *Frank, *Robert,*Ray, *Emma; Cameron R2 Floyd Sec10 Farm Hand Mark Cone (1863)

CARLSON, Anton, A. (Emma Fallman) Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec4 O80a (1888) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CARLSON, Chester C. (May Miller) Ch John: Monmouth R4 Hale Sec24 T109a harrison Miller (1891) Bell Tel. Monmouth

CARLSON, Elmer C. (alice Parson) Monmouth R1 Coldbrook Sec30 O205a (1910) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CARLSON, Erec (Emily Anderson) Ch Edith; “Fairview Farm” Monmouth R6 Lenox Sec14 T200a John Gibson (1906) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CARLSON, Gust (Selma Earlson) Ch Segna, Walter, Ruth Carl, *Arthur; Monmouth R1 Monmouth Sec15-16 O120a (1898) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CARLSON, Henry T. Monmouth R2 Spring Grove Sec32 T160a Mary Carlson (1912) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CARLSON, John A. (Hulda Reed) Ch Lillian, Mary, Roy; Kirkwood R2 Tompking Sec33-28 T120a T.J. Billings (1911) Tel. Farmers’ LIne Kirkwood

CARLSON, Oscar (Ingrid Johnson) Ch Mildred, Habel, Maurice, Marie; Galesburg R6 Coldbrook Sec13 O77 1/2a (1915) Galesburg Tel.

CARMER, Fed M. (Mary McLaughlin) Ch Glenn, Laura, Chester, Lester, Martha; Roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec10 O80a Sec 15 T80a De Moss Taliaferro (1903) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

CARNS, Suel H. (Ora Pence) Ch James, John; Kirkwood Tompking Sec20 Farm Hand Kolp Tinkan (1881)Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CARR, Manary M. (Inez McCone)Ch. Florene; Berwick R1 Floyd Sec33 Farm Hand Mary E. Johnson (1896)

CARRICO, Frank Arthur (Effie Smith) Ch James, Ivo, Hugh, Hallie, Malie, Agnes; Swan Creek r1 Swan Sec34 Farm Manager D.J. Owens (1915) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

CARRICO, James W. (Nannie Smith) Ch Annie; Avon R2 Greenbush Sec23 Farm Hand W.H. Sailer (1918)

CARRIER, Howare Lola Law) Ch Dorothy, Robert, Roberta; Monmouth R6 Lenox Sec13 T164a Benjamin Giddins (1892) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CARRIER, John W. (Lillian Hardy, Wife of Harold) Ch Harold, Milton, *Arthur, *Howard, *Leo, *Edith; Cameron R2 Floyd Sec7 O190a (1884) Mutual Tel Cameron

CARROLL, Alva C. (Nellie Simmons) Ch Darlene; Avon R5 Greenbush Sec6 T145a E.L. Butler (1889) Tel. Farmers’ Line Greenbush

CARROLL, Lem H. (Bertha Sailer) Ch *Dorothy; “Lone Mulberry Farm” Avon R2 Greenbush Sec16 O110a (1870) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

CARSON, Adel B. (Tennie Bryan) Ch Doris, Beth, Keth, Bertram, *Paul, *Dale; “Inland Kook Farm” Gerlaw Monmouth Sec3 O134a (1870) Tel. Farmers’ Tel. Alexis

CARSON, Harry L. (Lizzie Helen Clark, deceased) Ch Mildred Estelle; “Blue Bell Farm” Monmouth R2 Monmouth Sec3 O148a (1867) Mutual Tel. Alexis

CARSON, Mary Sprout Ch John, *Mary; “Maplewood Farm” Monmouth R3 Hale Sec14-12 O320a (1867) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CARSON, Thomas B. (Mary Luke) Ch Margaret, Samuel; Little York R2 Sumner Sec4 T320a Samuel Carson (1886) Gabby Tel. Little York

CARSTENSEN, John (Emelie Holzworth) Ch Dorothy, Marie, Helen; Monmouth R7 Tompking Sec2 T158a John S. Brown (1900) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CASHMAN, William and John Monmouth R4 Hale Sec29-32 O240a (1872) Tels. Farmers’ Line Monmouth and Kirkwood

