Genealogy of the Cherokee Hendricks Family

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5Jefferson Parks Chambers. Melissa Parris and Emma Wilcox
6Amelia Delilah Chambers* David Lair Denny
7William Maxwell Chambers. Belle Bray
8Lettie Boyd Chambers. David Lair Denny
9Nancy Jane Chambers*
117213Thomas Fox Woodail. Mary Fields and Emma Fields nee Howland
118213Elsie Jane Chambers. William Walkley, George Nipper and David Lair Denny
2George Sanders Chambers. Belle Chouteau nee Smith
OK3David Chambers
4Robert Emory Chambers. Charlotte Ann Diedrich
5James Chambers*
6William A. Chambers. Minnie Brown and Emma Chambers nee Wilcox
7Mary Ella Chambers* John Phillips
8Maxwell Chambers. Nellie White
119213Fannie Hendricks. Frank Kerr
1110213Fannie E. Hendricks. Montgomery Canada
2Rachel Hendricks. Daniel Turner
3Charles Hendricks*
4White Hendricks. Rose Case and Mary Fossett
5Oscar Hendricks*
6Robert M. Hendricks. Gay Howard
1112213Eliza R. Gourd. Robert Watson Hicks and Lewis C. Cordery
2Elizabeth Gourd. William L. Cordrey
3Ellen Gourd. Daniel Webster Lowrey
4Thomas Gourd. Saliie Buse
5Jeanette Gourd. William L. Cordrey and George W. Griffin
1113213Rufus Hendricks. Susie Stanley
2Thomas Hendricks. Stanley and Bessie Bagley
3Susie Hendricks
4Janana Hendricks


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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