Robert Love – Revolutionary War Pension Records



T. R. W. Bureau of Pensions.

#8858 Washington, D.C. April 2nd, 1903.

Rev. War.


In reply to your request for a statement of the military history of Robert Love, a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information as contained in his application for pension on file in this Bureau.

Enlisted April 1778 for 6 months; rank Sergt.; Capt Jehu Stephens and Colonel Jas. Robertson, VA. April 1780, for 6 months; Colonel Campbell, VA. April 1781, for 2 months; Colonel Preston, VA. Arpil 1782, for 3 months; Captain Wm. Love, VA. The last three times with the Rank of Lieutenant.

Battles engaged in-Many Skirmishes.

Residence of soldier at enlistment-Montgomery County, Virginia.

Date of Application for Pension-April 5th, 1833.

Residence at date of Application-Waynesville, North Carolina.

Age at date of Application-Born 1760, Augusta County, Virginia.

Remarks: His claim was allowed. Literal copies of papers filed in pension claims cannot be furnished. (They are, however, on file in the Records of the Pension Department, and any one can go there in person and get a copy. The Department does not furnish them-F.D. Love)

Very respectfully,

Mr. F.D. Love, J. L. Davenport,

Georgetown, Texas Acting Commissioner.

Note: I give the following, in order to show that any who are desirous of obtaining a copy of the papers and proof on file may know that they are on file in the City of Washington, and can be obtained by advising with the head of that Department, who will suggest the means of securing one. It may be that I will secure one my self, in which event, I will place it with these papers. In years to come, it will be an honor to be a descendant or one of the Revolutionary Heroes, and it is for that reason that I take the pains to preserve these references. Many are losing sight of their ancestors, and it will be but a short time until some will find it difficult to trace their genealogy back to one of these heroes.-F.D. Love


Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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