Idaho Federal and Territorial Officers, 1864-1884

Governor, W. H. Wallace, resigned to become a delegate
Secretary, W. B. Daniels
Auditor, B. F. Lambkin
Treasurer, D. S. Kenyon
Marshal, D. S. Payne
Chief Justice, Sidney Edgerton
Associate Justices, Samuel C. Parks and Alex C. Smith
Attorney of 1st District, Thomas M. Pomeroy
2nd District, George C. Hough
3d, vacant
Clerk of Court, J. C. Henly,

Governor, Caleb Lyon of N. Y.
Secretary, C. De Witt Smith
Delegate, E. D. Holbrook
Judiciary same as in 1864
Clerk of Court, E. C. Mayhew.

Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Caleb Lyon
Secretary, H. C. Gilson of Ohio
Chief Justice, John R. McBride of Oregon
Associate Justices, Milton Kelly of Wisconsin and A. C. Smith of Oregon
U. S. Marshal, J. H. Alvord of N. Y.
U. S. Revenue Assessor, M. C. Brown of Maine
U. S. Collector, John Cummins of Oregon
Territorial Treasurer and ex-officio Prison Commissioner, E. C Sterling
Comptroller and ex-officio Librarian, H. B. Lane
Supt of Public Instruction, J. A. Chittenden
Attorney of 2d District (McBride’s), C. B. Waite
Clerk, W. B. Smith.

Governor, David Ballard of Oregon
Secretary, S. R. Hewlett of Idaho
Judiciary, McBride, Kelly, and John Cummins
Marshal, Alvord
U. S. Revenue Assessor, Austin Savage of Idaho, vice George Woodman
U. S. Collector, J. C. Geer of Idaho (formerly of Or.)
Surveyor General, L. F. Carter of Idaho
Attorney 1st District, Frank Dalton
Clerk, Warren A. Belcher
Attorney 2d District, J. J. May
Clerk, W. B. Smith
Attorney 3rd District, E. J. Curtis
Clerk, R. E. Halleck.

Governor, David Ballard
Secretary, S. R. Howlett
Judiciary same as above
U. S. attorney, Henry E. Prickett,
Vice Hough, Hough made Indian Agent
Registrar U. S. Land Office, R. H. Brown
Receiver, J. C. Carroll
Comptroller, R. W. Bishop
Attorney of 1st District, W. W. Thayer
3d District, L. P. Higbee
Other officers same as in preceding year.

The members of the 5th legislature, 1868-9, were:
G. W. Paul of Ada County
V. S. Anderson of Alturas County
W. M. Vance, R. G. Allen, A. J. Bonner, and C. C. Dudley of Boise County
P. C. Howard of Idaho County
J. S. Taylor of Nez Percé County
F. E. Ensign of Owyhee County
J. M. Taylor of Oneida County
B. F. Yantis of Shoshone County
Taylor president.

Members of the lower house:
Thomas H. Calloway, S. B. Wright, Thomas B. Hart of Ada County
Meredith Kelly, Lewis Linbeck, of Alturas County
W. S. Harley, S. T. Hussman, D. McGrew, D. B. Moody, S. Goodenough, Bailey Hayden, V. Marx, Thomas Foy, of Boise County
E. T. Beatty, E. Mulkey, of Idaho County
G. W. Bell, V. S. Zeigle, of Nez Percé County
Patrick Campbell, Seth Catlin, P. S. Quinn, of Owyhee County
F. M. Shoemaker of Oneida County
W. A. Goulder of Shoshone County
Beatty speaker.

The Attaches of the council were:
George Ainslie Secretary
A. U. Purdy Assistant Secretary
Thomas Sweeney Enrolling Clerk
W. W. Habusham Engrossing Clerk
S. B. Dilley Sargent-at-Arms
Lewis F. Alpey Doorkeeper
Robert Gillespie Page.
Attaches of the lower house:
H. F. Sayrs Chief Clerk
E. Raynor Assistant Clerk
George Ish Engrossing Clerk
J. H. Slater Enrolling Clerk
John Donovan, Sargent-at-Arms
J. Wells Doorkeeper
George W. Butterfield Page

