Original Patentees, not on original farm, Ops, Ontario, Canada

The following 89 patentees families are represented but not on the old farms:
Thomas Bell
Philip Bennett
Wm. Best
James Blackwell
John Blackwell
Wm. Blackwell
Michael Brady
Philip Brady
Garrett Brock
Samuel Brown
Charles Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Patrick Burke
Robert Clarke
Catherine Collins
Timothy Collins
Richard Connor
David Corneil
James Cudahee
James Cunningham
John Cunningham
Joanna Curtin
John Ellis
Philip Farrelly
Daniel Finnegan
Patrick Finnegan
Duncan Fisher
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Robert Finnegan
John Graham
Andrew Hall
James Hall
Cornelius Hogan
James Hogan
John Hogan
Patrick Hogan
Martin Hogan
Richard Houghton
Alex. Hunter
Francis Hutton
James Hutton
George Jackson
John Kennedy
James Kerr
Wm. Jackson
Patrick Lee
William Logie
John Lynch
William Lynch
James Maloney
John Maloney
Thomas Miller
Dennis Murphy
Samuel Magahey
Andrew Magee
Francis McCabe
James McCabe
Patrick McCabe
Bernard McGeough
Charles Naylor
John Naylor
John Nugent
Thomas Nugent
Maurice O’Connell
Patrick O’Connell
Samuel Parkin
John Peel
James Powers M
ichael Quillan
David Ray
Thomas Rea
William Rea
James Reid
Wm. Robertson
Thomas Robinson
Jeremiah Scully
James Shea
Thomas Simons
John Sloan
Robert Thorne
Daniel Twohey
Dennis Twohey
James Twohey
John Twohey
Thomas Twohey
James Walker
Ann White
George Wilson
James Wilson.


Ops Ontario Canada,

Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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