Gordon of Pitlurg

K310 JOHN GORDON, of Scurdargue, or Essie: 2nd s. of John de Gordon, of Strathbolgie, and brother of Adam Gordon, killed at Homildon ; d. 1420 ; succeeded by eldest son, K311.

K311 JOHN, of Auchlenchries, co. Aberdeen.

K312 JOHN, of Auchlenchries: slain at battle of Flodden, under the command of Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly.

K313 JOHN, of Pitlurg: m. (1st) Lady Jane Stuart (dau. of John, Earl of Athol, brother uterine of King James II of Scotland); d. 1544.

K314 JOHN, of Pitlurg: fell at Pinkie, 1547 ; left 1 son, K316.

K315 SIR JOHN: Knt. of Pitlurg; M. P. co. Aberdeen; d. 1600.

K316 JOHN, of Pitlurg: d. s. p. 1619 ; succeeded by his brother.

K317 ROBERT, of Pitlurg: commonly designated of Strahoch, a poet, mathematician; b. 1580 ; d. 1661, having had six daus., eleven sons. The eldest son, K318.

K318 ROBERT, of Pitlurg: b. 1609 ; s. his father 1661; d. 1681.
(1) Robert: his heir K319.
(2) John, of Collieston, near Arbroath: a physician.
(A) John, of Hilton: an eminent physician.
(a) James: of whom as successor to his kinsman, Gordon, of Pitlurg.
(3) Catherine: m. Robert, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnont.

K319 ROBERT, of Pitlurg: b. 1641.

K320 ALEXANDER, of Pitlurg: succeeded 1682 ; m. Jean (dau. of James Gordon).

K321 ALEXANDER: an Ensign in the British Army: d. s. p. 1748, when the property devolved on the nearest collateral male heir, his uncles grandson, K322.

K322 JAMES, of Hilton: then became of Pitlurg; m. Barbara (dau. of Robert Cuming, of Birnes); d. 1755.

K323 JOHN GORDON-CUMING, of Pitlurg: succeeded in right of his mother to the entailed estates of Birnes and Leask, and added Cuming to his paternal surname; d. 1768.
(1) John Gordon Cuming: his heir K324.
(2) Thomas Gordon-Cuming: who succeeded to the estate of
Harperfield, co. Lanark; d. 1832.
(A) Sir John William Gordon-Cuming, of Harperfield: A. D. C. to the Queen; Knt. of the Legion of Honour; d. 1870.
(B) Hamilton Gordon-Cuming.
(C) Amelia Jane Gordon-Cuming. Issue.

K324 JOHN GORDON-CUMING, of Pitlurg and Birnes: b. 1761; inherited (1815) the estate of his relative, Skene, of Dyse (eldest collateral branch of Skene, of Skene); assumed the name of Skeene, in conformity with a deed of entail.
(1) William Gordon-Cuming-Skene: his heir K325:
(2) Thomas Gordon-Cuming-Skene: 74th Highlanders; d. 1852.
(3) James Gordon-Cuming-Skene.
(4) Crawford Gordon-Cuming-Skene : m. William. Forlong, Esq. of Errins.
(5)Isabella. Gordon-Cuming-Skene : m. Francis Gordon, Esq. of Kincaidme, brother of James Gordon, of Craig.
(6) Reubma Gordon-Cumming-Skene.
(7) Lucy Gordon-Cuming-Skene.

K325 WILLIAM GORDON-CUMING-SKENE, Esq. of Pitlurg and Dyse: b. 1786; served several yrs. with the 92nd, or Gordon Highlanders, and afterwards with the 6th regt. in France, the Peninsula, and on the staff in the West Indies; d. 1837.
(1) John Gordon-Cuming-Skene, Esq. of Pitlurg, K326.
(2) Alexander: Capt. R. A.; b. 1828; killed at Sebastopol, June, 1855.
(3) Christian : m. 1860, Charles E. Dalrymple, Esq.
(4) Lucan: m. 1859, Major William Ross King.

K326 JOHN GORDON-CUMING-SKENE, Esq. of Pitlurg and Dyse, co. Aberdeen: J. P. and D. L.; b. 1827 ; m. (1st ) 1856, Maria, dau. of Capt. William Henry Nares, R. N.; and by her (who d. 1857) has issue a son, K327.

K327 ALEXANDER: Lieut. Aberdeenshire Highland Militia: b. 1857.

K328 JOHN GORDON-CUMING-SKENE : m. (2ndly), 1860, Margaret Maria (dau. of Sir David Brewster); K. H.; D. C. L.; F. R. S.




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