Book B – Coosa County Alabama Marriage Records

Book B – Page 300-349

p. 300 Hollinghead, Elijah to Wiggins Elizabeth J.
June 22, 1854 Wit: Adkin orley

p. 301 Cabbott, Chas. M. to Holman, Ann Eliza J.
May 30, 1854 Wit : G. R. Foster

p. 301 Robinson, Peter W. to Milner, Nancy J.
June 27, 1854 Wit: J. Bankston

p. 302 Craddock, Wm. D. to Berry, Martha E.
July 20, 1854 Wit: R. W. Carlisle

p. 302 Patterson, John M. to Ledlow, Mary Ann
July 29, 1854 Wit: Moses Gunn

p. 303 Wall, Wm. to Smith, Martha Ann
July 14, 1854 Wit: J, H. Mitchell

p. 303 Mark, John G. to Curry, Elizabeth
July 23, 1854 Wit: Thos. M. Lynch

p. 304 Butler, James to Bishop, Amanda
Aug. 1, 1854 Wit: L. J. Vardaman

p. 304 Pare, Zachariah J. to Hagan, Ann E.
Aug. 3, 1854 Wit: Stephen T. Hughes, J.P.

p. 305 Castleberry, Benj. F. to Thomas, Elizabeth
Aug. 5, 1854 Wit: R. L. Martin

p. 305 Thompson, James M. to Holeman, Phoedra
Aug. 13, 1854 Wit: Wingate Jackson

p. 306 Bolt, John R. to Wilbanks, Elizabeth A.
Sept. 3, 1854 Wit: K. L. Martin

p. 306 Espry, Wm. C. to Ray, Harriett C.
Sept. 5, 1854 Wit: John H. Colley

p. 307 Wilbanks, David to Crop, Martha C.
Sept. 7, 1854 Wit: R. L. Martin

p. 307 Conaway, Thos. to Nunly, Martha
Sept. 10, 1854 Wit: E. T. Akins

p. 308 Wediman, Absolom to Thornton, Frances
Sept. 16, 1854 Wit: Wm. T. Rodgers

p. 308 Thompson, Lafayette to Martin, Susan
Sept. 17, 1854 Wit: J. M. Butler

p. 309 Bussey, John F. to Crumpler, Martha
Sept. 28, 1854 Wit: I. W. Suttle

p. 309 Tyler, Cyrus to Nunley, Elizabeth
Sept. 28, 1854 Wit: E. T. Akins

p. 310 Maxwell, Francis M. to Jordan; Alabama
Sept. 28, 1854 Wit: B. Skipper

p. 310 Debardeleban, Wm. E. to Buyche, Caroline F.
Oct. 10, 1854 Wit: John A. McCutcheon

p. 311 Jones, Uriah to Surbiville, Rebecca
Oct. 22, 1854 Wit: Rbt. Stewart

p. 311 Posey, Wm. N. to Groom, Mary A.
Oct. 19, 1854 Wit: I. W. Wilson

p. 312 Henderson, Wm. to Goodgame, Julia
Nov. 2, 1854 Wit: J. W. Porch

p. 312 Zimmerman, G. L. to Spratlin, Sophia A.
Oct. 31, 1854 Wit: A. L. M. Handey

p. 313 Williams, Geo. W. to Shaver, Nancy Ann
Nov. 2, 1854 Wit: I. W. Porch

p. 313 Brown, John C. to Whetstone, Sarah J.
Nov. 16, 1854 Wit: J. H. Mitchell

p. 314 Wallis, John A. to Bullard, Catharine
Nov. 8, 1854 Wit: Joseph Bankston

p. 314 Hardie, Wm. T. to Lee, Juda F.
Nov. 19, 1854 Wit: B. D, Harrison

p. 315 Osburn, Alexander to Sellers, Elizabeth
Nov. 24, 1854 Wit: Rbt. Stewart

p. 315 Macon, Pleasant H. to Morris, Jane
Nov. 13, 1854 Wit: James Baxly, J.P.

