Biographical Sketch of Zacheus Burnham

Zacheus Burnham, son of John Burnham, elsewhere mentioned in this volume, was born in the Township of Hamilton, County of Northumberland, Ontario, March 31, 1819. His father was a native of New Hampshire; his mother, whose maiden name was Hannah Harris, was from New York. He received his literary education at the Cobourg Gram mar School; studied law a while with his elder brother, Elias Burnham, at Peterborough; finished his legal studies with Hon. Robert Baldwin, in Toronto; commenced practice at Port Hope in 1842; removed to Whitby the next year; was called to the Bar at Easter Term, 1847, and continued to practice until 1852, when he was appointed Junior Judge of the United Counties of York, Ontario and Peel. In 1854, when Ontario was set off, he was appointed Judge, and still holds that position. In the discharge of his duties he is painstaking and conscientious.

In politics the Judge is a Reformer, like the larger number of the Burnhams in the Province, and before going on the Bench, took an active part in political matters.

For many years his religious connection was with the Church of England; he is now a member of Christ’s Body, commonly known as Brethren.

Judge Burnham was first married in October, 1848, to Sarah, daughter of John Borlase Warren, of Oshawa. She had one son, John Warren Burnham, Clerk of the Court, at Port Perry, and died in August, 1856. His present wife is Helena, sister of his first wife, married in June, 1870. By her he has had three children, two yet living, Arthur Warren and Clarence Hurd.



Ontario Canada,

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