Giles Badger and his descendants

Title:Giles Badger and his descendants : first four generations and a portion of the fifth, sixth and seventh generations
Author:John Cogswell Badger
Publication date:1909
Publisher:Manchester, N.H. : Printed by the J. B. Clarke company
Digitizing Sponsor:Boston Public Library
Contributor:Boston Public Library
Repository:Internet Archive
Title page to Giles Badger and his descendants : first four generations and a portion of the fifth, sixth and seventh generations
Giles Badger and his descendants 3

In the following brief sketch of the Badger family it will he noticed that it is more of a genealogical than of a historical nature, a few facts as to occupation and prominence being noted as they came to the knowledge of the writer, he having commenced on this work simply to complete his own family record and trace his line of ancestry, and came across so much valuable data that it seemed best to put it in permanent form before it was forever lost, although fragmentary as it is, the first four generations being practically complete, but from there down incomplete, and the readers must govern themselves accordingly.

The system of arranging is simple, as each one is numbered consecutively in the first four generations, and where there is any further record of them, other than in the children’s record, they will be found with the same number in the next generation. The later generations, which are incomplete, are numbered differently; for instance, 17a and 17b, etc., are children of 17, and 17a-l and 17a-2, etc., are children of 17a and so on.

Giles Badger, b. England; settled in Newbury, Mass., as early as 1635; m. about 1642 Elizabeth Greenleaf, bapt. Jan. 16, 1622, dau. of Capt. Edmund and Sarah (Dole) Greenleaf. He died Newbury, Mass., July 17, 1647, and his widow m. 2d Richard Brown.

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The following surnames were most often found in the manuscript:

Badger, Brown, Buswell, Butler, Cogswell, Colby, Cole, Coy, Crosby, Davis, Eaton, Emerson, Foster, Gilman, Greenough, Howard, Kidder, Lane, Libby, Morrison, Noyes, Owen, Richardson, Smith, Stanwood, Stebbins, Tyler, Upham, Walker, West, Wetmore, and Williams.


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