p. 316 Taylor, Thos. h. to Adkins, Nancy M.
Nov. 21, 1854 Wit: Wm. Candler

p. 316 Haynes, James to Haynes, Amanda S.
Nov. 30, 1854 Wit: Ebenezer Nelson

p. 317 Etter, Henry to Rowe, Sarah
Nov. 30, 1854 Wit : M. Ray

p. 317 McGintry, George W. to Davis, Mary A,
Nov. 30, 1854 Wit: Benj. Lloyd

p. 318 Bradberry, Thos. to Lindley, Martha A. E.
Dec. 3, 1854 Wit: R. w. Carlisle

p. 318 Whitten, George to Ray, Cynthia
Dec. 10, 1854 Wit: Thos. G. Coker, J.P.

p. 319 Broxson, John W. toNicholson, Susan E.
Dec. 7, 1854 Wit: W. H. McDaniel

p. 319 Carlton, Aaron to Buzbee, Mary M.
Dec. 14, 1854 Wit: Rev. Ar. B. Kelly

p. 320 Bowren, Iverson to Wilf, Louisa J.
Dec. 7, 1854 Wit: Wm. T. Rodgers

p. 320 Neighbors, James H. to Matthews, Sarah
Dec. 10, 1854 Wit: E. J. Bankston

p. 321 Gay, Thos. S. to Spear, Elizabeth
Dec. 19, 1854 Wit: J. H. Colley

p. 321 Nolen, Andrew J. to Hawes, Mary C.
Dec. 21, 1854 Wit: J. H. Mitchell

p. 322 Brewer, Geo. E. to Suttle, Laura A.
Dec. 20, 1854 Wit: Albert Crumpler

p. 322 Baley, Geo. W. to Jordan, Francis E.
Dec. 21, 1854 Wit: Moses Gunn

p. 323 Wall, Joseph E. to Cox, Francis C. W.
Dec. 27, 1854 Wit : A. Crumpler

p. 324 Yancy, Layton to Depriest, Julian
Dec. 24, 1854 Wit: Benj. D. Harrison

p. 324 Crawford, James A. to Hill, Elizabeth
Dec. 31, 1854 Wit: James S. Ogletree

p. 325 Thorton, J. J. to Buyche (Buycke?), Sarah Jane
Dec. 24, 1854 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 325 Colleir, J.W.H. to Lane, Francis L.
Dec. 13, 1854 Wit: J. A. McCutchen

p. 326 Johnson, James C. to Woodruff, Isadore
Dec. 26, 1854 Wit: Plott Stout, M.G.

p. 326 Pond, Joseph E. to Lee, Temperance E.
Jan. 4, 1855 Wit: B. H. Bozeman

p. 327 Gay, Augustus S. to Letlow, Susan E.
Dec. 25, 1854 Wit: James Baxley, J.P.

p. 327 Henderson, Pleasant J. to Sims, Lucyana
Jan. 7, 1855 Wit: W. E. Murchison

p. 328 Russ, Jacob to Holly, Mary
Jan. 7, 1855 Wit: W, E. Murchison

p. 328 Haynes, Milton G, to Gay, Harriett
Dec. 25, 1854 Wit: M. Ray, J.P.

p. 329 Clagg, Geo. U. to Barr, Sarrah A. L.
Jan. 10, 1855 Wit: John McKenzie

p. 329 Steel, Thos. B. to Harrall, Mary F.
Jan. 25, 1855 Wit : Thos. J. Hull, J.P.

p. 330 Florence, A. J. to Lewis, Mary A.
Jan. 25, 1855 Wit: J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 331 Spencer, William T. to Bozeman, George Anna
Feb. 1, 1855 Wit: Green B. Ellis, J.P.