Governor, David Ballard
Secretary, S. R. Howlett
Chief Justice, David Noggle of Wisconsin
Associates, William C. Whitson, and M. E. Hollister, vice J. R. Lewis, resigned
U. S. marshal, H. W. Moulton
Surveyor General, Edward Rugger
Receiver, James Hunt

Governor, Thomas W. Bennett of Indiana
Vice Gilman Marston and Thomas A. Bowen, resigned without acting
Secretary, E. J. Curtis of Idaho
Delegate to Congress, S. A. Merritt
Judiciary as above
U. S. District Attorney, J. W. Huston
U. S. marshal, Joseph Pinkham
Surveyor General, L. F. Cartee
Registrar Boise Land District, T. Donaldson
Receiver, James Stoat;
Assessor U. S. revenue, A. Savage
Collector, J. O. Goer
Territorial Treasurer, John S. Gray
Comptroller, D. Crane
Clerk Supreme Court, Thomas Donaldson
Register in Boise City, H. W. O. Margary.

Members of the 6th legislative assembly, 1870-1
I. N. Coston of Ada County
John McNally of Alturas County
R. G. Allen, W. Lynch, N. M. Vance, and H. A. Mattox of Boise County
S. P. C. Howard of Idaho County
B. J. Nordyke of Lemhi County
C. C. Call of Nez Percé County
J. H. Stump of Oneida County
D. O. Monroe and Gilmore Hays of Owyhee County
B. F. Yantis of Shoshone County
D. O. Monroe president

Members of the lower-house: W. A. Yates, W. T. Porter, T. D. Calahan, and P. Everett of Ada County
R. W. Marshall and E. B. Hall of Alturas County
J. H. Wickersham, D. B. Mooney, J. J. Tompkins, A. E. Calloway, John West, J. H. Hawley, Julian Smith, and J. G. Hughes of Boise County
Perry Clark and P. Cleary of Idaho County
Jefferson Williams of Lemhi County
J. P. Silverwood and H. H. Wheeler of Nez Percé County
J. W. Morgan of Oneida County
J. B. Pierce, W, P. Upsher, P. Campbell, J. R. Crawford, and W. H. Van Slyke of Owyhee County
W. B. Yantis of Shoshone County
W. A. Yates speaker

Members of the 7th Legislative assembly, 1872-3
I.N. Coston and J. B. Wright of Ada County
John McNally of Alturas County
Benjamin Willson, J. V. R. Witt, and H. A. Mattox, Boise County
S. P. C. Howard, Idaho County
B. J. Nordyke, Lemhi County
Gilmore Hays and L. P. Higbee, Owyhee County
J. II. Stump, Oneida; Stanford Capps, Shoshone County
I. N. Coston president

Members of the lower house (their counties are not given in the journal): Harvey Hall, N. B. Willey, J. W. Garrett, Charles Himrod, Peter Adams, A. Dean, John R Sissins, M. J. Biddy, G. W. Tomer, J. J. Apperson, G. M. Parsons, A. B. Anderson, J. H. Tranger, A. E. Calloway, F. Campbell, S. S. Fenn, James H. Bennett, L. H. Hatch, A. T. Huffaker, Thomas Elder, Matt Davis, J. M. Short, S. M. Jeffries, P. McMahon, and A. L. Simondi. S. S. Fenn speaker

Members of the 8th legislative assembly, 1874-5
A. H. Robie and H. E. Prickett of Ada County
John NcNally of Alturas County
J. M. Cannady, J. H. Hawley, and R. E. Foote of Boise County
S. P. C. Howard of Idaho County
E. T. Beatty of Lemhi County
L. P. Brown of Nez Percé County
Angell and H. Martin of Owyhee County
A. Stalker, Oneida County
W. A. Goulder, Shoshone County

Members of the lower house:
J. H. Paddock, Orlando Robbins, J. H. McCarty, and J. B. Pierce of Ada County;
R. A. Sidebotham and V. S. Anderson of Alturas County
E. A. Stevenson, Charles W. Stewart, Frederick Campbell, G. B. Baldwin, Calvin R. White, James W. White, Matthew G. Luney, and Joseph Cave, Boise County
George Shearer and Philip Cleary, Idaho County
George L. Shoup and T. C. Tuthill, Lemhi County
J. C. Waldrip and William Groat, Nez Percé County
Hunt, Culp, Pool, and Moore of Owyhee County
Clemens of Oneida County
C. T. Nelson of Shoshone County

