76 Free Berlin High School Yearbooks 1936-2010 – Berlin Connecticut

76 Berlin High School Yearbooks

Berlin High School Yearbooks in the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library archives cover 1937 to 2010. They have been digitized and placed online at Internet Archive. “The Lamp” is the title of the Berlin High School Yearbook. Links to individual yearbooks are below.

1936-2010 Berlin High School Yearbooks

The links below enable you to read, download, and search each book. The search was created by OCR and not edited; as such, mistakes in names occur. To insure you don’t miss your ancestor, we suggest searching for them directly, based upon their class and year of high school. The students are listed in alphabetical order.

Berlin High School also covers the hamlets of East Berlin and Kensington, Connecticut.


Berlin Connecticut,


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