Ganum O. McBee and Salla Bell Love – Descendants

Letter from Robert Love McBee to F.D. Love, in regard to the genealogy of the Love family from which he is descended.

Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.

Mr. Frank D. Love, April 5th, 1903.

Referring to your two letter of recent dates, I do not know the exact date of the marriage of Father and Mother, as they neglected to record the date of marriage. I suppose Ganum O. McBee and Salla Bell Love (Father& Mother) were married about January 1821. They had born to them 9 children:

1) Marzam McBee, b. 12th Feb. 1822 and m. to Joseph C. Hodges

2) William C. McBee, b. 3rd of April 1824

3) Dolphus McBee, b. 6th August 1827, died young. 2nd, and 3rd, never married.

4) Robert Love McBee, b. 12th day of August 1892; m. to Eva A. S. Love, 20th day of May 1852.

5) Martha Emiline McBee, b. 1st day of January 1832; m. Benjiman H.. Cobb.

6) Lemuel Albert McBee, b. 1st day of December 1834; never married

7) Sarah Albert McBee, b. 1st day of April 1839; married W.P.C. Hodges.

8) Ganum Cox McBee, b. 12th Sept. 1840; married Nancy Emeline Sawyers

9) Amanda Melvina McBee, b. 8th Nov. 1842; married, towit: (1st) Mr. John W. Morgan, (2nd) C.Y. Crawford.


R.L. McBee,


I am getting quite feeble and health none too good. I hope you success. Sorry you did not have the likeness of my wife.


R.L. McBee,

The likeness could not be cherished by me long if I had it. I will have to follow her soon, where we will see each other.


Love, McBee,


Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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