1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Oil to Physicians

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Oil Cloth Manufacturer
LAFLAMME, M. A., 165 Craig st., manufacturer of oil cloths, of every size and description, which he sells, wholesale or retail, at very moderate prices.

Oil And Glue Factory
FOX, CHARLES JAMES, 240 Visitation st.

Andrews, R. E.. Place d’ Armes.

Outfitting G Establishment
AITKEN, JOHN, & Co., 159 Notre Dame st. baby linens, ladies’ under clothing, marriage outfits, &c., polkas, mantles, and gentlemen’s shirts and under clothing of all kinds constantly on hand.

Paint, Oil and Glass Stores
ATWATER, EDWIN, 193 St. Paul st., wholesale and retail dealer in paints, oils, glass, &c.
CoRSE, R. & H., 205 St. Paul st., wholesale and retail dealers in paints, oils, glass, &c.
MOSES, MICHAEL, 97 St. Paul st., wholesale and retail dealer in paints, oils, glass, &c.
RAMSAY &. MCARTHUR, 58 McGill st. wholesale and retail dealer in paints, oils,
glass, &c. See card.
Loughrey, John, 145 St. Paul st.
Shearer, Donald, 1871/2 St. Paul st.

Painters and Paper Hangers
BURNS, WILLIAM, 40 St. Mary st., house, sign and ornamental painter and paper-hanger.
LLOYD, WILLIAM, corner of Great St. James and St. Peter st., house, sign and ornamental painter and paperhanger.
Clarke, Francis, St. Alexander st.
Clark, Henry J., 51 St. Lawrence st.
Charles, S. M. T.. 25 St. Lawrence st.
Dagenais, R., Chaboillez square.
Depencier, P., St. Lawrence bill.
Dudlow, Thomas, 5 German st.
Freniere, F. D., St. Antoine bridge.
Gautier, Pierre, 3 St. Vincent st.
Gilmour, John, 85 Craig st.
Grant, A., 57 St. Mary st.
Labreche, Francois, Chaboillez square.
McGarvey, Owen, 6 St. Antoine st.
McNider, A., 9 St. Lawrence st.
Moss, Henry, Dorchester, near St. Urbain st.
Nunn, G., 191 Notre Dame st.
Rogers & Wright, 131 St. Mary st.
Sandham, John, Nazareth st.
Swale, Mark, 79 St. Lawrence t.

Paper Warehouses, Wholesale
ARMOUR & RAMSAY, 21 St Francois Xavier st.
DARLING,- WILLIAM, 169 St. Paul st.
MILLER, WILLIAM, & CO., 146 St. Paul, and 57 Commissioners Sts. See card.
WEIR. & DUNN, 7 Great St. James st.
Moss, L. & Co., Notre Dame st. liberal advances made on personal property, and
goods of all descriptions.

Periodical Agent
LAY, R. W., 195 Notre Dame st. agent for magazines, reviews, newspapers, illustrated works &c., &c.,

Physicians And Surgeons
DAVID, A. H., M. D., 48J Craig st.
ELLIOTT, W. H., M. D., 25 Great St. James st.
FENWICK, GEORGE, E., M. D., corner Craig, and Cote st.
FISHER, ARTHUR, M. D., 61 Great St. James St.
HALL, ARCHIBALD, M. D., 2 St. Gabriel st.
HOWARD, HENRY, M. R. C. S. L., oculist, and aurist, 6 St. Mrancois Xavier st. HOWARD, It. P., M. D., corner M’Gill and Great St. James st.
MCCULLOCH, MICHAEL, M. D., 11 St. Gabriel st.
NELSON, WOLFRED, M. D., corner Little St James st. and St. Lawrence
NELSON, ALFRED, corner Little St. James st. and St. Lawrence hill.
PELTIER, H., M. D., 105 Craig st.
SEWELL, S. C., M. D., 7 Little St. James st.
PICAULT, P. E., M. D., 36 Notre Dame st.
SCHMIDT, S. B., M. D., 59 St. Lawrence st.
SMITH, W. P., M. D., 5 St. Lawrence st.
Arnoldi, F. C. T., M. D., 58 Craig st.
Barber, Dr., 43 Little St. James st.
Bibaud, J. G., 75 Craig st.
Bruneau, O. T., 42 Craig st.
Beaubien, P., Craig st.
Boyer, L., 8 St. Therese st.
Brousseau, D. P., 81 Craig st.
Campbell, G. W., M. D., 45 Great St. James st.
Charlebois B., M. D., 150 Craig st.
Crawford, James, M. D., 29 Little St. James st.
D’Orsonnens, Dr. T. E., 67 St. Lewis st.
Fraser, William, M. D., 8 Little St. James st.
Genand, F. L., corner Lagauchetiere and German streets.
Globensky, Benjamin, 91 St. Lawrence st.
Holmes, A. F., M. D.. 24 Great St. James st.
Hughes, Dr., Thomas, 37 Little St. James st.
Jones, Walter, M. D., 3 St. Gabriel st.
Lebourdais, Dr., 6 St. Lawrence Leslie, Dr., 25 Sanguinet st.
M’Callum, Dr., D., 26 Great St. James st.
MacDonnell, R. L., M. D., Radegonde st.
Mount, Henry, M. D., Tecumseth Terrace.
Munro, Dr. P., 6 Bleary st.
Richelieu, J. H. L., St. Mary st.
Rolland, H., 8 St. Therese st.
Replier, A. E., 27 Craig st.
Sutherland, Wm. M. D., 23 Great St. James st.
Scott, W. E., M. D., 3 Bonaventuse st
Trudel, E., M. D., 12 Little St. James st.
Tavernier, L. F., M. D., 4 St. Lawrence st.
Trestler, J. B. C., M. D., Sanguinet st.
Tucker, Dr., 56 M`Gill st.
Vallee, Dr., 14 St. Maurice st.
Wilscam, J. W., M. D., 91 St. Joseph st.
Wright, William, M. D., 63 Craig st.

Homeopathic Practitioners
BARBER, Dr., 43 Little St. James st.
FISHER, ARTHUR, M. D., 61 Great St James st.


The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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