p. 331 Baty, Anderson to Christen, Delila M.
1855 Wit: J. W. Suttle, Judge (Married Jan. 27, 1855)

p. 3 32 Abbett, Lewis, Jr. to Childers, Percillia Ann
Feb. 8, 1855 Performed by James G. Eden

p. 333 Rup, G. L. to Holley, Miney
Jan. 25, 1855 Wit: J. W. Wilson, J.P.

p. 333 Hosey, J. H. to Meharg, Susan
Feb. 20, 1855

p. 334 Moon, John F. to Lindsey, Ruth J.
Mar. 4, 1855 Wit: W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 334 Piper, John to Stephens, Rebecca
Mar. 9, 1855 Wit: J. W. Wilson, J.P.

p. 335 Luster, Wilson H. to Wilson, Sarah Ann
Mar. 6, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 335 Thomas, William to Bussey, Nany Ann
Mar. 21, 1855 Albert Crumpler

p. 336 Calloway, Josiah to Collier, Jane
Mar. 15, 1855 J. W. Wilson, J.P.

p. 337 Dunlap, William E, to Roebuck, Martha A. P.
Mar. 25, 1855 W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 337 Jackson, E. M. to.Sandlin, M. A. E.
Mar. 22, 1855 J. H. Mitchell

p. 338 Martin, William to Loyall, Amarintha T.
Apr. 3, 1855 John S. Ogletree, J.P.

p. 338 King, Wm. L. to Watkins, Virginia C.
Apr. 5, 1855 B. E. Watkins

p. 339 Ray, L. B. to Ballard, Miram
Apr. 11, 1855 James G. Eden, J.P.

p. 339 Ballard, James T. to Betts, Frances E.
Apr. 12, 1855 Wm. Ray, J.P.

p. 340 Blye, Jonathan to Worthy, Amanda E. C.
Apr. 23, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge Thomas G. Coker, J.P.

p. 341 Blankenship, Reuben to Griffin, Sarah D.
May 24, 1855 J. W. Clisby, J.P.

p. 341 Carrol, Green to Bishop, Nancy
Apr. 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 342 Whetstone, William C. to Barrett, Mary A. E.
Apr. 26, 1855 John S. Ogletree, J.P.

p. 342 Gray, Samuel D. to Corbin, Martha
May 15, 1855 J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 343 Cary, John to Garrett, Louisa D.
June 9, 1855 Suttle, Judge

p. 343 Thomas, Joseph B. to Rylant, Nancy E.
Apr. 26, 1855 Rev. A. A. Kelley

p. 344 Harbuck, Augustus to Hayles, Nancy E.
May 30, 1855 Bright Skipper

p. 344 Bradshaw, Paschal to Tucker, Mary E.
June 28, 1855 Wm. E. Holliday

p. 345 Walden, West D, to Moore, Eliza
June 8, 1855 J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 345 Walker, James R, to Juabinett, Sarah Ann
July 13, 1855 Rev. Archibald B. Kelly

p. 346 Henderson, Nathaniel H, to Lindsey, Elizabeth Ann
July 1, 1855 W. E. Murchison, J.P

p. 346 Blackman, Henry toBlacki an, Artaline
July 8, 1855 J. W. Clisby, J.P.

p. 347 Smith, Thomas B. to Pogue, Mariah
Aug. 2, 1855 Benjamine Loyd

p. 347 Lindsey, E. M. to Lipsey, Georgie Ann
June 17, 1855 R. R. Dickinson, M.G.

p. 348 Gantt, George W. to Archey, Eliza Ann
June 5, 1855 J. W. Suttle, P. Judge

p. 348 White, Woodson G. to Hawes, Sarah F.
June 22, 1855 R. W. Carlisle, M.G.

p. 349 Oliver, Jacob C. to Bentley, Mary E.
Aug. 1, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 349 Prickett, Wm. to Roberson, Emaline
Aug. 10, 1855 E. M. Clayton, J.P.

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