References for the Allen Family History

All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical societies. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American cities.

 1. Americans of Royal Descent, 1891, Browning.
 2. Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography.
 3. British Family Names, Barber.
 4. Burke's General Armory.
 5. Burke's Landed Gentry.
 6. Burke's Peerage and Baronetcy, 1925, 1926.
 7. Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley.
 8. Dictionary of National Biography, London, 1887.
 9. Directories, City and Telephone.
10. English Surnames, Bardsley.
11. Heraldic Illustrations, 1853.
12. Miscellaneous Sources.
13. Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, Heitman.
14. Patronymica Britannica, Lower.
15. Private Collections of Family Data.
16. Revolutionary Records of the Respective Colonies.
17. Surnames of the United Kingdom, Harrison.
18. U. S. Postal Guide.
19. Who's Who (British).
20. Who's Who in America, 1926-27.
21. Allen Family of Medfield. Joseph Allen, Boston. Nichols & Noyes, 1869.
22. Allen and Witter Families and Their Descendants. Asa W. Allen, Salem,
23. Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut. Willard S. Allen, Boston, 1876.
24. Allen Family from 1568 to 1882. Hon. Wm. Allen, Farmington, Me.,
25. Jolley Allen, Native of London. Mrs. Frances Mary Stoddard, Boston,
26. Family and Descendants of Stephen Allen. Stephen A. Brownell, New
    Bedford, Mass., 1887.
27. Allen Family of Manchester, Mass. John Price, Salem, 1888.
28. Deacon James Allen. Hiram Knight, Worcester, Mass., 1889.
29. (In Historic Families of Kentucky. Thomas Marshall Green, Cincinnati,
30. Allen Families and Some of Their Connections. Mrs. Frances M. Stoddard,
    Boston, 1891.
31. Allen Family. A. A. Galloupe, Esq., of Beverly. Salem, Mass., 1891.
32. Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen (Northborough, Mass.). By
    their children. Boston, 1891.
33. Allen Family of Dedham and Medfield, Mass., 1637-1890. Frank Allen
    Hutchinson, Lowell, Mass., 1896.
34. Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640, and Descends. Allen H. Bent,
    Boston, 1896.
35. John Allen and Phoebe Deuel, of Cambridge and Peru. N. Y., Buffalo,
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36. Phinehas Allen's Descends. George Henry Allen, Boston, 1898.
37. A Hist. and Geneal. Record of the Alling-Allens of New Haven, Conn.
    George Allen, New Haven, Conn., 1899.
38. Allen Family from 1st Stlmt. in Pa. Samuel Allen, Philadelphia, 1899.
39. Lewis Allen of Watertown Farms (Weston), Mass., and Desc. Allen H.
    Bent, Boston, 1900.
40. Org. and Hist. Name Allen, With Biogs. Most Noted Persons. Chicago,
41. Charles Allen of Portsmouth, N. H., 1768, and Some Desc. Frank W.
    Allen of Skowhegan, Me., Boston, 1902.
42. The Allen Memorial. Orrin Peer Allen, Palmer, Mass., 1905. 1st Series.
43. Nathaniel T. Allen. Mary A. Greene. Cambridge, Mass., 1906.
44. The Allen Memorial. Second Series. Windsor, Conn., 1640-1907. Orrin
    Peer Allen, Palmer, Mass., 1907.
45. George Allen, Ralph Allen and Their Desc. in New Jersey. David Allen
    Thompson, Albany, N. Y., 1910.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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