CASSELL, John B. (Kathryn Boulton) Galesburg R6 Coldbrook Sec2 O30a (1908 Bell Tel. Galesburg

CASSIDY, Ray V. (Mabel Swarts) Ch Roy, Vernon; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec3 Farm Hand S.A. Bear (1914) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CAVANAUGH, Frank H. (Hazel Marsh) Ch Frank, Robert; Cameron R2 Floyd Sec7 T130a E.C. Means (1885) Mutual Tel. Cameron

CAVANAUGH, James H. (Rosa Kinney) Ch Catharine, Mary, T. James, Rosa, Anna, Helen, Grace, Florence, *Frank, *Margaret, *Sadie; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec26 O160a (1885) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CAVANAUGH, T. James Monmouth R4 Hale Sec26 T80a J.E. Miller (1896) Tel. Farmers’ LIne Monmouth

CAVES, Martie (Beulah Simmons) Ch Mabel; roseville R4 Roseville Sec25 Farm Hand J.W. Malcolm (1908) Mutual Tel. Roseville

CAVINS, Amos A. (Ollie Edwards) Ch Emory, Harvey, Nora, Mabel, *Lena; Media R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec19 T160a Robert Mathers Est. (1912) Tel. Farmers’ Line Raritan

CHAMBERLIN, Aruzi Y. (Emma F. Pickering) Little York Sumner Sec28 O180a (1901) Gabby Tel. Little York

CHANCE, Cecil (Ruth Hainsher) Ch Erma, Dorothy; Camerson R2 Coldbrook Sec16 Farm Hand E.E. Bruington (1914) Tel. Farmers’ Line Cameron

CHARLES, Fred E. (Effie Camper) Ch Janet, Edna, Frank, Elsworth; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec16 Farm Hand Chester Clague (1880) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CHIPMAN, Siklegg (Helen Yoho) Smithshire R2 Ellison Sec16 (1918) Mutual Tel. Smithshire

CHOATE, George W. (Mary Brooks) Ch Thomas; Little York Sumner Sec20 T110a R.A. Allen (1880) Gabby Tel. Little York

CHRISTENSEN, Carl V. (Edith Johnson) Ch Marie, Lillian, Anna, Victor; Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec34 T230a S.O. Cowick and Henry Ray (1888) Monmouth Tel. Monmouth

CHRISTENSEN, Chris (Boletta Rasmussen) Ch Lilly, *Mary, *Christena, *Charley, *Peter, *Emma, *Edith; Monmouth R2 Monmouth Sec20 010a (1881) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CHRISTENSEN, Fred V. (Cona Waymaack) Ch Max, Mildred; Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec28-20 T140a Cannell Sisters (1890) Monmouth Tel.

CHRISTENSEN, Niels (Hilma Rydgrean) Ch Alvin Ellen, *Fred, *Carl, *Clifford, *Joseph, *Edith, *Roda, *Amanda; Monmouth R7 Lenox Sec19 T200a Mary Barfoot (1885) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CHRISTENSEN, Peter N. (Olive Burford) Dorthy, Lyla; Monmouth R7 Lenox Sec19 T126a C.E. McGinnes (1888) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CHURCH, John C. (Florence R. Minnick) Ch Ralph, Roy, Paul, John, Merril, Carl, Clark; Smithshire R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec15 T160a Mrs. Eli Dixon (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

CHURCHILL, Joseph S. (Delliah Scott) Ch *Sylvester, *Edgar, *Nellie; Smithshire r2 Ellison Sec9 T80a J.Brown (1885) Mutual Tel. Smithshire

CLAGUE, Henry C. Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec16-21 O195a (1881) Tel. Firmers’ Line Kirkwood

CLAGUE, Willian (Mary Evens) Ch Eva, Homer, *Blanche, *May, *Jessie, *H.C., *W.L.; Kirkwood R1 Hale Sec33-28 O200a (1871) Tel Farmers’ LIne Kirkwood

CLARK, Earl E. (Rosa Crooks) Ch Helen, Marie; Smithshire R1 Sec4 T240a Farm Hand Mae Lee (1917) Roseville Tel.

