Book B – Coosa County Alabama Marriage Records

Book B – Page 250-299

p. 250 Young, Wm. C. to Holtzclaw, Frances A.
Sept. 1, 1853 Wit: Thos. M. Lynch

p. 250 Moore, Elias to George, Margaret Jane
Aug. 31, 1853 Wit: J. M. Butler

p. 251 Brown, Wm. to Burton, Mary Elizabeth
Sept. 11, 1853 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelly

p. 251 Bush, Pickens to Howard, Elizabeth
Sept. 6, 1853 Wit: W. F. Haralson, J.P.

p. 252 Barren, Thos. J. to Tucker, Sarah J.
Sept. 18, 1853 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

p. 253 Russel, Robert to Bell, Sarah
Sept. 16, 1853 Wit: D. C. McIntyre

p. 253 Kilgore, Theophilus to Coward Evaline
Sept. 18, 1853 Wit: Wm. A. Murchison

p. 254 Odel, Rigainard to Shannon, Martha P.
Sept. 18, 1853 Wit: W. F. Murchison

p. 254 Gilliland, Andrew J. to Locke, Sarah
Sept. 22, 1853 Wit: A. B. Kelly

p. 255 Edwards, Thos. to Wilson, Elonsa Jane
Sept. 25, 1853 Wit: J. H. Colley, L.M.

p. 255 Buzbee, Jeremiah to Scott, Martha Ann
Oct. 2, 1853 Wit: A. B. Kelley

p. 256 Luckett, Thruston to McDonald, Jane
Sept. 27, 1853 Wit: D.R. W. McIver

p. 256 Gilliland, Chas. to Batson, Zilpha
Sept. 29, 1853 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

p. 257 Smith, H. H. to Benford, Harriett E.
Sept. 15, 1853 Wit: R. L. Martin

p. 258 Minyard, J. J. to Smith, Louisa
Oct. 13, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 258 Sims, Vincent H. to Burks, Sarah
Dec. 5, 1853 Wit : James M. Russell

p. 259 Sanford, Samuel B. to Dennis, Mary T.
Oct. 4, 1853 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 259 Meadows, Milas to Hardy, Mary
Oct. 20, 1853 Wit: James G. Eden

p. 260 Adkinson, Henry to Gunnals, Nancy
Oct. 20, 1853 Wit: B. Skipper, O.M.G.

p. 260 Waldrip, Sanford B. to Sears, Elizabeth F.
Oct. 23, 1853 Wit: H. J. Hunter

p. 261 Hagan, Chas. B. to Ware, Louisa M.
Oct. 27, 1853 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelley

p. 261 Samuels, Wm. to Finch, Mary
Nov. 3, 1853 Wit: W. E. Holiday

p. 262 Timmerman, Shinnel W. to Stoker, Nancy A. F.
Nov. 10, 1853 Wit: Rbt. Stewart

p. 262 Power, James F. to Newman, Elender M.
Nov. 10, 1853 Wit: J. H. Mitchell

p. 263 Canell (Carrell?), George to Veach, Sarah
Nov. 8, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 263 Hardy, Wm. A. L. to Hardy, Mary
Nov. 10, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle

p. 264 Vardeman, Thos. J. to Newman, Nancy Ann
Nov. 24, 1853 Wit: J. W. Butler, M.G.

p. 264 Martin, Rbt. Y. to Magerson, Rachel
Dec. 1, 1853 Wit: John S. Ogletree, J.P.

p. 265 Wilson, Levi D. to Rogars, Martha E.
Nov. 13, 1853 Wit: John D. Letcher, J.P.

p. 266 Taylor, Jesse, to Harmon, Narcissa
Dec. 1, 1853 Wit: E. T. Akins, O.D.M.

