Genealogy of Daniel Baker

Qa161 DANIEL BAKER: b. in England; m. Sarah Chase, 1740.

  1. Col. Jacob: reported to have served on General Washington’s staff, and at his death left an estate now reported to be worth about $800,000,000.
  2. Samuel: M.D.; b. 1742; m. Roda (Silliman) Weed, 1773.
    1. Isaac: M.D.; b. 1783, at Fairfield, Conn.; m. Susan Morgan Dodge (d. 1833); in 1804 Dr. Isaac surveyed, laid out and named the townsite of Bloomington, Ill.; was county surveyor, clerk of the court (held this office for fifteen years) ; served as postmaster for a great many years and was a much respected citizen; died at the age of 90 years, at the home of his son, LeRoy, Ill.
      1. Sidney Dodge: b. 1820; d. 1906, at Council Grove, Kansas; m. Laura A. Edwards, 1848.
        1. Frank W.: b. 1857, LeRoy, Ill.; m. Mary Hester Catherine Sherfey, 1878, at Bloomington, Ill.; now living at Anaheim, Calif.
          1. Emery Dodge: b. 1880, at Bloomington, Ill.; m. Cora May Kinkle; is a practicing physic;an and surgeon; now living in Spokane, Wash. Ch.: Catherine, Wooster and Emery, Jr.
          2. Fred Sherfey : b. 1884 at Rock Creek Ranch, Council Grove, Kansas; m. Alice Tedstone; now living in Ganado, Texas. Ch.: Rosalee and Theodore.
          3. Sidney Woods: b. 1885; m. Daisy Scribner; jeweler and optometrist; now living at Sheridan, Montana. Ch.: Frank.
          4. George Smith: b. 1887; m. Edna Bell; is an expert orange orchardist; now living at Anaheim, Calif. Ch.: Bernell and Barbara.
          5. Harry Edw ards: b. 1891; graduate optometrist and optician; m. Helen Vance; now living at Oakland, Calif.
          6. Solomon Frank: b. 1895; financial appraiser and realtor; m. Catherine Walker White, 1926; enlisted Signal Corps, 1917; graduated from School of Military Aeronautic, University of Texas; commissioned 2nd Lieutenant R.M.A., A.S. S.O.R.C. Reserves at Ellington Field, Houston, Texas; honorably discharged 1919 as 2nd Lieutenant J.A.P., A.S. Reserves at Selfridge Field, Mt. Clemens, Mich., now living at Detroit, Mich.
            1. Stanley David: b. 1928; d. 1929 by accidental death.



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