Book B – Coosa County Alabama Marriage Records

Book B – Page 200-249

p. 200 Smith, Benj. F. to Cornelius, Lucy E.
Sept. 18, 1852 Wit: Daniel D. Tichener, O.M.G.

p. 200 Colton, Merrill J. to Thompson, Cordelia
Nov. 5, 1851 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

P. 201 Coleman, Thos. to Ramsey, Silva
Apr. 21, 1852 Wit: Benj. Lloyd, O.M.G.

p. 201 Veash, James F. to Piper, Elmetty
Aug. 4, 1852 Wit: J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

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p. 202 Meadows, Henry to Lett, Harriett E.
Apr. 22, 1852 Wit: Wm. D. Harrington

p. 202 Basden, Josiah to Bearden, Sarah
Apr. 18, 1852 Wit: John H. Williams, J.P.

p. 203 Watt, James F. to Cox, Louisa
Oct. 24, 1852 Wit: W. 0. Delany, J.P.

p. 203 Graves, Wm. R. to Guice, Elizabeth
Nov. 18, 1852 Wit: B. Skipper, O.M.G.

p. 204 Manly, Thos. Jef. to Gay, Dorithy
Nov. 25, 1852 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

p. 204 Bozeman, Meredith S. to Murphy, Harriette
Nov. 4, 1852 Wit: E. B. Bozeman, J.P.

p. 205 Newman, Daniel H. to Yarbrough, Isadove
Dec. 28, 1852 Wit: James Weed, J P.

p. 205 Reyland, Benj. F. to Thomas, Mary E.
Dec. 9, 1852 Wit: John Gaddis, J.P.

p. 206 Smith, James to Pody, Mahala, Catherine
Dec. 8, 1852 Wit: E. B. Bozeman, J.P.

p. 206 Epperson, James H. to Blankenship, Mary
Oct. 22, 1852 Wit: E. B. Bozeman, J.P.

p. 207 Wright, John to Blankenship, Mary J.
Dec. 8, 1852 Wit: E. B. Bozeman, J.P.

p. 207 Logan, Wm. S. to Richardson, Martha A.
Nov. 3, 1852 Wit: James Weed, J.P.

p. 208 Mathis, Isiah M. to Haynes, Nancy
Nov. 11, 1852 Wit: John Gaddis

p. 208 Cotton, Marian B. to Thompson, Louisiana
Nov. 23, 1852 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

p. 209 Ham, Mickleberry B. to Murphy, Amanda L.
Dec. 22, 1852 Wit: James M. Butler

p. 209 Burt, John W. to Caffee, Sary A.
Dec. 16, 1852 Wit: J. M. Butler, M.G.

p. 210 Denley, M. W. S. to Harralson, Sarah Ann J.
Oct. 31, 1852 Wit: Rbt. Stewart, M.G.

p. 211 Vessel, Wm. to Batson, Pluby
Jan. 7, 1853 Wit: James M. Willis, J.P.

p. 211 Patterson, John A. to Carrell, Sarah Ann H.
Oct. 4, 1852 Wit: Jas. M. Willis, J.P.

p. 212 Parker, John J. to Slaton, Sarah
Jan. 9, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 212 Sanford, James H. to Sanford, Martha J.
Dec. 5, 1852 Wit: Thos. C. Dunlap, J.P.

p. 213 Bentley, Albert to Bailey, Elizabeth
Nov. 5, 1852 Wit: I. W. Suttle, Judge P.

p. 213 Curlee, Pinkney to Hutchens, Susan
Dec. 5, 1852 Wit: W. G. Delong, J.P.

p. 214 Jackes, Issac to Haragree, Elizabeth
Jan. 19, 1853 Wit: Henry W. Cox, J.P.

p. 214 Feilder, John E. to Malone, Martha A.
Jan. 20, 1853 Wit: James Weed, J.P.

p. 215 Cathcart, Theodore to Lewis, Isabella
Jan. 26, 1853 Wit: Francis M. Finch, J.P.

