Gordon of Earlston

The house of Earlston descends from Alexander, 2nd son of
H255 WILLIAM DE GORDOUNE, 6th Lord of Lochinvar, whose great-grandson, H256

H256 JOHN GORDON, of Earlston: d. 1628.
(1) Margaret.
(2) Alexander: 2nd of Earlston, M. P. H257.
(3) William, of Carleton.
(A) James: 2nd Gordon of Carleton; d. unm. 1688.
(4) Robert: d. s. p. et v. p. 1626.
(5) James: col. in the army; d. s. p. 1654.
(6) David, of Gordonstown in Galloway.

H257 Alexander: 2nd Gordon of Earlston; 1587-1653 ; an offer of a Baronetcy was made to him, but declined.
(1) John: younger of Earlston; b. 1613 ; d. v. p. without issue.
(2) William; 3rd Gordon of Earlston H258.
(3) Robert: d., unm., 1654.
(4) Margaret:. m. 1638, Thomas Hay, of Arieland.

H258 WILLIAM: 3rd Gordon of Earlston; b. 1614 ; slain at Bothwell Bridge, 1679 ; s. in his estate by his eldest son, Alexander, afterwards Sir Alexander, 2nd Baronet.
(1) Sir Alexander, of Earlston: 2nd Baronet, H260.
(2) Sir William, of Afton: 1st Baronet, H259.
(3) John Gordon: 3rd Gordon of Carleton.
(4) Margaret: m. 1682, Sir James Holborn, of Menstrie.

H259 SIR WILLIAM: 1st Baronet, of Afton; b. 1654 ; honoured, 1706, with a Scotch baronetcy, with reminder thereof, failing heirs of his own body, to his brother Alexander and heirs of his body; d. 1718, leaving no issue; the title of baronet and his estate of Afton devolved on his brother.

H260 ALEXANDER: 2nd Baronet of Earlston: b. 1650 ; escaped to Holland after battle of Bathwell Bridge and in his absence was declared guilty of treason, and adjudged to suffer death when taken; sometime afterwards captured on board ship and, in 1683, ordered to be beheaded in virtue of the old sentence; execution deferred as there was a wish to put some questions to him, and he was detained a close prisoner in Castle of Edinburgh until 1689, when the Revolution released him.
(1) Sir Thomas: 3rd Baronet H261.
(2) Robert: 1688-1750.
(A) Janet.
(3) Archibald: collector of excise; 1691-1754.
(A) Margaret: b. 1724 ; d. unm. 1779.
(B) Gilbert, of Halleaths; 1722-1789.
(a) Gilbert: d. unm. 1763.
(b) Archibald, of Halleaths..
1. Gilbert: d. unm. 1845.
2. Archibald: m. and d. 1847. Issue.
3. John: unm.
(C) Johanna: unm.
(D) Patricia: d. 1821. Issue.
(4) Anne: 1670-1761. Issue. (5) Mary: 1681-1723. Issue. (6) Margaret: 1687-1715. Issue. (7) Janet: 1692-1725. Issue.
(8) William, of Culvennan: 1706-1757.
(9) Grizell: , b. 1703 ; m. 1721, Alexander Gordon, 5th of Carleton; d. 1740 , issue, one son and two daus.

H261 SIR THOMAS: 3rd Baronet; 1685-1769 ; contested the county in 1727, with Heron -of Heron, but was defeated by 7 votes.
(1) Thomas: younger of Earlston; b. 1713, d. v. p. in 1767. (A) Thomas: b. 1739 ; d. unm. 1766.
(B) Daniel: b. 1742 ; d. unm. 1762.
(C) Catharine: m. 1770, Major-Gen. Alexander Stewart, of Afton.
(2) Archibald: b. 1715 ; entered the navy in the “Solebay,” 28 guns, was made prisoner; d. unm. v. p. at Brest, 1745.
(3) Sir John: 4th Baronet, H262.
(4) Francis: b. 1728 ; entered the 60th Foot; was twice made prisoner, being the last time massacred in cold blood 1763 ; unm.
(5) James, of Jamaica: d. 1794.
(6) Anna: m. 1735, Alexander Copland, of Colliston, and had issue.

H262 SIR JOHN: 4th Baronet; Capt.. 70th Foot; b. 1720 ; d. 1795 s. p.; succeeded by his nephew.

H263 SIR JOHN: 5th Baronet; 1780-1843 ; succeeded to estate of Carleton on the death of John, Gordon 8th of Carleton (who d. without male issue).
(1) John: younger, of Earlston; b. 1826 ; d. v. p. 1842. (2) Sir William: 6th Baronet, H264.
(3) James Irving: 1838-1862.
(4) Jane: d. unm. 1908.
(5) Mary Christian: d. 1887. Issue. (6) Julia: m. 1872, Herbert James. (7) Elizabeth Cust: d. unm. 1852. (8) John Anne: m. 1861, Stevenson Forbes. Issue, one dau.

H265 SIR WILLIAM: 6th Baronet; served in the Crimea and India; b. 1830 ; m. (2ndly) Mary Grace (dau. of Sir William Maxwell, 3rd Baronet); d. s. p. 1906 ; succeeded by his cousin.

H266 SIR CHARLES EDWARD: 7th Baronet; 1835-1911.
(1) John Archibald: b. 1860 ; d. unm. 1876.
(2) Sir Robert Charles: 8th and present Baronet, H267.
(3) Caroline Isabella.
(4) Amy Lucie.

H267 SIR ROBERT CHARLES: 8th Baronet, of Earlston, co. Kirkcudbright; b. 1862,; s. his father 1911.
(1) John Charles: b. 1901.




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