Digest of papers relating to pensioners of the Revolutionary War

Title:Digest of papers relating to pensioners of the Revolutionary War; Washington, D.C.: Crampton and Scranton families (complete), Beers, Hicks, Ogden, and Twist or Twiss families (miscellaneous)
Author:Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs
Publication date:1926
Publisher:Self published
Digitizing sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
RepositoryInternet Archive

Evelyn Baldwin provided Allen County Public Library with a packet of research information on her ancestors Revolutionary War that she had compiled back in 1926. In 1949 the library then bound those 72 pages and enclosed them in covered book boards, thereby making them more accessible to their patrons. Fast forward to 2018 and the Library has digitized these pages and made them accessible to anyone online.

Evelyn descended from Dennis Crampton and Sarah (Hull) Munger. Available transcription of pensions for the following soldiers:

  • Elon Crampton
  • Jonathan Crampton
  • Thomas Crampton
  • Abraham Scranton
  • Abraham Scranton
  • John Scranton
  • Stafford Scranton
  • Stephen Scranton
  • Thomas Scranton
  • Timothy Scranton
  • Terrey Scranton
  • David Beers
  • Joshua Hicks
  • David Ogden
  • Joseph Twiss/Twist

Notes: No copyright. No table of contents. No Index. Photocopied book. Irregular pagination.

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