Original Patentees, not on original farm, Mariposa, Ontario, Canada

Descendants of the following 97 patentees are found on farms other than those originally granted by the Crown.

Henry Armitage
Jesse Armitage
David Benson
John Black
Abraham Bowes
Hollis Bowes
John Broad
George Brown
Peter Brown
Samuel Campbell
Donald Campbell
Hugh Carmichael
Donald Carmichael
Aaron Choate
Jacob Choate
Nathan Choate
Thomas Choate
Ira Clarke
Paul Cole
Archibald Currie
Thomas Clarke
Samuel Davidson
John Davidson
Seymour Dean
Theodore Dean
David Dundas
Henry Dunn
James Emmerson
Ann Ferguson
Malcolm Ferguson
Martha Ferguson
Neil Ferguson
Robert Foster
Wm. Galloway
Robert Glenny
Edward Graham
Elizabeth Grant
Hector Grant
Reuben Grant
James Hall
John Hall
Matthew Hancock
Gilbert Harris
Robert Irwin
Stephen James
Benjamin Johnston
Thomas Johnston
Amos Lake
Francis Lane
Richard Mark
Samuel Metherell
Bartholomew Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell
Donald McDonald
Jane McDougall
James McElroy
Matthias McKay
John McKinnon
Neil McKinnon
Angus McLean
John McLean
Norman McLean
John McKague
Susan McTaggert
Duncan McTaggart
Robt. McNab
Aaron Nichols
James NichoIls
Nathan Nicholls
Robert Nicholls
Austin Noble
Wm. Patterson
Peter Philips
James Pogue
Wm. Richardson
Asa Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Russell
John Scott
Sarah Sinclair
George Sowden
John Spark
Lewis Styles
Joseph Tinney
John Thompson
James Tolmie
David Tripp
George Wallis
Samuel Webster
Wm. Webster
Jacob Whiteside
Hannah Williams
Edward Wilson
Lorraine Wilson
John Wylie I
saac Yerex


Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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