p. 266 Cooper, James M. to Glenn, Sophia
Dec. 4, 1853 Wit: E. T. Akin

p. 267 Haynie, Jeremiah to Burks, Francis S.
Dec. 14, 1853 Wit: Wm. T. Rodgers

p. 267 Rawles, John B. to Rogers, Lorena
Dec. 15, 1853 Wit: Benj. Lloyd

p. 268 Hurst, James F. to Nolen, Nancy C.
Dec. 18, 1853 Wit: Albert Crumpler

, . 268 Murphy, Wm. to Nix, Martha Anne
Dec. 12, 1853 Wit:

p. 269 Pearce, Richard J. to Jones, Lucinda E.
Dec. 15, 1853 Wit: J. M. Butler, M.G.

p. 269 Holeman, Harrison B. to McCain, Elviney
Dec. 18, 1853 Wit:

p. 270 Gayden, James R. to Bickley, Martha A. E.
Dec. 4, 1853 Wit: John Gayden

p. 270 Murphy, Mark E. to Logan, Martha Ann
Dec. 8, 1853 Wit: J. M. Butler, M.G.

p. 271 Buzbee, Hudson H. to Arnold, Mary C.
Dec. 13, 1853 Wit: John McKinzie

p. 271 Sillman, John T. to Gunn, Elizabeth Jane
Dec. 15, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttles

p. 272 Morrison, Samuel E. to Almon, Elizabeth E.
Dec. 18, 1853 Wit: T. J. Vardaman, J.P.

p. 272 Lawe (Lowe?), James M. to Moore, Ara Ann D.
Dec. 18, 1853 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 273 Beene, Wiley H. to Gantt, Julia
Dec. 22, 1853 Wit: W. E. Murchison

p. 273 Stewart, Allen M. to Conner, Leacy F.
Dec. 22, 1853 Wit: J. M. Butler, M.G.

p. 274 Evans, Duncan S. to Thompson, Susan M.
Dec. 25, 1853 Wit: Stephen T. Hughes, J.P.

p. 274 Bean, Rbt. M. to Harris, Malinda
Dec. 22, 1853 Wit: A. B. Kelley

p. 275 Haynie, James G. to Shaws (Shaw, Shaver?), Eliza A,
Dec. 25, 1853 Wit: Thos. M. Lynch, M.G.

p. 275 Rush, Geo. W. to Mitchell, Sarah M.
Dec. 22, 1853 Wit: J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 276 Goodwin, Franklin to Powell, Lucretia
Dec. 23, 1853 Wit: B. Skipper

p. 276 Murrah, Gabriel to Tylor, Susan
Dec. 25, 1853 Wit: E. T. Akins, M.G.

p. 277 Russ, James W. to Parker, Martha Ann
Jan. 5, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 277 McBrayer, George L. to Moore, Martha E.
May 14, 1852 Wit: J. J. Richards, J.P.

p. 278 Roberts, James to Stapp May Ann
Jan. 1, 1854 Wit: ‘1’. J. Vardeman, J.P.

r. 278 Calhoun, Archable to Thomas, Eliza S.
Jan. 1, 1854 Wit: James M. Russell

p. 279 Bowden, John to Robinson, Elizabeth
Jan. 10, 1854 Wit: James M. Butler, M.G.

p. 279 Taylor, Rbt. to Vest, Elizabeth
Jan. 8, 1854 Wit: E. T. Akin, O.M.G.

p. 280 Harrison, Thos. P. to Ray, Lucinda E.
Jan. 3, 1854 Wit: A. ‘Ill. Norris, M.G.

p. 280 Kelley, Wm. C. to Lecroy, Sarah Ann
Feb. 2, 1854 Wit: L. B. Morris

p. 281 Blake, Joseph to Harriss, Louisiana
Jan. 10, 1854 Wit: R. L. Martin, J.P.

p. 2R1 Langyard, Asberry to Gunnals, Mary
Jan. 12, 1854 Wit: Rev. A. B. Kelly

p. 282 Smith, Joseph E. to Murchison, Prudence
Jan. 11, 1854 Wit: W. ‘. Murchison, J.P.

p. 282 Walker, Causly to Mizzle, Mary Ann
Jan. 12, 1854 Wit: James W. Parch, M.G.

