Genealogy of James Allen Family of Medfield Massachusetts

H130 JAMES ALLEN: the progenitor of the Allen Family, of Medfield, came to
     America with his wife Anna, in 1639, and settled in Dedham, Mass. They
     (1) John: b. in Dedham Dec. 4, 1639.
     (2) James: b. in Medfield; m. Lydia Adams.
     (3) Nathaniel: m. Mary Frizwell, 1673; nine ch., viz.: Samuel, Nathaniel,
         James, John, Ebenezer, Edward and three daus.
     (4) William: who had Mary and William.
     (5) Benjamin: who had Benjamin, Mary and Lydia.
     (6) Martha: m. William Sabine, of Seekonk, R. I., Dec. 22, 1663.
     (7) Mary: m. Joseph Clark, of Medfield.
     (8) Sarah: m. Domingo White in 1666.
     (9) Joseph: b. June 24, 1652; m. Hannah Sabine, of Seekonk. Ch.:
         (A) Joseph: b. Dec. 19, 1676.
         (B) Daniel: b. 1681; removed to Pomfret, Conn.
         (C) David: b. 1683; removed to Pomfret, Conn.
         (D) Noah: b. Apr. 21, 1685; m. Sarah Gay, of Dedham.
         (E) Eliezer: b. 1688; m. Mary Battelle, of Dover.
         (F) Jeremiah: b. 1690; not married.
         (G) Hezekiah: b. 1692.
         (H) Nehemiah: bapt. May 21, 1699. 

         (A) Joseph Allen, Jr.: m., 1701, Miriam Wight, of Medfield, by
             whom he had
             (a) Joseph, 3d: bapt. Aug. 16, 1702.
             (b) Moses: bapt. Sept. 20, 1708.
             (c) Aaron: bapt. Mar. 11, 1715-16.
             (a) Joseph Allen, 3d, before his removal to Sturbridge, m.,
                 Dec. 18, 1727, Sarah Parker, to whom were b., in Medfield
                 1. Asa: b. Feb. 18, 1729.
                 2. Joseph: b. July 6, 1734. 

         (D) Noah: the fourth son of Joseph Allen, Sr., by his wife Sarah
             (Gay) Allen, had
             (a) Noah: bapt. Nov. 8, 1719; m. Miriam Fisher.
             (b) Jeremiah: bapt. Oct. 8, 1720; unm.
             (c) Elijah: bapt. Feb. 3, 1723; m. Sarah Morse. Elijah had
                 five daus.
             (d) Jonathan: bapt. Oct. 30, 1726; m. Sarah, d. of Samuel
             Jonathan: youngest son of Noah and Sarah Allen, had by his
             wife Sarah (Ellis) Allen 

             1. Oliver: m. Sally Allen, of Walpole; d. in 1796.
             Oliver: by his wife Sally, had one child
             A. Willard: m. Charlotte Hill, of Walpole, by whom he had
                a. Willard J.
                b. Reuel.
                c. Oliver Johnson.
                d. Albert S. 

             Noah Allen, Jr., by his first wife Miriam had
             1. Asahel: b. 1745; d. Jan. 24, 1784.
             2. Fisher: b. Feb. 6, 1747; d. June 21, 1842, age 95.
             3. Silas: b. Nov. 20, 1749; d. Apr., 1834.
             4. Nathan: b. June 1, 1753; d. Apr. 10, 1848, age 95.
             5. Gad: bapt. June 1, 1751; d. in infancy. 

             Noah: m. a second time in 1761 Abigail Ellis, and had
             6. Phineas: b. Apr. 24, 1764; d. Aug. 13, 1836. 

             Asahel: eldest son of Noah, m. Patience Richardson, of Medway.
             Their ch. were
             A. David: b. July 26, 1776; d. Nov. 9, 1857.
             B. Jeremiah: b. March 7, 1778; d. Feb. 14, 1862.
             C. Jonathan: b. Apr. 1, 1780; d. June 5, 1815; drowned in
                Paris, Me. 

             David: m. Mary Fullum, lived in Leominster. They had
             a. Asahel: b. June 15, 1803; m. Nancy R. Kemson.
             b. Dorothy: twin; b. July 30, 1815.
             c. David C.: twin; b. July 30, 1815. 

             Jeremiah: m. Mary Kingsbury, of Needham; lived in West
             Newton. Their children were
             a. Augustus: b. Jan. 30, 1817; m. Maria Davis, by whom he
                had three ch.: Alfred, Hattie and Emma. 

         (C) Jonathan: third son of Asahel Allen; m., Apr. 30, 1806, Sarah
             Houghton, of Princeton, by whom he had five ch. 

             c. David C.: youngest son of David; m. Lucy. W. Lyon, who
                d. Apr. 7, 1853. Their ch. were Charles Francis, George
                Albert and Helen Elizabeth. 