CLARK, Flora A. (Flora A. Turner) Ch Lloyd L.; Sciota R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec34 O40a T20a S.W. Hall (1901)Tels. Farmers’ Line Sciota and Swan Creek

CLARK, Harry P. (Jean Avenell) Ch Helen, William, Dorothy, Harold; Eleano Sumner Sec35 O1a T90a Mrs. M.F. Clark (1877) Tel. Farmers’ Line Little York

CLARK, Harry T. (Lucy Arnold) Kirkwood R2 Tompking Sec20 T157a Mrs. J.W. Tinkham (1902) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CLARK, Homer L. (Mary Grace Cooper) Smithshire R2 Ellison Sec6 William C.Cooper (1913) Smithshire Tel.

CLARK, James B. (Myrtle Wiley) Ch Grace, Wiley, Dean, Edna; Little York R2 Sumner Sec13 O160a T80a R.W. Willey (1872) Tel. Farmers’ Line Little York

CLARK, Margaret F. (Mrs. Mattie Paine, Sister) Ch Mattie, *James, *William, *Harry; Eleanor Sumner Sec35 O87a (1846) Tel. Farmers’ Tel. Little York

CLAY, Lawrence E. (May Pittman) Ch Louise; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec9 O160a (1892) Mutual Tel. Cameron

CLAY, Ward I. (Alice Adams) Ch Herbert, Keith; Berwick R1 Berwick Sec7 T300a J. Kirby (1914) Tel. Farmers’ Line Berwick

CLAYTON, John S. (Kittie B. McClure) Ch Charlotte, Gerald, *Edgar; Cameron r2 Floyd Sec9 O20a (1863) Mutual Tel. Cameron

CLAYTON, Orvil O. (Lidy A. Landon) Ch Wiley, Melvin, Laura, Clifford, *Lizzie, *Wilmar; Cameron R2 Coldbrook Sec27 Farm Hand Wm. O. Riley (1857) Tel. Farmer’s Line Cameron

CLAYTON, Ross E. (Anna Gillen) Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec26 T80a Mrs. H. Clayton (1883)

CLERIHAN, William E. (Mabel E. Fanning) Berwick R1 Roseville Sec14 W.H. Taylor (1913 Mutual Tels. Berwick and Roseville

CLINE, Flora E. (Flora Baker) Ch Claire, Samuel, Leroy; Abingdon R1 Berwick sec13 O160a (1878) Abingdon Tel. Berwick

CLINE, Fred (Irene Mitchell Ch Bertha, Fern, Florence, Donald; Eleanor Sumner Sec35 O62 1/2a (1918) Independent Tel. Monmouth

CLINT, John S. (Anna Nelson) Ch Sophia, Florence, Nellie, Ethel, Emily, Alice, Herman, George; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec28 T320a A.D. Richardson (1901) Mutual Tel. Berwick

COOLEY, W.D. (Mary Christensen) Ch Boice Merle, Opal; Monmouth Monmouth Sec31 T3a 1898) Monmouth Tel.

CLORE, Arthur R. (Marian Morton) Ch Vivian, Virginia; Avon R5 Berwick Sec33 T280a George Clore (1887) Tel. Avon

CLORE, Charles (Myrtle Simomons) Roseville R4 Berwick Sec29 T480a A.C. Clore (1885) Berwick Tel. Greenbush

CLORE, Delbert A. (Edna Taylor) Ch Bettie; Abingdon R1 Berwick Sec12 T257a Geo. Clore (1892)Tel. Abingdon

CLORE, Frank W. Fairy Lincoln) Ch Gertrude, Roy; Roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec15 T160a A.C. Clore (19008) Roseville Tel.

