Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut

Title:Genealogy of the Morris family : Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut
Author:Lucy Ann Morris Carhart
Publication date:1911
Publisher:New York : A.S. Barnes Co.
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Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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Title page to the Genealogy of the Morris family : Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut
Genealogy of the Morris family : Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut

Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut

The Morris family traces back to the time of Elthelstan and Alfred, who reigned in England in the ninth and tenth centuries. Maurice, Morys, and Morres are names found in the records of the time; have been compounded with the prefixes Fitz, as Fitzmorris, Clan, Mount, De, &c. The name is supposed to be of Welsh origin, as Maur Rwyce and Mawr Rhys, meaning Mawr, war ; Rhys, rushing — rushing to war — warlike.

Thomas Morris was a shipbuilder and a Puritan, who left England with other pilgrims in the year of Hampden’s resistance to the arbitrary exactions of Charles, the First. At least two of the Morris family had fallen in martyrdom in the reign of “Bloody Queen Mary,” and the Morris name may be found on the pages of history during the parliamentary struggles with Charles the First, and as soldiers under Cromwell.

Thomas Morris arrived in Boston June 26, 1637. He took sail with a party of other Londoners and landed at Quinnipiac, now New Haven, March 30, 1638, arriving at their destination about the middle of April of that year. He purchased a tract of land near New Haven on the 16th of March, 1671, on account of its timber. This land has ever since been known as Morristown. The estate descended from Thomas to his son Eleazer, who gave it to his son John, who in turn, having no children, gave it to his nephew Amos, one of the sons of his brother James. Although held in the family, the property had not been occupied up to this time; Amos was the first proprietor actually residing upon the land and one of his descendants has ever since (1911) occupied it.

Thomas Morris and his wife Elizabeth came to Connecticut about thirty years before Richard Morris came from Barbadoes and located in Westchester County, New York.

He signed the Plantation Covenant in New Haven in 1639 and the Fundamental Agreement, which made him one of the founders of New-ark Settlement on the Passaic at Newark, New Jersey, June 24, 1667. He removed to New Haven and bought property at East Haven which was known as Morris Cove.

Thomas Morris Children:

  1. Hannah Morris, born 14 Mar 1642, died 12 Jan 1710.
  2. Elizabeth Morris, born 20 Dec 1643.
  3. John Morris, 1st, born 8 Mar 1646, died 10 Dec 1711.
  4. Eleazer Morris, born 29 Oct 1648, died 15 Jan 1710.
  5. Thomas Morris, born 3 Oct 1651.
  6. Ephraim Morris, born 3 Oct 1651, died 6 oct 1654.
  7. Joseph Morris, born 25 Mar 1656.

Table of Contents for the Genealogy of the Morris family

  • Earliest Known Record vi-viii
  • Hannah Morris Record 1-74
    • Abigail (Blakeslee) Nash Record 2-35
    • Abraham Blakeslee Record 35-47
    • Lydia Nash and James Kellogg Record 47-74
  • John Morris Record 74-101
  • Heminway (or Hemingway) Line 101-142
    • Roswell Davenport Record 114-120
    • Cooper Ray and Hannah Heminway 121-126
    • Heminway-Bradley Record 126-142
  • Morris-Davenport Record 143-158
    • Rev. James Davenport Record 156-158
  • Eleazar Morris Record 158-257
    • Hitchcock Line 160-167
    • Daniel Morris Record 167-171
    • James Morris, Jr., Record 171-205
    • Memoirs of James Morris, 3RD 175-192
    • Morris-Woodruff Record 192-205
    • Eleazar Morris, Jr., Record 205-207
    • Samuel Smith and Anna Morris Record 207-257
  • Holt Family Record 162-63, 213-230
  • Beecher Record 258-271
  • Amy Morris Record 271-315
    • Fuller Family 273-280
    • Bradley Line 280-282
    • Hutchins Line 283-302
    • Abiud Bradley Record 302-307
    • Gurdon Bradley Record 307-315
  • Amos Morris, 2nd, Record 315-348
    • Morris-Street Record 321-332
    • Susan Morris Record 332-343
      • Barnes Record 335-343
    • Harriet Morris Record 343-348
  • Sarah Morris Record 348-374
  • Morris-Street Record 374-415
    • Loomis Record 376-382
    • Cole Record 382-388
    • Stephen C. Morris Record 388-389
    • Nancy Morris Record 389-397
    • James Morris Record 397-402
    • Sally Morris Record 402-406
    • Hezekiah Morris Record 406-410
    • Kingsley Record 410-414
    • Anson Morris Record 414-415
  • Morris- Woodward Record 415-427
  • Esther Morris Record 427-444
  • Dr. Asahel Morris Record 444-458
  • Lorinda Morris Record 459-475
  • Morris-Farnham Record 475-477
  • Joseph Morris Record 478

Notes about the Genealogy of the Morris family

  • No index.

Surnames found in Descendants of Thomas Morris of Connecticut

Barnes, Beecher, Blakeslee, Bradley, Cole, Davenport, Farnham, Fuller, Heminway, Hitchcock, Holt, Hutchins, Kellogg, Kingsley, Loomis, Morris, Nash, Smith, Street, Woodruff, and Woodward.


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  1. Sarah Alice ("Rah") Bickley

    This is Sarah Alice Bickley of Durham, NC. I’m descended on my mother’s side from Thomas Morris, a Puritan and a signer of the 1639 “Plantation Settlement of New Haven.”

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