History of Lisbon Ohio, 1803-1953

“Historical Sketch Compiled for the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Lisbon, Ohio, July 18 to 26, 1953; 1803-1953” by Mary S. M. Firestone provides a detailed account of Lisbon, Ohio’s rich history in honor of its 150th anniversary. Published by the Buckeye Publishing Company in 1954, this 202-page book offers a comprehensive overview of the town’s development, from its early days to the mid-20th century.

The book begins with a narrative of Lisbon’s early history, highlighting the transition from Indian trails to modern transportation. It covers significant milestones, such as the establishment of the Erie Railroad’s Niles and New Lisbon branch in 1863 and the subsequent evolution of local transportation systems.

Throughout its chapters, the book delves into various aspects of Lisbon’s growth, including the contributions of its builders, the development of its churches, and the impact of both World Wars on the community. It also examines the town’s legal and medical professions, historical highlights, and key industries, with a particular focus on the coal industry.

Interspersed with historical accounts are advertisements from local businesses and organizations, providing a snapshot of the economic and social landscape of Lisbon during the 1950s. Notable mentions include Dorrance Furniture Company, John Taylor, Printer, Inc., Park Avenue Market, and the Firestone Bank, among others.

Additionally, the book features a revival of local interest in Lisbon’s heritage, marked by the restoration of the Old Stone Tavern on East Washington Street by the Lisbon Historical Society. This project, along with the display of relics from earlier days, underscores the community’s dedication to preserving its history.

Table of Contents

This table of contents organizes the book into sections that cover early history, village growth, significant figures, religious institutions, wartime experiences, professional fields, historical events, and industries. Advertisements and rosters of local organizations provide further context and insights into the town’s vibrant community life during the sesquicentennial celebration.

  1. Early History, p. 1
  2. Growth of the Village, p. 13
  3. Builders of Lisbon, p. 36
  4. Churches, p. 50
  5. World War I and II, p. 66
  6. The Law and Medical Professions, p. 85
  7. Historical highlights, p. 92
  8. Industries, p. 115
  9. Coal Industry, p. 139
  10. Literature, p. 169

Mixed amongst the pages of history can be found advertisements of the local businesses and organizations. Some of those chose to either provide the history of themselves, or a current list of membership. We denote these below for easy reference:

  • Dorrance Furniture Company, p. 112
  • John Taylor, Printer, Inc., p. 122
  • Park Avenue Market, p. 124
  • The Firestone Bank, p. 150
  • Crosser Service Station and Diner, p. 154
  • Kuhns Hardware, p. 158
  • Hamilton’s Drug Store, p. 178
  • The R. Thomas & Sons Co., p. 183
  • The G. C. Rauch Agency, p. 186
  • Lisbon Historical Society, p. 188
  • Roster of the Lisbon Kiwanis Club, p. 190
  • Lincoln Theater, p. 200
  • Village of Lisbon Official Family, 1953, p. 202


Firestone, Mary S. M., Historical sketch compiled for the sesquicentennial celebration of Lisbon, Ohio, July 18 to 26, 1953; 1803-1953, Lisbon, Ohio : Buckeye Publishing Company, 1954.


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