Governor, D. P. Thompson
Secretary, E. J. Curtis
Delegate to Congress, S. S. Fenn
Chief Justice, M. E. Hollister
Associates, W. C. Whitson and John Clark
District Attorney, J. W. Huston
U. S. Marshal, Joseph Pinkham
Surveyor General, L. F. Cartee
Register of Lewiston Land Office, Seth S. Slater
Receiver, R. J. Monroe
Register of Boise Land Office, W. P. Thompson
Receiver, James Stout
Agent Nez Percé Indians, J. B. Monteith
Internal Revenue Collector, Austin Savage
Territorial Treasurer, John Huntoon
Territorial Comptroller, Joseph Perrault

Governor, M. Brayman;
Secretary, E. J. Curtis;
Delegate to Congress, S. S. Fenn.

Members of the 9th Legislative Assembly, 1876-7
Councilmen: W. T. Baker and I. N. Coston of Ada County
R. A. Sidebotham of Alturas County
E. A. Stevenson and J. V. R. Witt of Boise County
E. T. Beatty of Lemhi County
L. P. Higbee of Oneida County
R. Tregraskis and F. C. Porter of Owyhee County
S. P. C. Howard of Idaho County
William Budge of Bear Lake County
W. G. Langford of Nez Percé County
D. W. C. Dunwell of Shoshone County
E. T. Beatty president

Members of the lower house:
F. K. Froman, Thomas Gray, H. K. Hartley, J. F. Griffin, and R L. Warriner of Ada County
T. J. Curtis and C. K. Davis of Alturas County
James H. Hart of Bear Lake County
Stephen Dempsey, M. G. Luney, John H. Myer, George W. Richards, and I. S. Wieler of Boise County
Philip Cleary of Idaho County
Jesse McCaleb and Leonard G. Morse of Lemhi County
S. P. Edwards and F. Points of Nez Percé County
P. A. Tutt, R. L. Wood. E. H. Moore, G. W. Gilmore, and John Ward of Owyhee County
J. N. High and W. T. Norcross of Oneida County
E. Hammond of Shoshone County
T. J. Curtis sneaker

Governor, J. B. Neil
Secretary T. F. Singiser
Delegate to Congress, George Ainslie.

Members of the 10th Legislative Assembly, held in Jan. and Feb. 1979, according to an act passed at the previous session changing the time of beginning from Dec. to Jan.
Councilmen: J. B. Pierce and M. R. Jenkins of Ada County
George M. Parsons of Alturas County
Joseph Travis and George Pettengill of Boise County
J. W. Hart, Bear Lake County
N. B. Willey, Idaho County
George L. Shoup, Lemhi County
William Clemens, Oneida County
B. J. Nordyke and Philip A. Regan, Owyhee County
George A. Manning, Nez Percé County
W. B. Yantis, Shoshone County
N. B. Willey president.

Members of the lower house:
William Allison, T. Gray, A. E. Calloway, C. D. Humphrey, and H. J. G. Maxon of Ada County
W. H. Butler and A. Leonard Myer Alturas County
Joseph C. Rich of Bear Lake County
J. W. White, Robert Spenser, M. G. Hardin, G. B. Baldwin, and R. H. Robb Boise County
William C. Pearson of Idaho County D. B. Varney and W. Birdseye of Lemhi County William King and J. J. Bonner of Nez Percé
Alex. Stalker and D. R. Jones of Oneida County
G. W. Newsom, P. Weatherman, William Cooper, George Chapin, and William Nichols of Owyhee County
Robert T. Yantis of Shoshone County
W. Birdseye was elected speaker on the 102d ballot.