p. 216 Massey, Alfred to Bozeman, Martha Ann E.
Jan. 30, 1853 Wit: E. B. Bozeman, J.P.

p. 216 Castleberry, Enoch J. to Akins, Martha Ann
Jan. 21, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 217 Mark, Garrison S. to Andrews, Mary Ann
Jan. 30, 1853 Wit: John H. Williams, J.P.

p. 217 Thomas, Seldon B. to Wilkinson, Clacy Ann
Feb. 3, 1853 Wit: Henry W. Cox, J.P.

p. 218 Scott, Marion M. to Goodgame, Sarah J.
Feb. 10, 1853 Wit: J. H, Mitchell, M.G.

p. 219 Morgan, John to Underwood, Sarah E.
Feb. 10, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 219 Jones, Calvin to Stanley, Elizabeth J.
Feb. 9, 1853 Wit: Bright Skipper, M.G.

p. 220 Figuett, Mm. to Gardner, Mary
Jan. 13, 1853 Wit: J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 221 Robinson, Wm. E. to Freeman, Ann E.
Dec. 28, 1852 Wit: J. H, Mitchell, M.G.

p. 221 Locke, Frances A. to Wars (Warr, Ware?), Ann Jane
Sept. 26, 1852 Wit: J. H. Mitchell

p. 222 McKinzie, John to Garnett, Mary M. L.
Jan. 13, 1853 Wit: Wm. E. Holliday, M.G.

p. 222 Hardy, Allen A. to Bankston, Louisa
Sept. 23, 1852 Wit: J. Bankston, M.G.

p. 223 Culpepper, John G. to Hannon Rudy Ann
Oct. 6, 1852 Wit: John Alackstone, M.G.

p. 223 Gay, Jasper N. to Gilliland Sarah
Dec. 30, 1852 Wit: W. ~. Holliday, M.G.

p. 224 Robinson, Wm. to Irvin, Mary
Feb. 21, 1853 Wit: J. M. Butler, M.G.

p. 224 Gaston, Samuel B. to-Malone, Mary A.
Feb. 20, 1853 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelley

p. 225 Crop, Wm. W. to Barron, Jane
Dec. 23, 1852 Wit: B. Skipper, O.M.G.

p. 225 Morris, Warren L. to Gant, Catharine
Nov. 21, 1852 Wit: J. H. Williams, J.P.

p. 226 Knight, James A. to Jackson Martha
Jan. 19, 1853 Wit : A. 1. Akins, M. G.

p. 226 Magouish, Harris B. to Brooks, Mary
Feb. 13, 1853 Wit: J. L. Brooks

p. 227 Womble, Thos. to Halemon, Cleopatra
Mar. 6, 1853 Wit: W. G. Deloney, J.P.

p. 227 Rich, James to Lee, Mary
Mar. 10, 1853 Wit: James G. Eden, M.G.

p. 228 Kilpatrick, Joshua to Coker, Edney Ann R.
Mar. 10, 1853 Wit: I, W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 229 Leysath, James M. to Vincent, Elizabeth
Mar. 6, 1853 Wit: Otis Saxton

p. 229 Rhodes, Isham to Palmer, Cyntha E.
Mar. 1, 1853 Wit: James M. Butler, M.G.

p. 230 Ford, Wyatt N. to Brown, Mary B.
Mar. 2, 1853 Wit : James M. Butler

p. 230 Watkins, F. M. to Suttle, Nancy
Mar. 10, 1853 Wit: James Weed, J.P.

p. 231 Barkley, John W. to Barnett, Adaline C.
Feb. 25, 1853 Wit: Elias kelley, J.P.

p. 231 Weed, James L. to Gray, Elala
Dec. 22, 1852 Wit: James G. Eden, M.G.

p. 232 Depriest, Joseph to Findley, Mary W.
Nov. 7, 1852 Wit: Geo. Findlay, J.P.

