Original Patentees, not on original farm, Eldon Township, Ontario, Canada

The following 99 patentees are represented on farms other than those originally held:

John Bell
Duncan Brown
Frederick Brown
Angus Cameron
Archibald Cameron
Donald Cameron
Ewen Cameron
James Cameron
John Cameron
Lachlan Cameron
David Campbell
Duncan Campbell
John D. Campbell
James Campbell
Hugh Campbell
George Campbell
Peter Campbell
William Campbell
John Collins
Walter Coulter
Wm. Dixon
Wm. Dunn
Angus Ferguson
Alex. Ferguson
Israel Ferguson
Donald Fraser
Thomas Fraser
Hector Frazer
John Fry
Donald Gilchrist
James Gilchrist
John Gilchrist
Alex. Gillanders
Dugald Gillespie
John Gillies
John Gilmour
Donald Grant
Finlay Grant
John Grant
Roderick Grant
Wm. Grant
Dougald Mathieson
Wm. Mitchell
Alex. Munro
James Munro
Thomas Munro
John Murray
Neil Murray
Alex. McAlpine
Donald McArthur
Margaret McCorquodale
Angus McCuaig
Angus McDonald
Donald McDonald
Finnan McDonald
Ronald McDonald
Thomas McDonald
John McDougall
Neil McDougall
Eachern McEachern
Farquhar McEachern
John McEachern
Kenneth McEwan
Peter McEwan
Archibald McFadyen
John McFadyen
John McInnes
Allan McInnis
Donald McInnis
Alex. McIntyre
Angus McIntyre
Archibald McIntyre
Andrew McIntyre
John McIntyre
John McKay
Alex. McLean
Hector McLean
John McLean
Angus McLeod
John McMillan
Duncan McNabb
Archibald McPhail
Andrew McPherson
Lachlan McQuarrie
Donald McRae
Duncan McRae
Farquhar McRae
John Smith
John Sutherland Jr.
John Sutherland Sr.
John Thornton
Wm. Walker
Wm. Williamson
Benjamin Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
Wm. Wright
Richard Uncles.


Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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