The Shepardson Family History

“The Shepardson Family History” chronicles the lineage of the Shepardson family, tracing its roots from the early 17th century to the mid-20th century. Authored by Dr. W. K. Shepardson, this genealogical record primarily follows the descendants of Newell Alonzo Shepardson from Hastings, Nebraska. The book delves into the family’s origins, starting with Daniel Shepardson, who emigrated from England to Salem, Massachusetts, around 1628 or 1629.

The compilation is grounded in extensive research, drawing on various sources such as Cutter’s Genealogy, works by Dr. Francis Wayland Shepardson, and numerous wills, deeds, and census records from different regions, including Erie County, Pennsylvania, and Blackberry Township, Kane County, Illinois. The effort is a testament to the dedication of numerous individuals, including Mrs. Cynthia Brotherton Ensworth and Mrs. Margaret A. Allen, who contributed significantly to uncovering and preserving the family’s historical documents.

This history not only provides a detailed account of the family’s genealogy but also highlights the various challenges encountered in tracing records that have been lost or damaged over time. It serves as a valuable resource for current and future generations of the Shepardson family of Hastings Nebraska, offering a profound connection to their ancestry and inspiring further exploration and documentation of their lineage.


Shepardson, W. K., The Shepardson family history : a record of the line of Newell Alonzo Shepardson, Hastings, Nebraska, Warsaw, Mo. : Shepardson, 1957.




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