             Otis: son of Jonathan Allen, had following ch.
             (1) Thomas Otis: b. Apr. 29, 1835; m. Charlotte Peirce, of
                 Lowell. Their ch. were Edward A., Jane Louisa and Otis.
             (2) Charles Herbert: b. April 15, 1848. 

             Fisher Allen: by his wife Rachel (Smith) Allen, had three

             3. Silas: son of Noah Allen, Jr., m. Priscilla Plimpton; b.
                Jan., 1753. Their ch. were
             A. Asahel: b. Feb. 6, 1775; d. Oct. 13, 1866, in Berlin, Wis.,
                aged 91.
             B. Simon: b. May 29, 1777; d. May 7, 1785.
             C. Noah: b. Aug. 23, 1780; d. Jan. 4, 1845, in Shrewsbury.
             D. Silas: b. July 12, 1785; d. Mar. 6, 1868. He had three ch. 

             A. Asahel: oldest son of Silas Allen, m., first, Lucy Hemmenway,
                and for his second wife, Mary J., dau. of Hollis
                Parker, all of Shrewsbury. Their ch. were
                a. Asahel Plimpton: b. May 17, 1806.
                b. Daniel Waldo: b. May 17, 1811; m. Marietta E. Carter. 

                a. Asahel P.: the oldest son of Asahel, m. R. B. Haven,
                   of Boston; removed, with his father, to Lancaster,
                   N. H. Had ten ch. 

                b. Daniel W.: another son of Asahel by his first wife,
                   Marietta, had three ch.: Henry Clay and two daus. 

             C. Noah: son of Silas Allen, m. Irene Hemmenway, and
                lived in Shrewsbury. Their ch were
                a. Jonas H.: b. Jan. 4, 1807; m. Clarinda D. Howe, and
                   had Charles L. and James H.
                b. Asa H.: b. Nov. 22, 1815; m. Catherine Black. They
                   had eight ch. 

             4. Nathan: son of Noah Allen, Jr., had three ch., among
                whom was Nathan, who had six ch. 

             6. Phineas Allen: youngest son of Noah Allen, m. Ruth, dau.
                of Asa Smith, of Walpole. Their ch. were
             A. Joseph: b. Aug. 15, 1790; m. Lucy Clarke Ware, of Cambridge.
             B. Ellis: b. Sept. 10, 1792; m. Lucy Lane, of Scituate.
             C. Silas (William Winthrop): b. Jan. 25, 1795.
             D. Asa Smith: b. June 21, 1797; m. Lydia Kingsbury and
                Martha J. Camp.
             E. Phineas: b. Oct. 15, 1801; m. Clarissa Fiske, of Medfield.
             F. Noah: b. Apr. 22, 1807; m. Paulina S. Whiting, of Dover. 

             A. Joseph: son of Phineas, Jr., m. Lucy Clark, eldest dau. of
                Rev. Dr. Henry Ware, Sr., Feb. 3, 1818. They had seven
                ch., among whom were Joseph Henry (m., May 22, 1845,
                Anna Weld and had Richard Minot, b. in Bangor Mar. 20,
                1853; Gardner Weld, b. Jan. 19, 1856; Russel Carpenter,
                b. Jan. 27, 1859); Thomas Prentiss, b. July 7, 1822; d.
                Nov. 26, 1868 (m. Nov. 17, 1846, Sarah Alexander Lord,
                of Northfield, and had Otis Everett, b. June 17, 1850;
                Edward Augustus Holyoke, b. Aug. 15, 1828 (m., Sept.
                5, 1855, Eugenia Sophia Teulon, and had Kenneth, b. Apr.
                6, 1857; Henry Ware, b. July 6, 1851, and Albert Prentiss,
                b. June 27, 1868); William Francis, b. Sept. 5, 1830 (m.,
                July 2, 1862, Mary Lambert. She d. Mar. 23, 1865, leaving
                a dau. He m. again, Margaret Andrews. No ch.

             B. Ellis Allen: third son of Phineas Allen, Jr., m., 1814,
                Lucy Lane. They had William Cowper, b. Jan. 20, 1815
                (m. Harriet Coggin, and had William Coggin, b. Oct. 23,
                1844; George Ellis, b. Apr. 3, 1846; Charles Theodore, b.
                Feb. 3, 1848; Nathaniel Topliff, b. July 1, 1851; Alphonso
                Lamartine, b. Feb. 19, 1854; Frank Sherwin, b. Oct. 13,
                1856; James Frederic, b. Feb. 28, 1858, and Joseph Edward,
                b. Mar. 6, 1862); George Ellis, b. Apr. 15, 1817 (m.
                Susan M. Treat and had one ch.); Joseph Addison, b. Apr.
                25, 1818 (m., Nov. 24, 1845, Lucy T. Burt, and had Joseph
                Burt, b. Jan. 2, 1852; d. Feb. 17, 1855); Nathaniel
                Topliff, b. Sept. 29, 1823 (m. Caroline S. Bassett, and had
                Fort Sumter, Nathaniel Topliff, b. Aug. 25, 1865, d. Apr.
                25, 1865, and Lucy Ellis, b. May 3, 1867); James Theodore,
                b. Aug. 29, 1831 (m., 1860, Caroline A. Kittredge,
                and had Edward Ellis, b. Aug. 1, 1861; James Theodore,
                b. Mar. 26, 1863, d. Jan. 27, 1864; Frederick Cunningham,
                b. Feb. 8, 1865. 

