Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1755 Burials

Regina Hueber, a child of about 10 years, died in Bethany on her father’s plantation of a consumptive disease.

John Leimberger, a child of 5 years, died peacefully April 30, 1755.

Mary Hueber, a child of 9 years, died on the 6th of March, and was buried the next day.
[A baptismal entry follows here, evidently by mistake, and is stricken out.]

John Ulrich Fezer’s little son was born May 31 and received the baptism of necessity immediately after birth and then died right afterwards.

Ursula Oeple, a child of almost 3 years, died June 4, 1755, and received Christian burial here the next day.

Jacob Leimberger died in the evening of June 29, 1755, and was buried July 1.

Sarah Steiner, a girl who went to Holy Communion in the Preparation, died Oct. 4, 1755 on Charles Flerl’s plantation at the age of 15 years and 2 months, and on the next day she was buried out there.

Peter Schubdrein died in Bethany, Oct. 8, 1775, and received Christian burial the next day.

Israel Christian Heid died Nov. 27, 1775, and was buried the next day.

Voigt, A. G. Ebenezer Record Book: Containing Early Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Effingham, Ga., More Commonly Known as Ebenezer Church. Savannah, Georgia: C.A. Linn, 1929

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