CLUTE, Frank M. Ch Grace, Earl, James; Alexis R2 Kelley Sec21 O40a (1881) Mutual Tel. Alexis

CLUTE, James W. Ch Betty, Nellie, Glen, Lee, *Mabel, *Clarence, *Frank; Alexis R2 Kelley Sec20-21 @200a C.C. Craig (1854) Tel. Farmers’ Line Alexis

COCHRAN, Benjamin Franklin (Alma Grigg) Good Hope R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec36 O240a (1852)Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

COCHRAN, John R. (Flora Day) ch Ruth, Naomi; good Hope R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec36 O340a (1893) Tels. Farmers’ Line Good Hope and Swan Creek

COGHILL, John W. Jr. (Phebe Huston) Ch Mary, Howard, Hazel, *Millicent; Roseville r3 Swan Sec9 O175a (1874) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

COLLINS, John P. (Bessie Shunick) Ch Mary Rose; Berwick R1 Roseville Sec23-24 T320a (1884) Mutual Tels. Roseville and Berwick

COLWELL, George P. (Anna Lonsdale) Ch Jerone, Marvin; Monmouth R1 coldbrook Sec7 Farm Hand G.A. Peterson (1917) Monmouth Tel.

CONARD, Saylor B. (Effie Anderson) Ch Junior; Monmouth R5 Sec34 Farm Hand A.B. Cowick (1912) Monmouth Tel.

CONE, Mark R. (Fannie A. Tobey) Ch Dexter, Mary; Galesburg R6 Coldbrook Sec36 O300a (1872) Tel. Farmers’ Line Cameron

CONNOR, Patrick, Ch Mary, Thomas, *Anna, *Kate; Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec8 O106a (1857) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CONNOR, Roy (Jane Bishop) Ch Edna; good Hope R2 Swan Sec35 Farm Hand Tiner Crawford (1918)

CONSTANT, James N. Chas. E. And A.B. Constant Brothers; Little York Sumner Sec20 T80a A.B. Constant (1855)

COOK, Charles G. (Gail Copeland) Ch Howard, Willard, Mary; Little York Sumner Sec21 O174a (1872) Tel. Farmers’ Line Little York

COOK, Clay S. (Ruby Torance) Monmouth R7 Elison Sec1-2 T100a Lamphere Est. (1908) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

COOLEY, W.D. (Mary Christensen) Ch Boice, Merle, Opal; Monmouth, Monmouth Sec 31 O3a (1898) Tel. Monmouth

COONS, David H. (Carrie Langley) Ch David, Glen, Ralph, *Frank, *Roy, *Luella; Roseville R3 Swan Sec21 T260a A.J. Cayton Est. (1902) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

COOPER, William (Margaret Newbanks) Ch Margaret, Lillian, Edith, *Charles; “Oak Dale Farm” Monmouth R2 Monmouth Sec7 O58a (1862) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

COOPER, William C (Phoebe Perry) Ch *Vera, *Nina; “Sugar Maple Farm” Swan Creek R1 Swan Sec30 O60a T40a J. Perry (1878) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

COOPER, William C. (Luna A. Jamison) Ch Elmer, Mary, Grace, Harold J., Jessie Estelline; “Maplehurst Farm” Smithshire Ellison Sec6 O137a (1903) Smithshire Tel.

CORMAN, Elmo (Maggie Gilruth) Ch Ambrose; Swan Creek R1 Swan Sec23 Farm Hand Woods Kidder (1913)

COURSEY, Thomas M. (Lettie J. Aulgur) Ch Glen, Harold, Marie, John; Roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec2 T167a A.J. Livermore (1917) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

COURSON, Abner W. (Chloe Sigman) Ch Elery, Gailen, Lula, Virda, *Junie, *Orval, *Lone, *Stella; Abington R1 Berwick Sec 3 O3a (1885) Abingdon tel. Berwick

COURSON, William (Sarah Arbogast) Ch Ben, *Abner, *Lilly; Abingdon r1 Berwick Sec3 O32a (1856) Abingdon Tel. Berwick

COURTNEY, William A. (Gertie Cooper) Ch Ella, Junita, Roland; Avon R2 Greenbush Sec14 Farm Hand N.J. Cutler (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

COWICK, Arthur G. (Edith Gibson) Ch Lee; Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec34 T200a Mrs. Sarah O. Cowick (1880) Monmouth Tel.

COWICK, Frank B. (Lena Absey) Ch Francis, Robert; Monmouth R7 Lenox Sec30 O200a (1885) Monmouth Tel.

