Genealogy of William Allen Family of Philadelphia-pennsylvania

M145 WILLIAM ALLEN: b. in Dungannon, Ireland, and d. in Philadelphia in
     1725. He was an eminent merchant in the latter city. Allen m. Mary,
     dau. of Thomas and Susanne Budd. They had
     (1) John, James, William, b. Aug. 5, 1704, was Chief Justice of Philadelphia
         and d. in London, England, in 1780, and Thomas, who d.
         in Churchtown, N. Y., in 1794. He m. Elizabeth Shadwick. Their
         ch. include:
         (A) Thomas: b. 1742 and d. 1755.
         (B) John B.: d. July 26, 1777.
         (C) William: b. 1756 and d. Oct. 11, 1833. All of the above lived
             and died at Taghkanic, N. Y. William m. Jane Shauerman and
             had John, 1778-1831; Thomas, 1780-1859; William, 1787-1855;
             Nicholas, 1792-1839; James, 1789-1869; Samuel, 1798-1871;
             Henry, 1800-1890; Jeremiah, 1805-1896; Elizabeth,
             1784-1860, and Peter, b. 1782 and d. 1865. He m. Hannah
             Covel and had twelve ch., including
             (a) Henry Lewis: b. Oct. 8, 1819; m. Elizabeth Macy. Their
                 ch. include:
                 1. John Howard: b. in New Jersey, July 28, 1857.
                 2. Charles Edward: b. 1863; m. Elizabeth Hallenbeck.
                    One son, Donald, b. 1904.
                 3. Clifford Henry: b. 1868; m. Helen Rossman, Albany,
                    N. Y. Deceased m., second, Anna Lynn, Toronto, Can.
                 4. Lewis Warren: b. Nov. 21, 1865; m. Edna Wallace
                    Ewer. One dau., Miriam Elizabeth, b. at Hartford,
                    Conn., 1898, and d. 1905.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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