Book B – Coosa County Alabama Marriage Records

Book B – Page 350-381

p. 350 Roberson, Sanford to Mahery, Rebecca
Aug. 9, 1855 B. D. Harrison, M.G.

p. 350 Collier, J. B. to Rogers, Mary A. F.
Aug. 12, 1855 Benjamin Loyd, Wit.

p. 351 Manning, James M. to Burton, Martha
Aug. 16, 1855 C. H. Wright, J.P.

p. 351 Williams, Thomas L. to McKinney, M. Ann
Aug. 13, 1855 J. J. Bullington

p. 3 52 Leacroy, William M. T. to Haynes, Sophonia
Aug. 16, 1855 Ackin Cosby, J.P.

p. 352 Murphy, William J. to Walker, Lucinda
Oct. 14, 1855 John R. Steely

p. 353 Skinner, Josiah to Thomas, Eliza Ann
May 10, 1855 Thomas Williams, J. P.

p. 353 Girdner Claborn to Nolen, Eliza
Aug. 25, 1855 – Albert Crumpler Wit: Wm. J. Nesbit

p. 354 Turner, Perry to Graves, Ann Eliza
Aug. 3, 1855 Wm. Ray, J.P.

p. 354 Snider, Robert M. to Allen, Jane
Aug. 17, 1855 Albert Crumpler

p. 355 Stanley, James R. to Holcomb, Sarah E.
Aug. 26, 1855 B. Skipper, O.M.G.

p. 355 Bass, James A. to Cox, Irena
Sept. 12, 1855 W. G. Delony, J.P.

p. 356 Gilder, Dr. James L. to Suttle, Mary A.
Sept. 20, 1855 Albert Crumpler

p. 356 Fargerson, Andrew C. to Chapman, Mary L.
Sept. 20, 1855 W. E. Holliday

p. 357 Lecroy, Riley W. to Kelley, Esther A.
Sept. 27, 1855 Adkin Corley, J.P.

p. 357 Sassanett, William S. to Taylor, Ann Matilda
Sept. 27, 1855 Wit: Rev. Juer Geo. Taylor, Wit.

p. 358 Rush, Warner R. to Hollingshead, Mary
Oct. 2, 1855 J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 358 Hamilton, Samuel W. to Aldridge, Emily
Oct. 4, 1855 C. H. Wright, J.P.

p. 359 Wommack,.Abner M. to Rogers, Etheliner, C.A.
Oct. 4, 1855 Benjamin Loyd

p. 359 Gay, Walton B. to Sims, Minerva
Oct. 11, 1855 R. S. wasting, J.P.

p. 360 Wood, Mark R. to Goodgame, Rachel
Oct. 9, 1855 J. H. Mitchell, M.G.

p. 361 Dennis, Clark G. to Rogers, Rebecca
Oct. 16, 1855 H. J. Hunter, M. G.

p. 362 Sasnett, Solomon M. to Bush, Mary E.
Oct. 25, 1855 Robert L. Martin, J.P.

p. 362 Blackman, James A. to Gaylar, Sarah Ann
Nov. 4, 1855 Allen Roberson

p. 363 Cox, Christopher C. to Roberts, Frances P.
Nov. 15, 1855 W. E. Murchison, J.P.

p. 363 Espy, John S. to White, Elizabeth J.
Nov. 15, 1855 Wm. Waldrip

p. 364 Oden, John to Crumpler, Kate E.
Nov. 20, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 364 Graham, Welcome to Brayer, Mary J. N.
Nov. 20, 1855 Rev. J. W. Colley

p. 365 Smith, Marshall E, to Pogue, Harriett A.
Nov. 23, 1855 Benjamin Loyd

p. 366 Brown, Green to Parrish, Mary W. Nov. 25, 1855 Albert Crumpler

p. 366 Baker Newell to Fowler, Mary
Nov. 26, 1855 Suttle, Judge

p. 366 Finelley, George to Hanners, Margaret (widow)
Nov. 27, 1855 B. D. Harleson

p. 367 McClayhy (?) Hugh to Henry, Martha A. (widow)
Nov. 27, 155 G. B. Fosh, M.G.

p. 367 Smith, Hanson to Bird, Adaline
Nov. 28, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 368 McGrady, James to Akins, Mary T.
Dec. 4, 1855 E. T. Skinner, M.G.

p. 368 Henry, Thomas to Shaw, Mary E.
Dec. 4, 1855 Robert Mathis, J.P.

p. 369 Yarbro ugh, Commodore to Candler, Matilda.J.
Dec. 13, 1855 J. W. Suttle, Judge

p. 369 Rogers, Daniel G. to Ellis, Sarah Ann
Dec. 13, 1855 R. S. Martin, J.PI

p. 370 Smith, Ethridge S. to Ramperball, Amanda
Dec. 6, 1855 Suttle, Judge

p. 370 Slaughter, John N. to McAdory, C. R
Dec. 20, 1855 J. H. Phelan

p. 371 White, Joseph H. to McClean, Masonia
Dec. 18, 1855 R. R, Duckonson, M.G.

p. 371 Bowden, William A. to Hull, Elizabeth C.
Jan. 3, 1856 Robert B. James

p. 372 Taylor, Jesse M. to Oden, Helan M.
Jan. 5, 1856 D. R. McIver, M.G.

p. 372 Morgan, Curry td Manning, Mary Ann
Jan. 10, 1856 C. W. Wright, J.P.

p. 373 Kelly, William R. to Ware, Mary
Jan. 15, 1856 G. B. Ellis, J.P.

p. 373 Daner, Andrew J. to Thompson, Mary
Jan. 15, 1856 Suttle, Judge

p. 374 McKinley, John R. to Nolens, Ann
Jan. 20, 1856 Wit: John McKenzie

p. 374 Snider, Geo. A. to McDaniel., Nancy L.
Jan. 10, 1836? Wit: Allen Roberson (1856?)

p. 375 Culons, Frank to Groom, Sarah
Dec. 22, 1855 E. T. Akins

p. 375 Thomas, Micajah C. to Dunlap, Francis E.
Jan. 24, 1856 Wit: Albert Crumpler

p. 376 Boothe, Micajah B. to Vaughn, Lucy Ann
Dec. 25, 1855 Wit: J. A. McCutchin

p. 376 Shackelford, Rbt. B. to Duke, Caroline H.
Jan. 20, 1856 Wit: R. S, Martin, J.P.

p. 377 Logan, John A. to Jones, Mary A.
Dec. 23, 1855 Wit: E. T. Akins, M.G.

p. 377 Candler, Henry to Norris, Catharine C.
Jan. 10, 1856 Wit: Rbt. Stewart

p. 378 Akins, James to Wood, Martha M.
Dec. 17, 1855 Wit: Green B. Ellis, J.P.

p. 379 Clifton, Issac 0. to White, Malinda
Dec. 30, 1855 Wit: Wm. Waldrop

p. 379 Allison, D. H. to Crawford, Leatha
Dec. 30, 1855 Wit: John McKenzie, M.G.

p. 380 Fleming, John D. to Stephens, Eliza
Jan. 1, 1856 Wit: I. W. Suttle, J.P.

p. 380 Allen, Ignatius to Barnes, Sarah E.
Dec. 4, 1855 Wit: Mark Lynch, M.G.

p. 381 Gaylor, James F. to Wingard, Sarah Ann
Sept. 19, 1852 Wit: R. R. Dickinson, Min.

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