Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1772 Marriages

Aaron Matthew and Mary Davey, both of St. George Parish have been lawfully published thrice here at Ebenezer and have desired a Certificate thereof on the 6th of Jan., 17

Thomas Garneth and Rachel Wissin have been married on the 8th of Jan., 1772 by a License from his Hon. the Commander.

Chaplin William and Susannah Green, both of St. Matthew’s Parish, after having been lawfully published by me before the Congregation desired and received a Certificate on the 20th of Jan., 1772.

John Caspar Greiner and Johanna Christiana Lackner were united in marriage in Zions Church, Jan. 4, 1772.

Michael Gnan and the widow Mary Magdalene Weber were united in marriage in Ebenezer, Jan. 14, 1772.

Nicholas Michel and Hannah Elizabeth Gugel were both united in Christian marriage Jan. 28, 1772.

John Boykin and Sarah Tanner have been lawfully married on the 20. Day of April, 1772.

Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Dison both of Carolina, have been lawfully married on the 23 Day of April.

Abiel Perry and Sarah Asque after having been lawfully published at Ebenezer have received a Certificate thereof the 21st of July, 1772.

James Goldwire ,and Sarah Stewart both of St. Matthew’s Parish, were both married by a License on the 18th Day of Aug., 1772.

Hardy Boykin and Susannah Young both of St. George’s Parish, have been lawfully published before the Congregation and received a Certificate thereof on the 7th of Nov., 1772.

John Nicholas Schubtrein and Margaret Haussler were both united in marriage Nov. 11, 1772.

Up to this point the number has been reported.

Voigt, A. G. Ebenezer Record Book: Containing Early Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Effingham, Ga., More Commonly Known as Ebenezer Church. Savannah, Georgia: C.A. Linn, 1929

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