COZALL, Jessie (Vergie Peacock) Ch Willard, Lucile; Abingdon R1 Berwick Sec14 Farm Hand Wm. Birket (1917)

CRABILL, Aden K. (Ida Damitz) Ch Alonzo, Mary; Avon r2 Greenbush Sec14 O90a (1860) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

CRAIG, James M. (Margaret Greer) Ch May, Margie, Jennie, James, Sadie, Howard; Seaton R2 Sumner Sec6 T177a E.P. Field and I.F. Davis (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Little York

CRAIG, William C. (Clara Lair) Ch Earl; Alexis R2 Spring Grove Sec24 T96a Mrs. W.A. Lair (1909) Mutual Tel. Farmers’ Line Alexis

CRANDAL, Arch C. (Lura Rullon) Ch *Edna, *Ruth; “Red Top Farm” Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec33028 O240a (1866) monmouth Tel.

CRANE, Eliphalet C. (Nettie Elliott) Ch Eulalia, Velma, *Frank; Gerlaw Spring Grove Sec33 O160a (1865) Monmouth Tel.

CRANE, Frank L. (Vesper Nicholas) Gerlaw Spring Grove Sec33 T160a E.C. Crane (1898)

CRANE, Sine B. (Lena M. Pacey) Ch Helen, Richard; Roseville R3 Ellison Sec12 O160a (1878) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

CRANE, Tom M. Monmouth R4 Hale Sec14-15 T260a Anna Payne (1916) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CRAWFORD, Tiner (Anna Berkshire) Ch Edna; Good Hope R2 Swan Sec35 T280a D.L. Crawford (1874) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

CROMER, Ike R. (Berdie Salmon) Ch Wendel, Woodrow; Good Hope R2 Swan Sec31 Farm Hand James Applegate (1918)

CUMMINGS, Fred K. (Pearl Stewart) Ch Helen: Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec4 T8a J.H. Cummings (1881) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CUNNINGHAM, Altona (Pearlie Cunningham, Sister) Roseville r4 Swan Sec3 O150a (1865) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

CUNNINGHAM, Elmer H. (Lizzie Taylor) Ch Chester, Harry, Mabel, *Ernest, *Ethel; Roseville R4 Roseville Sec32 O198a (1862) Mutual Tel. Roseville

CUNNINGHAM, Ernest A. (Arvie Albert) Ch Dorothy, Roland; Roseville R4 Swan Sec11 O80a T35a Ethel Kirby (1886) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

CUNNINGHAM, Woodson J. (Luella Hodges) Ch Emma, Ethel, Bessie; Roseville R4 Roseville Sec31 Farm Hand Pratt Est. (1911)

CURREY, George C. (Mary Williamson) Ch Arthur; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec33 T20a Tompking Sec3-4 T240 Mrs. Elizabeth Brouyn (1900) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

CURREY, Nelson (Ida Webster) Ch Richard; Greenbush Greenbush Sec7 T80a Parks Est. (1894) Tel. Farmers Line Greenbush

CURTIS, John L. (Elizabeth Miller) Ch *Lena; “Green Lawn Farm ” Alexis R2 Kelly Sec1 O180a (1868)

CURTIS, Oscar A. (Grace Whitman) Ch Dorothy; Monmouth R1 Coldbrook Sec32-31 O135a (1897) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

CUSHMAN, Charles J. (Emma Wright) Ch Maggy, Thomas *Mary; St. Augustine R24 Berwick Sec36 T80a F.M. Trulock (1903)

CUSHMAN, Peter B. (Alice Fitzsimmons) Abingdon R1 Floyd Sec36 T77a Jennie Paulsgrove (1914) Mutual Tel. Abingdon

CUTLER, Emmett (Fay Welsh) Avon R2 Greenbush Sec22 T40a Emma Welsh (1895) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

CUTLER, Marcus Ch Fred Lloyd, Robert, Ella, Bernadine, *Reed, *Emmett; Avon R2 Greenbush Sec14 T260a A.B. Tompkins (1895) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

Source: Prairie Farmer’s Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders, Warren & Henderson Counties, Illinois. Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1918.

Warren County IL,


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