Biographical Sketch of P. G. Schneider

P. G. Schneider, vice president and general manager of the Pacific Car & Equipment Co., which has one of the largest plants of the South San Francisco Industrial district, is a native of California, having been born in San Francisco forty-five years ago. He was educated in the San Francisco schools and started the business career which launched him into his present position of prominence in South San Francisco.

As general manager of the Pacific Car & Equipment Company, Mr. Schneider has built up one of the largest and best equipped industrial plants in the county. The big orders and ever-increasing volume of business is only commensurate with improvements, alterations and additions that have been made to this plant in the last few years.

Mr. Schneider is another captain of industry who is loud in his praise of South San Francisco as an industrial center. His generous praise of the place has fallen on the ears of his many friends in industrial Life, with the result that their eyes have been turned to South San Francisco and away from other places for suitable locations for mills and factories.

Mr. Schneider has an interest in the Pacific Car & Equipment Co., as well as other business enterprises. Although his company is running to full capacity and its business exceeds the anticipations of the most hopeful, Mr. Schneider does not deny that the plans for enlarging it are under way.

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