Early Virginia Bell Immigrants

John, 1657, Yorke county; George, 1650; John, 1648, York River county; Alexander, 1654, Lower Norfolk county; John. 1654, Lower Norfolk county; John, 1642; Christian, 1650, Northumberland county; Richard, 1645, Isle of Wight county; John, 1655, Lancaster county; John, 1649; William, 1650; Jarvis, 1643, Upper Norfolk county; Pieter, 1652, Isle of Wight county; Thomas, 1638, Accomack county; George, 1638, James City county; Richard, 1651, Yorke county; John, 1638, James City county; William, 1640, Charles City county; William, 1635.

One Virginia colonial family was descended from Matthew Bell of Scotland and Ireland .

Joseph Bell, youngest son of Matthew Bell of Ireland and Pennsylvania , was born in Lancaster county, Penn. , about 1714. He moved to Augusta county, Va. , in 1740, being one of the original settlers of the county. Children: William, Susan, Wayt, Elizabeth, James, William A., Margaret and John J.

James Bell, son of James Bell, had William A., John J., David S., J. Wayt, Henderson M. and three daughters.

William Bell, son of John Bell, was born about 1740 in Lancaster county, Penn. He moved to Culpepper county, Va. Son, William Bell, born about 1775, had Peter H., governor of Texas; James, William; a daughter who married Governor William Smith of Virginia; and John.

James Bell located near Buffalo Gap in the North Mountain region. Children: James, Samuel, Francis, Ann, Betty, Mary.

William Bell, the immigrant ancestor, was b. circa 1685-90 in the north of Ireland ; d. Aug. 1757, near Staunton , in Augusta Co., Va. Was probably of Scotch origin. Immigrated to America , with his wife and older children, probably entering the Delaware Bay and River and landing first in Pennsylvania . Settled in Augusta Co. , Va. , about 1738-40. His children were William, David, Samuel.

Sir Robert Bell of Norfolk , England ; d. 1577; he left sons and a widow who was the dau. and heiress of Edward Beaupre of Entwell. His son, Edmund Bell m. Anne Osborne, dau. of Sir Peter Osborne; a son, Robert Bell, was living in London in 1633 of Linne Street Ward, Agent for the Virginia Company, 4th July, 1624 ; his will was probated 16th February, 1657 ; m. Alice Colston, dau. of Ralf Colston; a son, Robert Bell, in Virginia 1620, living in Northampton Co., 1623 a son Thomas Bell, b. 1618, came from London to Jamestown and was in Virginia 16th June, 1635, d. December, 1678; m. Mary Neal, dau. of Capt. John Neal, merchant and pioneer; commanded against the Indians April, 1644; Vestryman, May, 1636; Burgess for Accomac, 1639-1641; d. after 1644. Sir Robert’s children were Thomas, William, Robert, Anthony, George, Mary, Elizabeth .

James Bell, eldest son of the foregoing, removed to Kentucky and located near Lexington .

Samuel Bell, the second son, was a major in the revolution. Ch. : James, a lieutenant in the war of 1812; Nancy.

James Bell of South River had Agnes, Dorcas, Sarah, James, moved to Bardstown, Ky., in 1795; William left descendants in Tennessee; Thomas, a captain in the revolution; John, died 1797; Joseph, a revolutionary soldier, Samuel, a revolutionary officer.

Joseph Bell, of the family called the Stone Church Bells, was in Stanton in 1747 where he purchased land. He and his wife were murdered before 1764. He left a son Joseph.

Joseph Bell was born in Augusta, Mary 25, 1742, and died there in 1823. Children: William, James, born, 1772, Joseph.

James Bell, first of the Bells of Long Glade, came from Ireland and settled in this county about 1740. Children: John, William killed in the revolution, David, a captain in the war of 1812, had five children; James, went to Ken tucky; Thomas married Rebecca Robertson of Botetourt; Nancy , Sally married Francis Bell of North Mountain .




Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Bell Family History. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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  1. David…..Thank you for all the Bell information. By any chance, do you know which Bell was the father of Susannah Bell, b. abt. 1767; d. 1833. She married James Robert Shaw, and they lived in Fayette County, KY.

  2. David Erwin Bell—The above statement is half right, half wrong: Joseph was the son of Matthew Bell and was born about 1714 and was one of the earliest settlers of Augusts County. THIS Joseph was NOT the father of the children listed. Nor was he the husband of Elizabeth Henderson. His son, born in 1742 was their father. His son was the husband of Elizabeth Henderson.

    1. Hello, my name is Allyson. My 2nd great grandfather is William Bell (1832-1860). He was married to Martha McCroskey (1833-1894). Their child James A Bell is my great grandfather.
      I am looking for the parents of William Bell. Would you have any information?
      Thank you.

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