Under the reapportionment act of June 3, 1880, there were elected the following members of the 11th legislative assembly, 1880-l
R. Z. Johnson of Ada County
John S. Hailey of Ada and Washington County
James Murray of Boise County
S. B. Dilley of Boise and Alturas County
J. W. Poe Nez Percé County
I. B. Cowen of Nez Percé, Shoshone, and Lahtoh County
L. P. Wilmot of Idaho County
H. Peck and L. C. Morrison of Oneida County
Charles Cobb of Cassia and Owyhee County
William Budge of Bear Lake County
W. F. Anderson of Lemhi County
John Hailey president

Members of the lower house:
A. E. Calloway, A. S. Gray, P. J. Pefly, and J. Brumback Ada County
Stephen Dempsey and Frederick Campbell of Boise County
I. W. Garrett of Alturas County
James Hart and J. C. Rich Bear Lake County
R. L. Wood of Cassia County
E. B. True and T. W. Girton Idaho County
James L. Onderdonk and J. J. Gilson of Lemhi County
I. M. Hibbs, S. J. Langdon, and J. M. Hedrick Nez Perce County
J. W. Cummings Owyhee County
W. L. Webster, Joseph Dudley, Alex. Stalker, and David R. Jones Oneida County
William Nichols Shoshone County
Thomas M. Jeffrey Washington County
E. B. True speaker

The official register of 1881 contains the names of:
George Ainslie Congressional Delegate
John T. Morgan Chief Justice
Norman Buck and Henry E. Prickett Associate Justices
Wallace R. White U. S. District Attorney;
E. S. Chase U. S. Marshal
A. L. Richardson Clerk of Supreme Court
E. A. Stone Agent at Lemhi Indian Reservation
C. D. Warner Agent at Nez Percé Reservation
R. W. Berry Collector of Internal Revenue
D. P. B. Pride, C. P. Coburn, and George W. Richards Deputies
William P. Chandler U. S. Surveyor General
T. W. Randall Chief Clerk
John B. Miller, Jonathan M. Howe, and August Duddanhausen Registers
J. Stoat, R. J. Monroe, and A. W. Eaton Receivers of Public Money

Governor, John N. Irwin.

Members of the 12th Legislative Assembly, 1882-3
J. V. R, Witt of Ada County;
Thomas C. Galloway of Ada and Washington County
Joseph Travis of Boise County
E. A. Wall of Boise and Alturas County
C. E. Robinson of Bear Lake County
E. P. Johnson, Custer and Lemhi County
P. A. Regan, Cassia and Owyhee County
James Odle, Idaho County
W. L. Webster and Henry Pock, Oneida County
William S. Taylor, Nez Percé County
J. B. Cowen, Nez Percé, Shoshone, and Kootenai County
E. A. Wall president

Members of the lower house:
D. W. Fouch, J. P. Wilson, I. N. Coston, and H. K. Hartley of Ada County
E. M. Wilson of Alturas County
R. H. Robb and F. Campbell of Boise County
Amos R. Wright and H. S. Woolley of Bear Lake County
J. C. Shoup of Custer County
W. C. Martindale of Cassia County
W. C. Pearson and Robert Larimer of Idaho County
O. A. Dodge of Kootenai and Shoshone County
James A. Haywood of Lemhi County
A. Buchanan, K. Larson, and G. W. Toner of Nez Percé County
J. M. Harbour of Owyhee County
C. J. Bassett, D. L. Evans, M. L. Gruwell, and J. B. Thatcher of Oneida County
F. M. Mickey of Washington County
D. W. Fouch, speaker.

Hollister was succeeded as Chief Justice, Jan. 13, 1879, by William G. Thompson; and Thompson, June 10, 1879, by John T. Morgan, who held till 1885. Norman Buck succeeded Clark as Associate Justice in the1st district. Case Broderick was appointed to the 2d dist in May 1884. The Chief Justice took the 3d dist in 1879.

1884, Federal Officers:
Governor, William M. Bunn
Secretary, D. P. B. Pride
Delegate, T. F. Singiser
Surveyor General, Wm F. Chandler
Chief Justice, John T. Morgan
Assistant Justice, 1st District, Norman Buck
2d District Case Broderick
Clerk, A. L. Richardson
Assistant U. S. District Attorney, W. R. White
Assistant U. S. District Attorney, Alanson Smith
Marshal, F. T. Dubois
Reg. Land Office, E. L. Curtis
Receiver, M. Krebs


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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