Elisha Allen Family

P148 ELISHA ALLEN: m. Elizabeth Fish; had, with others:
     (1) Gideon.
     (2) Laban: b. 1764; d. 1845; m. Sarah McCumber.
     (3) Philip: b. 1777; m. Anna Thurston; d. w. i.
     (4) John: b. 1752; m. Phoebe Deuel. They settled in Cambridge, Washington
         County, N. Y., before the Revolution. About 1810 they
         moved to Peru, now Ausable, Clinton County, N. Y. They had
         fifteen ch.:
         (A) David: b. 1773; m. his cousin, Sally Ford. Settled on a farm
             in Montgomery County, N. Y., and had nine ch. One son,
             Zina, b. 1818, and was twice m. By his first marriage he had:
             (a) Seth.
             By his second marriage he had:
             (a) Joel C.: m. Margaret Maxwell and had four ch. all living:
                 1. Lewis: b. 1873.
                 2. Iva.
                 3. Zina: m. and has two ch.
                 4. Lee: m., no issue.
             (B) Prince: b. 1775; m. Ruth Pratt. Settled on a farm adjoining
                 that of his brother David. They had ten children.
             (C) Rachel: m. Hiram Pratt, brother of the wife of Prince.
                 He was a captain in the War of 1812. Settled in Cambridge,
                 N. Y. They were the parents of eleven children.
             (D) Elizabeth: m. (first name unknown) Parker. Their
                 ch. were John, Phoebe, Edmund, Michael, Philena, Lydia,
                 Prince, Melissa and Alonzo.
             (E) Annis: m. Ethen Allen.
             (F) Seneca: m. 1804, Hannah Brownell. Settled in Cambridge,
                 N. Y., and had seven ch.
             (G) Bethuel: m. Hannah Sawdy. Settled on a tract of land
                 originally purchased by his father, at Allen's Hill, Ausable,
                 N. Y. They had four s. and seven dau.
             (H) Joseph: m. in 1807; also settled at Allen's Hill and had
                 eleven ch.
             (I) John: b. 1789; m. Rhoda Sawdy. Settled at Allen's Hill
                 and later Jefferson County, N. Y. They had seven ch.
             (J) Wilson: b. 1791 and d. 1872; m. Elizabeth Mosher,
                 granddau. of Elisha and Elizabeth Allen. They settled
                 at Allen's Hill; had:
                 (a) David: b. 1811 and d. 1888; m. Sarah Mills.
                 (b) Martin: b. 1813; m. Amanda Rhyner and lived in
                     Marengo, Ill.
                 (c) Andrew J.: b. 1815. Twice m. First to Laura Kellog
                     and secondly to Kate Sprague.
                 (d) Annis: b. 1817; m. Abner Calkins and lived in Wall
                     Lake, Iowa.
                 (e) Helen: b. 1823.
                 (f) Phoebe: b. 1824.
                 He married, second, Sarah Washborn and had one child:
                 (g) Wilson: b. 1838; m. Mary A. Read.
             (K) Benjamin: b. 1792 and d. 1878; m. Hannah Signor. Settled
                 at Allen's Hill. Had ten ch.
             (L) Lydia: b. 1794 and d. 1881; m. Turner Calkins, grandsor
                 of Capt. Calkins and Ruth, who was the dau. of Prince
                 and Experience Allen, of Danby, Vt.; eight ch.
             (M) Martin: b. 1796 and d. 1876; m. Sarah Morrison, of New
                 Hampshire. Settled in Plattsburgh, N. Y. Their ch.
                 (a) Seneca D.: b. 1820; m. Cornelia Hayes.
                 (b) Susan M.: b. 1822; m. George Albertson and lived
                     in Troy, N. Y.
                 (c) Lydia B.: b. 1824 and d. 1893; m. John H. Banker.
                 (d) Betsy J.: b. 1826; d. 1848.
                 (e) Cyrus Eddy: b. 1830.
                 (f) Elsie E.: b. 1834.
             (N) Esther: b. 1798 and d. 1881; m. Israel Jackson. There
                 were eleven ch.
             (O) Elisha: b. 1802 and d. 1888; m. Ripsy Phillips. Had:
                 (a) Abram P.: b. 1826; m. Mary Hennsey and lived at
                     Plattsburgh, N. Y.
                 (b) Sarah C.: b. 1836; m. Robert Signor and lived at
                     Harkness, N. Y.
                 (c) David E.: b. 1840; m. Wealthy Allen.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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