Biographical Sketch of E. J. Waite

E. J. Waite is a native of Walworth County, Wisconsin, and came to California in 1876, locating at Riverside, where he remained until 1879. In March 1882, he came to Redlands and worked as foreman for Judson S. Brown. It was he who planted the first orange trees in Redlands, and he has planted and raised more orange trees than any other man in the place. He owns several lots in the city and the finest nursery stock in the whole valley. His property has all been secured by planting and caring for trees for other parties, and taking lots and lands in payment. He is a thorough horticulturist.

In August 1889, Mr. Waite married Miss Catherine E. Jones, of Bureau County, Illinois, but, at the time of her marriage, a teacher in the public schools of Crafton. She was educated at the high school of Tiskilwa and graduated at the Northwestern Normal School.

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