p. 232 Girdner, Jesse C. to Darril, Drucilla E.
Dec. 23, 1852 Wit: Geo. Findley, J.P.

p. 233 Martin, Wm. ll. to Hart, Mary C.
Dec. 14, 1852 Wit: W. B. Harves, J.P.

p. 233 Burton, Geo. A. to Glenn, Sarah E.
Jan. 9, 1853 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelly

p. 234 Murrah, Chas. to Scott, Therra Ann
Jan. 13, 1853 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelley

p. 234 Anderson, Wm. M. to Clahoun, Mary A. A.
Apr. 14, 1853 Wit: R. Stewart, M.G.

p. 235 Meadows, John W. to Shirly, Nancy
Apr. 17, 1853 Wit: Elias Kelly, J.P.

p. 235 Traylor, Thos. H. to Alexander Cena
May 12, 1853 Wit: Daniel b. Tichenor

p. 236 Smith, Wm. W. to Tynes, Mary Isabella
May 8, 1853 Wit: J. A. McCuthen M.D.

p. 237 Sanford, John to Kimball, Bethena
Oct. 21, 1851 Wit: A. B. Norris, Min.

p. 237 Mosley, Thos. to Gay, Mary Ann
Jan. 11, 1853 Wit: John H. Colley, L.M.

p. 238 House, Anthony C. to Emerson, Sarah E.
Oct. 21, 1853 Wit: R. W. Carlisle, N.G.

p. 238 Furgerson, Mannel to Dunham, Hannah
Nov. 26, 1852 Wit: John Gayden, M.G.

p. 239 Carlisle, E. Jefferson to Gilliland, Martha
Jan. 13, 1853 Wit: R. W. Carlisle, M.G.

p. 239 Ellis, J. Benson to Woodliff, Perlina
Oct. 1, 1851 Wit: A. B. Norris

p. 240 Haynes, Wm. to Brown, Rachel
Dec. 1, 1852 Wit: Ebenezer Nelson, M.G.

p. 240 Kimbrough, Asberry M. to Willingh am, Nancy A.
June 30, 1853 Wit: Daniel Tichener

p. 241 Mathews, Stephen to Carrell, Nancy
June 26, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 242 Butler, Russell B. to Hardee, Ellen
June 26, 1853 Wit: A. M. Norris, J.P.

p. 242 Dennis, Richard to Chapman, Martha
July ?P 1853 Wit : J. A. McCutchen

n. 243 Morgan, Francis E.. L. to Johnson, Sarah
June 19, 1853 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 243 Graham, John T. to Adkins, Sarah E.
July 21, 1853 Wit: Stephen T. Hughes, J.P.

p. 244 Mitchell, Edmund R. to Vincent, Geraldine Alabama
July 28, 1853 Wit: Otis Saxon

p. 244 Bell, Joseph B. to Lybrand, Caroline
July 26, 1853 Wit: W. E. Murchison, J.P.

T. 245 Bell, John D. to Thomas, Amanda S.
July 28, 1853 Wit: J. H. Mitchell

p. 246 Jester, Samuel S. to Gallmon, Ann Judson
July 26, 1853 Wit: James W. Jeter, M.G.

p. 246 Maynard, Jacob B. to Ellis, Elvira
Aug. 11, 1853 Wit: B. Skipper, O.M.G.

p. 247 Magouirk, Thos. to Sumerville, Rhody
Aug. 19, 1853 Wit: James Baxley, J.P.

p. 247 Archer, John H. to Lemons, Cornelia A.
Aug. 30, 1853 Wit: Wm. F. Haralson, J.P.

p. 248 Bouden, Allen to Scott, Frances
Aug. 23, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 249 Ramsey, John A. to Ramsey, Luvina
Aug. 28, 1853 Wit: A. B. Kelley

p. 249 Smith, Willis L. to Goldsmith Margaret L.
Aug. 30, 1853 Wit: John h. Letcher, J.P.

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