Municipal Officials, Lindsay, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada

The first town council met in a frame town hall on the northeast corner of Kent Street and Victoria Avenue on July 20, 1857. The civic officials at this beginning of time were as follows:

Mayor, Robert Lang
Reeve, Foster Cain
Councilors, Wm. Thornhill, David Brown, Jeremiah O’Leary, J. Healey, H. G. Clarke, James Walsh, and J. McCarthy
Clerk and Treasurer, T. A. Hudspeth
Chief of Police, John Douglass

The mayors from that time until the present have been as follows:

1857, 1859-61, Robert Lang
1858, James McKibben and William Thornhill
1862-63, 1865, Thomas Keenan
1864, Wm. McDonell
1866-68, A. Lacourse
1869-70, David Brown
1871-72, George Downer
1873, John Dobson
1874-75, L. McGuire
1876-77, Thos. W. Poole
1878-80, 1886, Col. James Deacon
1881-82, F. C. Taylor
1883-85, J. W. Wallace
1887-90, Thomas Walters
1891, 1896-1900, Robert Smyth
1892-93, 1905, Duncan Ray
1894-95, Henry Walters
1901-02, George Ingle
1903-04, J. H. Sootheran
1906-07, Dr. A. E. Vrooman
1908-10, James B. Begg
1911, 1913-15, R. M. Beal
1912, Dr. J. W. Wood
1916, D. J. McLean
1916-18, Richard Kylie
1919-20, B. L. McLean
1921, John O’Reilly

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Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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