Biography of J. W. Coker

J. W. COKER, county sheriff. Connected with the history of the elections of Marion County, Arkansas, no name is more prominent or has borne with it more eclat than that of Coker. This gentleman is admirably adapted to the position he fills, for he is courageous, energetic and wide-awake, yet he has at the same time a pleasant and affable manner, is full of business, and attends to his duties very promptly. As he was born in the county January 29, 1852, and has lived here all his life, the people have had every opportunity to judge of his character and qualifications, and naught has ever been said derogatory to his good name.

He is the eldest child born to his parents (see sketch of Dr. J. M. Coker), and his early education was acquired in the district schools, where he gained an excellent knowledge of the “world of books ” through that energy and push that has been so characteristic of him. After reaching manhood he began farming some ten miles southwest of Yellville on Hampton Creek, and there still owns a good farm of 640 acres, some of which is exceptionally fertile, and as it is located in the great mineral belt it is probably rich in minerals also. In 1893 he was elected by the Democrat party, of which he has always been a member, to the office of county sheriff and county collector and is discharging the duties of this office.

He held the office of justice of the peace for some ten years in Hampton Township, and has been notary public some years. He has always been active in political matters, is one of the leaders of his party, and is well known for the interest lie takes in the welfare of his section. He is a member of Jefferson Lodge of the A. F. & A. M. of this county.

Miss Josephine Methvin,a native of this county, and daughter of John and Cora Methvin, the former of whom died while serving in the Confederate Army, became his wife and by him the mother of the following children: Nancy B., John W., Alonzo C., Eliza, Edward, Arthur, Ansel, Garvin, and James R., who is the eldest, is married and is engaged in farming south of Yellville. Mr. Coker belongs to the Baptist Church, and his wife to the Christian Church. Since 1893 they have resided in Yellville.


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