p. 283 Robbins, Thos. C. to Freeman, Sarah
Jan. 11, 1854 Wit: J, H. Mitchell

p. 283 Wilson, Wm. H. to Waits, Lysey Ann
Jan. 17, 1854 Wit: W. ‘. Murchison

p. 284 Hillier, Henry H. to~Henderson, Elizabeth
Jan. 22, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison

p. 284 Henderson, Samuel G. to Hilleir, Elizabeth
Jan. 29, 1854 Wit: W. Z. Murchison, J.P.

r. 285 Wilson, James to Sealy, Lucinda C.
Jan. 31, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 285 Morgan, Linzy J. to Adams, Martha D.
Jan. 19, 1854 Wit: B. Skipper

p. 286 Hammitt, S. H. to Stewart, Nancy Ann
Feb. 4, 1854 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 286 Willingham, Samuel B, to Brown, Susan C.
Feb. 9, 1854 Wit: J. M. Butler, O.M.G.

p. 287 Campbell, Benj. W. (M?) to Golson, Mary A.
Feb. 8, 1854 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 287 Waits, Wm. J. to Nesbit, Lucinda
Feb. 14, 1854 Wit: I. W. Suttle

p. 288 White, Jesse to Hammonds, Martha
Feb. 19, 1854 Wit: W. B. Hawes, J.P.

p. 288 Shinn, James M. to George, Pernelia
Feb. 23, 1854 Wit : D. A. Griffin, J.P.

p. 289 Welch, R, G. to Gregory, R, V.
Mar. 16, 1854 Wit: Rbt. Stewart

p. 290 Mitchell, Jonathon H. to Freeman, Margarett
Feb. 18, 1854 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 291 Fulmer, Henry to Gilliland, Mary
Mar. 21, 1854 Wit: W. E. Holliday

p. 291 Young, T. A. to Parish, Cynthia Elizabeth
Mar. 23, 1854 Wit: James M. Butler, M.G.

p. 292 Harris, Wilson to Burton, Jane
Mar. 9, 1854 Wit: L. B. Morris, J.P.

p. 292 Ramsey, Franklin, to Warrick, Tempey
Mar. 22, 1854 Wit: Rev. Wm. T. Rodgers

p. 292 Banks, John to Bailey, Martha J.
Mar. 20, 1854 Wit: A. M. Norris

p. 293 Blankenship, John T, to Roberts, Emily
Mar. 5, 1854 Wit: John Clisby

p. 293 Jordan, Asa A. to Lindsey, Alemida
Mar. 23, 1854 Wit: D. A. Griffin

p. 294 Lamar, Daniel to Law, Elizabeth
Feb. 28, 1854 Wit: D. R. W. M. Jon (?)

P. 294 Hart, Thos. to Henderson, Georgia Ann M.
Mar. 14, 1854 Wit: W. B. Hawes

p. 295 Thompson, James to Thompson, Permelia M.
Mar. 27, 1854 Wit:

p. 295 Kimbrough, John L. to Dunlap, Mary Jane
July 4, 1852 Wit: A. J. Lowe, J.P.

p. 296 Jones, James to Henderson, R. T.
Apr. 10, 1854 Wit: W. G. Deloney

p. 296 Brasher, S. C. to Wilson, Mary F.
Jan. 1, 1854 Wit: S. U. (?) Wilson

p. 297 Jackson, John to Kilgore, Malinda
May 2, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison

p. 297 Law, John S. to Smith, Mary
May 14, 1854 Wit: James Baxley

p. 298 Weed, W, ,. to Suttle, Lucy
May 4, 1854 Wit : Jas. G. Eden

p. 298 Smith, John G. to Hay, Mary Jane
May 7, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 299 Watson, Geo. to Posey, Marancy
May 14, 1854 Wit: W. E. Murchison

p. 299 Warrick, Thos. to Nix, Martha Ann
May 28, 1854 Wit: Rev. Wm. S.(L?) Rodgers

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