             D. Asa Smith: fourth son of Phineas and Ruth Allen, m.
                Lydia Kingsbury, of Walpole, and had Thomas Scott, b.
                July 26, 1825 (m., 1851, Sally Bracken, dau. of General
                Bracken, and had two ch. She d. in 1854; he m. again);
                William Wirt, b. Angelica, July 29, 1834 (m., in 1858,
                Selah Dennison, of Eau Claire, Wis., and had two sons.
                He served in the Civil War. Asa's 1st w. d. and on Oct.
                2, 1850, he m. Martha Jane (Barney) Camp, and by her
                had Albert Barnes, b. Sept. 9, 1851, and two daus.

             E. Phineas Allen: grad. Harvard College, 1825, m., 1828,
                Clarissa Fiske, of Medfield, and had Francis Eugene, b.
                Feb. 27, 1830, d. May 2, 1830; Horatio Fiske, b. Aug. 4,
                1831 (m. Catherine Butterfield, and had Mortimer Butterfield,
                b. Aug. 3, 1857, and Edgar Fiske, b. May 8, 1862);
                Robert Alfred, b. July 29, 1833 (m. Martha Turney, and
                had Charles Fiske and Alfred Eugene, b. July 8, 1866, at
                Cleveland, O.); George Edgar, b. Mar. 2, 1838 (m. Fanny
                Phillips, and had Frank Farnum, b. June 9, 1868. The
                father served in the navy thru the Civil War as second
                engineer of the "Underwriter"; Charles Eugene, b. July
                20, 1841; d. Feb. 11, 1864. 

             F. Noah Allen: youngest son of Phineas and Ruth Allen, m.
                Paulina S. Whiting, of Dover, and had Lucius Whiting, b.
                Aug. 5, 1835 (m., Oct. 4, 1864, Almira F. Leeds, of Dorchester,
                by whom he had one dau. He served in the Civil

             F. Descendants of Eleazer Allen (b. 1688, m. Mary Battelle
                July 3, 1712), son of Joseph Allen (b. June 24, 1652; m.
                Hannah Sabine, of Seekonk). His ch. were Eleazer, Jr.,
                Obediah, Samuel.
                (a) Eleazer, Jr., by his wife Sibil had Eleazer (who m.
                    Rebecca Mason and had Hetty, John and Rebecca),
                    also Amy, Phebe and Sibil. 

             H. Descendants of Hezekiah (b. 1692), son of Joseph and
                Hannah (Sabine) Allen. His ch. by his wife (Mary?)
                were Hezekiah, Jr., bapt. Sept. 27, 1724, and Mary.
                (a) Hezekiah, Jr.: m. in 1743 Miss Kingsbury, by whom
                    he had five ch., two of whom d. in infancy. By his
                    2nd wife, Mary Peters, he had ten ch., among whom
                    was William Pitt, b. Oct. 21, 1766. 

             1. Timothy: son of Hezekiah, Jr., m. Rebecca Eames, and had
                four sons and two daus. 

                A. Hezekiah: b. Dec. 12, 1775; d. Nov. 18, 1858, in
                   Orange, N. J.
                B. Thaddeus: b. May 14, 1780; m. Clarissa Bullard.
                C. Timothy, Jr.: b. May 19, 1782; m. Abigail Fisher, of
                D. Jared: b. Apr. 11, 1789; m. Hannah Richards, and had
                   Jared, Jr. (who had Martha and Sumner Stanley) and

             A. Hezekiah, oldest son of Timothy; m., in 1802, Julia Whiting,
                and had five daus. and one son, Allston (who m., June
                5, 1833, Eliza R. Ordway, and had six ch., among whom
                was Frank Allston, b. Dec. 2, 1843). 

             C. Timothy, Jr., by his wife, Abigail Fisher, had
                a. Fisher Ames: m. Mrs. Mary Cole.
                b. Samuel Fisher: m. Hannah Ellis, West Dedham.
                c. Timothy: m. Sarah Richardson, Dover. 

             B. Thaddeus, by his second wife, Ann Hunt (Ballard), had
                five ch., among whom were Joseph Hunt, b. Feb. 19, 1817
                (m. Matilda C. Fearing, by whom he had three ch.); James
                Ballard, m. Ellen Simonds and Elizabeth C. 

             1. William Pitt, by his wife, Keziah (Mason), had seven ch.
                among whom was Willard, b. Aug. 5, 1793, lived in Deerfield,
                Mass., and had seven ch.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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